07 August 2011

QWeekly - Adonis ATAS Party

First to arrive! At Adonis outlet at NEX! Theme of the mini party is..


Wine glasses for the drinks. They took care of every details. See got gold ribbons and adonis print. Lol.

Flora tea brew for everyone!

FOOOOOooooood!!! Haha.

OMFCOMFY couches!!!

GeckGeck first to arrive! She cut her hair THIS short i'm FREAKING surprised!!!

Michie. I recently LOVE to do this "Smell you" pose. Lolol.

One with almost all the staff present that day.

Adonis ATAS party is held for their existing clients and you can find out how to have the membership if you're interested. They'd hold parties / gatherings like this just to pamper their clients (people like you! Haha) and have everyone a good time!

Genevieve arrived! Yes, with her bigass camera.

Sophie too~ It's not nipslip lol. It's just her bra but i no want to show you all. Lol.

We get to try live blood test and this is me crying out loud "AH OMG, I'M INJURED!!!"

There. Can see not, i'm injured. Lol.

I took a lot of pictures of our blood under microscopic view but i decided not to post them becox i think about it again, it's pretty confidential. Lol. Like you can see if we're healthy or not (most of us are not lolol) and you can see how much uric acid we have in our blood. How much cholestrol, and if we're on drugs etc. Creepy. Haha.

Most of us have red blood cells that stick / string together. And it's bad =(((

After drinking this enzyme drink, 30 minutes later, i take my blood test again, my red blood cells look SO MUCH more healthy! More single cells than cells strung together. You can google, healthy red blood cells VS unhealthy ones. Healthy red blood cells bounce of each other as single cell.

GeckGeck's turn.


Sophie =D

And Michie's 回蒙一笑 lol.

Sharing the experience of salvaging my skin with help from Adonis with the guests.

While i was talking with the staff, they already started on their footbath. WITHOUT ME!

Us with the ladies from Adonis!

Michie, Geck and me waiting for cab. Yes, every picture counts lolol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
On a shoestring budget? You'll only need The Infinity Convertible Dress from Faire Belle. One dress, infinite possibilities.

My drapey toga! Haha. I did a few more designs with this convertible dress! See here! Thanks to Fairebelle!


smokë said...

you are the tallest of all! wowww.and the food looks tasty :) anyway, u looks like some kind of olden greek woman in the dress XDD

Samantha Tan said...

hi qiu qiu, samantha here!
i want to try adonis but i want to know their cheapest package. Im a student so i dun have much cash. see that ur complexion have improved a lot! Do they have special package for students?

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting! U are really pretty! Do you go to adonis often? How do you find it?

Also, the flower background pics you took with Xiaxue is as pretty as you girls! ^.^ Do you know where I can find this shop? Been wanting to buy flower like these for my sis's ROM!

Anonymous said...

your curls so chio!
can you make a tutorial on how you perm your hair?:)

QiuQiu said...

YanSmoke, thank you~ <3

Samantha, call them to ask would be better =))

Anon, i go once a month!

Anon, my curling method very slow don't know why =( Like takes me 1.5hour each time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,what contact lens colour and where did you get them :)

Ellie said...

I love you in the dress you wore to the party! And I looooove your nails. Omg you're just so pretty :(

Anonymous said...

the one in the toga outfit, how did you make your hair like that? its gorgeous!