14 December 2010

What do Momo Monster do?

Momo monster skip and hop. Skip and hop, skip and hop.
Momo monster skip and hop!

What do Momo monster drink?
Momo monster drink hot tea. Drink hot tea, drink hot tea.
Momo monster drink hot tea.

Okay thanks for reading! Bye!

HAHAHAHHAHA!!! Kidding! I was just gonna start the post with a title alike to "What have i been doing these days" so i thought of "How do i do?" in the sense when you ask people, "How do you do?" LOL.

But "how do i do?" sound more like a emo title, like "HOW THE FREAK DO I DO THIS.. HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT YOU.."

I am emo, but the HAPPY emo! I don't know when this "I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE BOOBIES" thing gonna end but i'm still VERY happy, thankful and a bit dreamy about it.

It's been a month now that i did the boob job, everyday, before i shower (that's provided i do shower on that day) i walk into the bathroom naked, first thing i see is the mirror, i'd be like,

"Well hello sexy.. Your boobs are hot" Hahahahah!!! Yeah no joke, i do that.

Sometimes i'd pose a lot in front of the mirror before i go shower.

Sometimes i simply just go with a deep husky Wooooooooooooo while i blow a kiss to myself in the mirror.

Today i just went for my second review after the procedure with Dr Jonathan Lee. And i keep bragging to him how great i look now, i think he thinks i'm way too zi lian. LOL.

He'd ask "So how's everything?"

I'd be all like "Omg, you must see this"

*jump jump jump*

HAHAHA! I just wanna show that they dance with me!

I love the way i look, A LOT MORE now. All the years of being called names, be it for my hair or for my flat-chest.. Goodbye for now.

And these are the people who made it happen. OMG, WHY I SO EMO!!! *wipe away one drop of tear* Haha! Happy tear, who want??? Hahaha!

The angels that sometimes fly around you, you just gotta hold on to a part of them. Be it wings, their clothes or their legs, just refuse to let them go until they say OKAY OKAY OKAY GET OFF ME, WHAT YOU WANT, YOU SAY I HELP. Hahahah!

Left to right: Jess who took care of the tiny details
Gillian who found me my two babies
Jillian for capturing everything down in film
Me thank you for being you
Jessica for going to ALL the consultation with me
Dr Jonathan Lee My 神 (God), thank you for my two babies
Christine from Qmed who sponsored the Macrolane for the procedure

Thank you, ALL!

So this is what i've been doing. Discussing with ladyboss of Sugarie Sweet Bake Shoppe on what i want on the cupcakes for the team at Clicknetwork. Eh this one not sponsored hor, I PAID okay. Lolol!

Thank you =))

And i have no idea what to get for Dr Jonathan Lee and people from Qmed, so i got them all a box of Royce chocolate each. I know it's nothing much lah okay, i just wanna thank them. Becox everyone has been very caring and professional and super nice from before the procedure to after the procedure.

Sigh, too happy, i'm scared. I read somewhere they say one can never be too happy or too sad becox there's always this equilibrium line for our emotions. When you're there, you're always contented and that'd make you happy in some sense. And everything will be peaceful around you.

But no, i want to go blow kisses at myself in the mirror now. Hahahah! Peaceful is boring! Like asking me to sit by a lake to read and kena sunburn. I can do that like maybe once a year, but not everyday and definitely not in the next coming year becox NOW, i want to create some havoc for myself.

Like, i want to go to the beach, in Biginis. LOLOL.

Like, i want to wear something sexily cute, have my pictures taken by my bf, and change my current Bao Ga Liao (wrapped all over) blogheader banner to something REALLY BAM. Oh no no no, won't be like a sleazy piece of pork lard in Bigini lying across the blog with a CFM face. I promise. LOL.

Like, i wanna record a video of me dancing and my babies boing. And i will show this video to my grandchildren and tell them 'Dreams do come true".

Hahahah! No lah, not so magical. I'd just tell them shallow things like, "See, last time Ah Ma very perky and bouncy. Don't know who you inherit this flat-chest from." HAHAHA!

Alrighty, gotta go! I recently develop a habit to watch girls go MEOW! online. Lolol.

Need to go spy some more now. Heng Heng baboo liam geng i'm not exactly part of it!

WHAHAHHAHAHAH! Only those who have twitter will know the drama!

Go join twitter lah! My nick is.. Err.. Yes, still bongqiuqiu -.-" I also a bit paiseh, but come to think of it, it's as weirdly quirky and a-bit-crude, as me. HAHAHA.

Bye bye bye!


Anonymous said...


Now I know why you never blog about your boyfriend like forever.

Because he would be so embarrassed when people recognised him on the street and said that his girlfriend did boobs job and is so fake.

Poor him :(

Anonymous said...

^^^ sounds like somebody is jealous!

celestia said...

when will th next episode for budget barbie on ?

skippy said...

hi there, the cupcakes looks great! How much do they cost??

Anonymous said...


Hi, Qiuqiu may i know where did you get the shoes in this picture from? Thanks !:D

Anonymous said...

QQ! Dumb dowager has been talking mean stuff to you, like you sucking up to XX and being so cheap because you're always asking for sponsors!

Anonymous said...

You can yourself BOINGqiuqiu now :D

BeL said...

haha. i remb the momo monsters! my era. some pri 1 PETS text.
it was like jog n hop, drink hot tea, eat raw meat...wtf. and i still remb after all these years. o_O haha


QiuQiu said...

Celestia, by this week, PROMISE! Haha!

Skippy if i'm not wrong, about $3.50 for this size. There is the smaller size one too. You can email them and ask.

Anon, shoes from FEP level one, CODE RED. $9.90


Yes Boingqiuqiu sounds fun. Haha!

Anonymous said...

cool! i also want. how much do they cost btw? the macrolane i mean.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so tall ): ./

Anonymous said...

How much does the boob job cost u? Is it very ex?

Anonymous said...

> ANON WHICH DOWAGER?! THY-DOWAGER? if i find tht person im gonna kill her ==

Vanessa said...

Hey, I just watched your vidoe on clicknetwork.tv and I must say that I am utterly touched to the peak.

This is gonna be an extremely long comment.

I'm really amazed and inspired at how you can actually block off what other people think about you. You know that YOUR existence is not determined by what OTHERS think, this is rare, and you have it. (:

You are brave to speak up and let clicknetowrk video down the entire procedure as well.

To be honest with you I was very shocked at how flat your boobs are (sorry no offence) and the fact that you cried and voiced out what you've been going through inside made me feel that you're really strong to endure all that harsh criticisms and all the inner battles that you've had with yourself.

I'm happy for you, honest. (: And I'm glad that you got your first bikini. (:

Anonymous said...

hey qiu qiu,
stay strong! im so glad you managed to find the confidence you never had before. stay happy babe :)

Ronikenz said...

First anon, go fuck somewhere else can? Maybe you're just jealous that you cant get a boob job. What's so fake about getting a boob job anyway? -_- Dope shit!

Poor you so freaking heartless.

QQ, stay strong! You're great just the way you are. Honestly speaking, i'm happy that you got a boob job! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi girl! I wanted to leave a comment on the clicknetwork site in regards to your boob job video but the website kept giving me weird security code error. So, I just wanna let you know that when I first came to US, I saw that a lot of kids in US have big boobs. Not just white, black or hispanic kids, but Asian kids who are born and raised in US too. I learned that it's because they drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of beef like steak for instance. This cow growth hormone thingy. It's supposedly bad but that's what give them big boobies! I wish I knew earlier when I was still in my puberty.

QiuQiu said...

Vanessa, thank you =)) I'd keep all these encouraging words with me!

Ronikenz, thank you! ^.^

Last anon, i used to drink A LOT of milk when i was about 15 - 17. Everyday confirm will drink HL. Grew baby fats everywhere. Like face, arms, thighs, waist. Everywhere except ribcage area and chest area. SAD MAX.

Anonymous said...

hey whats ur height??

ahlost said...


any idea how much does this operation cost?