10 December 2010

Why my bf so like that..

Most of you probably don't know that i have a boyfriend. Or you know, but you think i made that up. Hahaha! Becox i've never blogged about him much. And you guys never even seen his pictures. But we've been together for five years.

So do note that all the tricks i taught girls on Budget Barbie: HOW to be adorable / to attract guys / to act weak and needy for sympathy points --- ARE ALL RUSTY TRICKS. Lolol.

Becox i don't have to play mind games with any other guys for five years already. Hmm.. Okay i take that back. I STILL HAVE TO PLAY MIND GAMES.

Especially so when we BOTH are really hungry at night, and we'd have to figure out, which one of us, is the one who NEEDS to eat, and who is just bo bian must share and eat. This is to see who should shoulder the responsibility of the aftermath of supper, FATNESS.

So we'd ask trick questions like, "Are you VERY VERY hungry?" and the reply will definitely be very fake and pretentious, "Normal lor.. Not exactly. If you VERY hungry i can eat with you?" Then the other will say "Don't worry about me lah, if you hungry i'd eat with you. You hungry?"

And it goes on and on.. Until somebody gives in and say, "OKAY, I AM THE ONE WHO'S HUNGRY" Haha. So the other one don't have to feel guilty. Cox we eat out of Love, to accompany each other. Not eat out of hunger. But the one who takes supper out of hunger, DESERVES TO BE FAT. Hahaha!

Even thou we both can make boliao conversations like that, my bf and i are two people with very highly different personalities.

I love to share everything about me. I'm super self-obsessed. I love attention. I love being in the limelight. I love things to be quick and easy. I love to tweet about anything, from my shit, to my fart, to my doggies, to my shopping buys and even to what i have for lunch. I'm so open.

My bf is just.. SO QUIET. SO DAMN QUIET?!?! Hahaha. He can hold his joystick (THE GAME JOYSTICK YOU PERVIES) and just play xbox the whole day. Or he can do his work on the computer for one whole day. Fix anything in the house that's broken even if it takes him a few hours. AND.. He can do all these..


???????? HOW HE DO THAT?! I really have no idea!!!

I can't keep quiet. Hahaha. I need to talk/ tweet. I talk to my doggies, talk to air, talk to myself, also better than keeping quiet whole day!

OMG, is my bf autistic? HAHAHAHHAHAH!

OMG, or i'm just crazy? Do you see me turning into this in 20 years time? Haha!

Anyway, i just don't understand why A LOT of people are like my bf, so SERIOUS, so private. So quiet. So meticulous. So emotionally-stable. So scary like they are thinking hard and observing people all the time

Why you all like that?! Haha! Make people like me feel.. Wrong. Lol. Like we should grow up or something.

So a lot at times, i asked myself, "Why my bf so like that one.."

We're so different but i wanna thank him for supporting me for EVERYTHING i do =)

EVERYTHING. Good or bad, there's always you to blame. Haha!

Hello boyfriend,

 This is a collage of my faces when we just started dating.
But for every smile, there's YOU.
For you are the reason.

Omg, was that too much? Lolol. I think so! A bit want to puke.

Happy five years anniversary =)))))))))))))

Oh no, i am so touched again.



Coco Tai said...

awww congrats! My hubby and I are having or 2 yrs anniversary dec 21st [:

tinct said...

OMG you're so sweet babe. My bf's like all 'emotionally stable' too, he's soooo different.

Anonymous said...

no picture of ur bf!!! =x ;)

Anonymous said...

How much older is he? :)

Jaslyn said...

Your bf like so different from you! But I guess thats why ppl say opposites attract. :D

Xtine said...

can you also show his face when you first started dating.lol.

Anonymous said...

He not so quite on certain subjects only some lor hahas^^

Anonymous said...

Lol it's good what that he's quiet. That's why you all can balance out.

Anonymous said...

hi! why dont you post a photo of your bf! :D

enenmon said...


QiuQiu said...

Coco I think you two gonna get married!

YUNTIAN Hahaha! How we tahan sometimes right.. It's like her we are all HEE HEE HA HA. There they are just *straight face*

MY bf is quite a fair bit older than me.

Xtine cannot. LOL. He more ham now.

Jaslynxxx, haha! But also a lot to compromise =)

enenmom THANK YOU! ^.^

Elaine said...

Your nose looks much much larger in the past, why is that so??

Vanessa ♥ said...

Look abit like Joanne peh ley~

geck said...

your photo is damn cute! babyfat!

Anonymous said...

show his pic leh!!

QiuQiu said...

Elaine, i had a nose job done last year June for my birthday. LOLOL. No lah!!!! Now got photoshop what!

Vanessa, hehe! Yeah i used to get that until i lost the baby fats on face.

Geck geck you like right.... Lol.