10 April 2011

QWeekly - I do Good

I've been tweet-flooding about the charity event Nuffnang organised at Park Royal hotel so this whole week is busy busy busy about it cox i'm SERIOUS. Lol. Not really, i've done other things like laundry, film Budget Barbie and.. *thinking very hard* and...... Hmm.. Seriously.. It's either nothing, or i can't remember.
Anyway! New episode of Budget Barbie (HONG KONG!!!!!!) is out! =D See it HERE! You'd love the giveaway! ^.^

So here's my humble contribution to the event! =DDD
First, to be a professional-yet-half-past-six pianjia manicurist, i need to at least do up some samples for people to trust their fingernails to me. Lol.

 Impressive not? Of course not..

 This is. Lolol *self-priase is better than no priase*

 At the day of the event..

As much as i'm happy that i'm able to take this picture that shows the venue without random human bombing the picture.. This picture also shows that i'm a uncool loser =( Who always reach first, before everyone, like every other Nuffnang event i go to =(((

Each occasion i'd try harder to estimate closely the time. But still fail. Like my early is not like 15mins early, it's 1 hour (or longer) earlier. HOW DID IT HAPPEN?!

OMG. OMG. OMG. Right after i type "HOW DID IT HAPPEN" i figure out why already. I used to cater 30 - 45 mins to stick on fake eyelashes!!!!!!!!! UNTIL!!! I use this current one where the lash bone is fabric-soft AND AND AND! Xiaxue introduced this eyelash glue to me that's majorly loved cox it's SO DAMN GOOD.

Twice when i was changing in and out during filming of Budget Barbie, i flipped my hairband on my eyes -.-" and the bloody lashes never drop!!!! I seriously lost count of how many times my eyelash fell off before filming during lunch with the crew, half way through filming, right after filming, BEFORE i used this glue. So typically, the life span of me looking chio with fake eyelash is 1 - 1.5 hour last time. SAD, i know.

So i totally digressed. I only meant to say, now i can save the 30 - 45mins on sticking on fake eyelash =DDD

 My professional pianjia work station. Lol.

Jelly pens, sparklies and paints =D Eh i super pro please? I classify all my nail polish colours into three categories. One, solid matt colours. Two glittery pots. Three, WORK/ Office Lady colours!!! Li hai ba!

Ten thousands nailart stickers. Yes i own all of them!!! And more at home! I'm siao!

And this is Sophie's counter. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sad or not?!
No lah i allow her to do base colour afterwards. Lol.

Okay if you think that was sad, this one even sadder please.
Do sai-gang (dirty job) plus not recognised correctly. Lolol. Totally not loved.

But since we're good friends, i help her! Hahaha =DDD
Black marker pen and white nail polish!

Good or not, Sopheeeee?! ^.^

Yuzhen came to render her support (BESTFRIEND EVER!!!) and SHE REQUESTED to take a picture of her nails. Jia jia, say don't want appear on my blog, still want parts of her body to appear.

After i take that shot, she requested for one more with her ring........... -.-"

After the event Soph and i found an interesting bench in the hotel lobby. Haha!

Sophie look so happy here. I really don't think it's becox i'm pretending to kiss her. Lol.

Hello Sophie, you like Doe-eyes? Haha!

PigNose 1asian, BigEyes 0.5angmoh.

Cute =D

Went home to continue being self-absorbed..
Leopard preens cardigan and navy pleated skirt from TheBlogShop =D
WHOLESALE or buying at VERY affordable retail rate, go to TheBlogShop!

I still got two extra of this straw hat, anybody keen to buy? Email me! =D

Been trying to pick up what Xiaxue taught about PSing nose. I'm still far away but i'm trying! Lol. But please give me some credit for daring to post a nostril-right-in-your-face picture!

Okay that's all bye bye! ^.^


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

QQ! Are you selling the leopard hood jaceket from ur hk budget barbie episode???????? Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello babe!!
May i know what brand of nail polish and nail remover!
I have visited the place and u helped me do super CHIOOO!

XueLing♥ said...

Sophie is so mad pretty!! But you're pretty too haha. the leopard printed nails, sui uh!

Anonymous said...

red gradient one with heart shaped sparkle most chio one!

lol but you dont need to photoshop nose! youve got tiny nose oredi leh!!

QiuQiu said...

Hello, don't think i'm selling the jacket, very nice i haven't even bear to wear it!!!! Lolol.

Nail polish, which colour? Nail polish remover from Daiso, smells DAMN GOOD. Like raspberry.

I don't have small nose! Quite big and fleshy =((

Anonymous said...

hey, your skin is now all good after treatments at adonis? (:

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuting, Please do share the brand of the eyelash glue you're using now, I've the same irritating problems as you :(( thanks thanks! :D you look so chio!!!

Anonymous said...

are you and sophie family? you look alike XD

Anonymous said...

your outfit is so cute! your legs look endless too *jealous* wtf

but who is this number 1 enemy with blog you and yutakis talked about?
xuesha? dawn wayang? how can anyone be enemy of you, you so nice -.-

QiuQiu said...

ANON, OMFG I FORGOT UNTIL YOU MENTION!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!! You're right!!!! i remember her mole now!!! HOW!!!!!!!!!!!

QiuQiu said...

Brand of lash glue Xiaxue intro-ed is Eye Cream.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey qq, how do you make the leopard printed nails? Issit sticker or what?

Anonymous said...

qq! plz sell the leopard hood jaceket! it's v nice lehhh =(

S said...

Hello qiuqiu, you did my leopard prints nails at the charity flea that day! I was too shy to ask then but may I know where to get those gelly pens? Can find them at popular? :)

Lan ting : ) said...

babe , mind to share the brand of the eyelash glue ?

Busted said...

Thr's also another girl WINNIE PANYI that did the same by cheating money and items lorrr. OMG

Anonymous said...

Are the jelly pens ex? I thought of buying too!!

Anonymous said...

Since u r so budget know where to get cheap stickers for nails thx

HM said...


Anonymous said...

can do a tutorial of the leopard nails? it's very nice (=

QiuQiu said...

Hello! The Jelly pens are bought from Hong Kong! =D I wrote about it here =))))


Anonymous said...

hi QQ! may i know how much are you selling for the straw hat? :)

Pamela Midori said...

your last photo nose looks REALLY NICE!! like son dam bi's =D