15 April 2011

MooMoo's gonna be ONE soon!

Before i go all obsessive-auntie and start spamming pictures of MooMoo.. Here's a meaningful activity you might wanna be a part of this weekend! I know right, if every weekend i do something meaningful, i will live long and be prettier. Lol. Hao ren you hao bao. Lolol.

So if you can, come down to the flea cum adoption drive where a few shelters bring together their friendliest, cutest furkids and all the $$$ from Gentle Paw's flea will go to the daily running of the shelter for about 40 dogs.

And i overheard (aka eavesdropping lol) that this time round Gentle Paws hope that the money from the flea can help cover one round of vaccination for all the doggies under their care. Basic things to keep the doggies at Gentle Paws healthy and strong (and happy!!!) so that when the chance come for them to be adopted, they are all ready to go to better homes.

So VERY SIMPLE!!! Two things. Hmm okay sorry, make it three things. FOUR THINGS FOUR THINGS. Confirm.

1) Come down and support the flea. There will be limited edition teeshirt, i have one but i lent it to my nephew and he damn cao kuan haven't return me! Below is just ONE of the many designs!


2) The doggies up for adoption from Gentle Paws are now all featured on this site!
SEE HERE!!! 9 pages of lovely furkids, one of them could be your family's bestfriend =)) Go take a look at it with your family!

3) Gentle Paws would be thankful for any form of donation be it doggy's supply like food, cleaning product etc and of course any fund would be much much much appreciated. Please email them at farmwaylove@gmail.com

4) After you see point 1 and spot a cute doggy but can't keep it in your house, you could always sponsor the doggy! See how you can help the shelter fulfill the daily basic needs of your favourite doggy ^.^ Secret: my FAVOURITE is of course MooMoo but i like Da-L (DaElle), Poker, Lady, Gaga and Dooney!!! They are all super cute and cool in their own ways! Spot them here!

OKAY! Important and meaningful messages put across already, NOW, TIME, FOR, ME, to be a obsessive auntie who thinks MooMoo is the cutest among all -.-" Lolol. Honestly, he probably is not the cutest lolol but you know it's the same deal when you think your neice/ nephew/ son/ daughter is the cutest.

"Hello!!! My name is MooMoo! Nice to meet you!"
"It's furry day!!! My favourite day cox we can have fun fun fun"

Moomoo just got sterilised 2 or 3 days before furry day as you can see from this picture.

Time to set off!!! And run and have fun!!! =DDD

First rule, see a girl with a big bag, walk forward with act-cute face and beg for food =D

Better than handshakes.......

Ah Bong my nephew, the fame monster. Lol.

Does Moomoo look a bit like great dane here?

Face fierce no use, got three uncool pattern patches on his back hahaha.

"Hello, do you know what i want???"


MooMoo acting all pitiful. Lol. He is smart lor please! Weather FREAKING scorching and hot! He hide underneath the stone table while we BBQ ourselves in the sun.

See who's climbing on the table trying to play with MooMoo -.-"

"Please, just gimmie one more.... Just one more!!!"
"Look at my eyes, i'm sincerely asking for just one moreeeeeee.."
"Food.. Oh food.. You're soooo good.."

And MooMoo gets!

It's gonna be MooMoo's birthday this Saturday! YES!!! Coincidentally, it's the flea and adoption drive day as well! So come join us! We got two birthday cakes for MooMoo! ^.^

It's gonna be on on Sunday too! So come with your family/ friends!
See you!!! =DDD


Wong Ji Siang said...

does your dog bark like mad at every living he sees? mine does, idk what to do about them. i can't even bring them out for a walk cause they're always barking. what should i do ah?

Anonymous said...

I wish to have a dog so much. I love animals, yet i don't have a pet. I suck at taking care of them.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can try rewarding him with treats when he doesn't bark.
like when he remains quiet you give him a treat and say "good boy!!".
try to find a moment when someone walks past your gate and if he doesn't bark quickly reward him with a treat so that he will associate not barking with good things(treats).

Sherrill said...

I think the "Sponsor-A-Dog" program is actually a very wise plan to help the dogs in Gentle Paws. As there are many people who really want to adopt the dogs but they are not able to due to various factors.

Glad that I've known about Gentle Paws, will spread the words to my friends too!! :)