20 August 2011

QWeekly - Churpie's birthday!

On my way to Churpie's birthday bash haha.

Okay this is the last picture photoshopped with contact lens and eyelashes, in this post. Lol.

Here i am~!

First thing we did was to colour Churpie that's meant to be given away to other churpers later on! I stole the pictures with ChupChurp watermark from ChurpChurp's facebook. Lol.

Since you can see all the original pictures i didn't bother to photoshop them lol. Ming with us.

My MASTERPIECE, Beatrice's and Brad's.

Beatrice kept saying hers look more and more like Ah Ma as she adds on. Lolol. But i think it's quite cute!!! Like a nerdy bird. And Brad's bird (churpie bird -.-) looks more like a turtle O.O Lolol.

We were all teasing him and FINALLY he did something to it. He added the stripes on the bird's body, IN GREEN, STILL. Brad, Y U NO dare to use other colours!!!

And my bird is the one everyone says looks like Hello Kitty =___="

You all dong bu dong de?! Hello Kitty got so chio not? Lol. My churpie got GEO Lens, upper and EVEN LOWER fake eyelash!!! The best part is?!?! Then ancient bra my bird is wearing. It's call Du Dou. Okay, not gonna explain what a du dou is. Moving on..

Our artpieces and Brad's turtle lolol. The black dress i'm wearing is from TheBlogShop!

Ming painting his..

Us picking up the 'MAGIC' we gonna perform later. I imagine the caption for this picture going like this. Beatrice: Matthew, this is not magic. Brad: Yeah dude she's right! This is not magic! Ha! Matthew: Well f**k you two *nonchalent face*

Lololololol. Nobody's laughing with me? Okay. F**k you all. Lolol.

Beatrice, Brad and i =D With our Shifu at the back. While Beatrice and Brad thinks we are all 騙子 (con artist) i'd like to call us professionals. And don't ask me about the magic i performed, i won't tell you trade secret *serious face*

Ming trying to figure out trade secrets while the rest of us practise how to do encouraging sound effect while each of us perform. "WOW!!! AMAZING!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!??!" Lolol.

Some of the people who attended the birthday party ^.^

Listening to the emcee Elise and Maylene..

Sophie in the game!!!!! =D

And me in Sophie's .... (lolol).

Yummy and cute ChurpChurp cupcakes done by Jess ^.^

Everyone tweeting in the contest hoping to win the ChurpChurp plush toy/ USB/ movie tickets/ vouchers!!! NISE!

The superheroes who made it possible. From Nuffnang and ChurpChurp =D

Sophie won a churpie plush toy also!!! =DDD

Only ke lian de Brad don't have. He actually won the tweeting contest!!! But he went away to shoot pictures of the refreshment so his prize got forfeited. Orhbeegood who ask him to be so hardworking!!! Lolol.

Me with the rest of the churpers!

Then Sophie and Brad and i went for food at Burger Shack where they both despise me for not knowing the song title of Taylor Swift's songs *angry stare*

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My account, all earned through sharing info by tweeting, with ChurpChurp in less than a year. Now it should be $2000. Thank you ChurpChurp! =DD

Actually you can earn a lot more if you actively share info cox there's this social seeding function where you can share info on your blogs/ facebook/ msn, anything!!! I hardly do that thou. Cox i'm lazy O.O

Go to ChurpChurp to see how you can share info the fun way and make a little bit of spare cash from it ^.^


smokë said...

wow those cupcakes are cuteeeeee. your churp is wearing lens? like get punched on its eye ^^

Unknown said...

hihi :) does sophie blog?

Ellie said...



Anonymous said...

QiuQiu, you're 1 of the prettiest among the ppl there :).

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu .. ur friend sophie is fugly ugly .. can u post lesser pic of her ???
we prefer to see u

나니 said...

GIIIRL you are SOOOO gorgeous! Looove the lenses so much!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu, where did you get your contact lens from? VERY PRETTY! =D

Anonymous said...

here sophies blog :)

Anonymous said...

Care to share sophie's blog link? Is she a mix? Both of you are so natural. Beautiful~

Stephanie Ee said...

Your churpie sooooo cute! Complete with lashes and lens some more.. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Whr did you get your contacts? :)

Jaslyn said...

Whats is ur contact lens brand ?
The colour look so obvious !

Jaslyn said...

What is the lens u wearing ?