31 August 2011

EXU is BACK!!!


It was such a blast!!! Everyone was thanking me for sharing. And telling me how they managed to squeeze like 8 or 9 pieces in a bag O.O


I'd answer your favourite question first. THE BAG IS STILL BIG!!!

Bag size is BIGGER than this, this is only the proportion.

28cm tall is like the LONG RULER we bring to school last time!!! That ruler is 30cm long!

So somethings to take note off,

- EXU staff will CONSTANTLY put items on the shelf so you get the full selection each time!!!

- You may pick out ANYTHING from a spread of clothes, shoes, accessories, softoys etc!!!

- Follow THIS twitter account for sneak preview DAILY!!!

- MARK THIS DATE DOWN!!! 3rd September (This Saturday) 12-9pm

- See HERE for direction to get there (third floor of Bugis Street) very simple one.

Let's see 5% of the selection you may expect!!!

Love graphic tops with a little twist to the sleeves? They have like at least 5 or 6 different designs and graphics to cool tops like this!

No more boring tanks ^.^ This one has a cool print and flare at the bottom!

How about a simple dress?

Not so simple~ The back is like this!

They also will have feminine dresses like this, along with maxi dresses in the spread!!!

Cute polka dot top and bandage skirt that comes in various happy coloursss!!! =D

Omg love this top!!! Got make me look very hip not?! Lol.

The fringe adds a rugged feel to it!

The ladygaga graphic tee also is from the buffet spread!!! =DDD But i love the hearts-all-over long cardigan MOST!!!!!!!!! Can wear to school if you'd like!

Flag top with slight drapes at the bottom, is love.

Denim cropped jacket, flora top and jeans all from the spread ^.^

CUTE NOT?!?! Both heart-shapes top and the jeans bottom is from the buffet spread too!!! Expect a lot more denim bottoms, high-waist shorts/ skirts etc!!!

Here's how you register!!! PLEASE register if not you don't get the free choice of hair accessories / $5 Milly's voucher and Ned's Crepes Voucher! I tried the crepes before IT IS FREAKINGNICE ONE!!!

I typed out the email format for you so you can just copy and paste to register. Lol -- Yes i copied it and paste here from my previous ad O.O Lolol. WHAT!!!

EMAIL milly-s@live.com

Email Address:
Contact Number:

I foresee there will be more and more buffets coming up by other shops. But so far, i've the most comments like

"Thank you so much for introducing"

"Thank you so much i grabbed so many items!!!"

"Thank you so much i had such a great time"

I've heard really good feedback from customers who went for E.X.U buffet.

And i really have to give it to them, becox the last buffet they held was their first buffet!!! And yet it's all good feedbacks, nobody gave customers attitude just cox it's was crowded, everyone was happy.

Bestest part? BAG IS BIG. Lotsa clothes can fit in. Lol.

And if you may like, fit in one zhuzhupig soft toy / angry birds soft toy in your bag along with some clothes! ^.^

3rd September (This Saturday) 12-9pm
EXU Boutique (#03-22 Bugis Street)
EMAIL milly-s@live.com
Email Address:
Contact Number:

Not a must to register but i'd strongly suggest you do so!


Anonymous said...

You hv a nice back Qiuqiu! & in the last pic you look like you're from korean groups like 2ne1 or 4minute, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is there a difference if we do not register for the buffet?? like must we still register when we reach??

Anonymous said...

we can squeeze as many clothes in the bag is it ? as long it can fit ?

J said...

Is there time limit after you're given the bag and permission to enter the shop? And do they limit the number of people in the shop each time? Because like if they don't, won't the shop be like too squeezy and like difficult to move around the shop? Thanks and sorry for asking so much! ><