18 August 2011

SEND A BOWL OF LOVE - Your click fills their bowl =)

I'd keep this short! This is not an advert for any pet supply brand, it just happens that Purina is running a campaign.

And by liking their facebook page, and then click to select which of the four shelters you'd like to donate the food to, you can donate a bowl of food to that particular shelter!!!

I donated today so it says "come back tomorrow" alright i will! ^.^

The food is provided by Purina and all  you need to do is to just CLICK! I'm sending my bowl of love to Gentle Paws, one bowl, everyday =DDD

The three clicks is basically just

CLICK to send a bowl
CLICK to select for cats or dogs (Gentlepaws is all for dogs)
CLICK to select shelter

And you're done! Super simple one! ^.^

I thank you in advance. Remember to send a bowl everyday, okay! =))


smok√ę said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful people like you with beautiful heart. :D

Ellie said...


You're amazing, qiuqiu :)