12 February 2012

All the random stuff =)

Went to Ming's place for open house (thanks for the invite, Ming!!! It's was really an eye-opening experience for me, the biggest house i've ever been O.O) and we had abalone yusheng =O Prestigious much. Lol. This is like the first abalone yusheng i tried and it's great cox i can't eat raw fish!
This is the only other picture i snapped that night. I think i'm too awed by how extremely super big the house is O.O It's H.U.G.E. So huge i don't know how to explain but to bold and punctuate it. Lol.
- - - - - - -
The other day at my dad's place to bai tih gong and then later each of us get a big bowl of mee sua with eggs =D AND abalone!!! I bought those cans of abalone, ang bitches. Lol. My sisters probably stole my abalone when i was playing card game. That's why i only had like 5 pieces *stare*
- - - - - - -
Was at the flea and Mich is SUPER LOVE one. She came and sat with me for hours!!! My younger sister was there and she help me buy lunch so she is also super love =D I am very lovable i think O.O
Oh oh oh, before that Huiwen (I call her Smelly usually but now i wanna be nicer to her) popped by and i am very pleasantly happy!!! Like it's just nice that people pop by to say hi! Then she buay paisehly took my hat but i thought it looks quite nice on her leh!!! Got artsy lookbook feel right?!?!
Camwhoring with Mich and the balloon blocked my face due to lousy aiming lol. I was trying to aim behind the balloons to get the balloon-framing effect.
So i told Mich, "Take another one leh" and she came closer and both our faces could be seen and i'm like "WHAT?! Now is my turn to show my face. You use the balloon hide your face, okay?" Lolol.
Mich and Monokey and a guy in sweet pink shirt with a baby. Looking blissful~ Lol.
*teardrop* Mich is so love, she bought these interesting egg tarts for me and Niao Niao.
Wanted to take a nice shot of her but the camera prefers monokey87 so too bad, his sian face showing.
Mich and i
NiaoNiao looking really ugly here. LOL. It's the blueberry stain. Lol. BUT..
BITCH PLEASE. Ugly is right here. Lolol. Werking it.
Later my dad brought Baby Yurou to come find me =DDDDDDD HAPPIEST MOMENT OF THE DAY. When Baby Yurou was here, i totally don't care about the stall liao. Lolol. I even forgot where my money pouch was so that would be a good time to steal my money and my stuff lol.
"Nopnopnop! Don't look at my arms! They so chubbie!"
"They say a finger at the lips is sexay. I am doinit right?"
"They say i can be anything. So i became a koala bear.
"Homaigot mum! I just told a jokeee!!! It's sho funneee!!!"
"Wadya mean you didn't laugh?"

Awwww i cannot take it. I also want. A baby girl. I am not good with many things, but i'm sure i can be really good with a baby girl!!! TIAN AH. GEI WO YI LI KE AI DE DAN BA.
Anyway! Big big thanks to those who came! I hope you manage to buy some good stuff and i'm sorry if you came and miss the waves! I had a total of four different batch of clothes!!! I thought it'd be able to last til the end of the day but you guys are too awesome! You help me clear ALL the stuff that day!

Thank you! =))

Let's see how long before i manage to stock up like piles and piles of brand new clothes again. I swear i'm sick. With the must-shop-if-not-will-die illness. I like to shop so much.. That i've been broke most of the time. And eating, eating also makes me broke. Oh and taxi. Tsk tsk tsk..
- - - - - - -
Meet up lunch with the Nuffies ❤
ME AND HUIWEN (sitting beside me) REALLY LOOK QUITE SAME O.O And look at Jayne the girl nearest to camera. In this picture she hold a corner of the chair..
In this picture, she hold another corner of the chair. Lolol. Like she's constantly scared to fall off.

It's good that Ming (boss of Nuffnang and the only guy amongst all the pretty girls in picture above lol) took time off to meet all the Nuffnang-contracted bloggers! Just to catch up with what each other is doing.

I was charging $20 - $50 for looongass posts when i had 500 plus readers like 3 years ago. Lol. I guess Nuffnang is a good way for beginners to kickstart a blogging career!!!

I also wanna thank the minions at Nuffnang!!! For helping me liaise and schedule the postings.

Sincerely hope everyone stand up for what they worked hard for and not let people make use of it, FOR FREE. If nobody does free work, nobody spoil market.. Then we can ALL earn becox nobody will expect to get anything for free.

Now you know what i think..

Okay lah, maybe not never *refrains self from singing Never Say Never* but generally, don't do things for free if you're good at it. Lolol. Sex is another story ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg

We should grow the market and not kill it. If there's money to be earned, i don't see why not, especially for the ones who put in effort and time and passion to make it great =) I really, really think so.
- - - - - - -
Then Wendy and Sophie and i went to Arab street! =D Later we settle down for dinner/ cake. Look at her new phone!!! Pretty! She super enthu about it one.
Sophie looking pretty. And i added some treatment to her background. Lol. I hope she likes it.
Me ah =D
One more shot before the food comes!
Onion soup was okay but too oily. SWEDISH MEATBALL IS MADLOVE. The sauce!!! OMYGOD. Even the meatball is nicer than the ikea one i think =OOO It's a restaurant at the corner of Arab street.
Okay ending the post with a chio picture of Wendy and her bag!

Next week, we do exciting one, okay? =)


Jovis said...

LOL! so funny your photo captions of baby Yurou! ahahahha! you're so creative! =D

cupcakemadness said...

would it be too intrusive if you blog about "rates" to give new SG bloggers an idea how much they can charge in the future? cause i think right now, a lot of companies are also taking advantage of some bloggers making them post press releases and really ridiculous demands in exchange for free products or no fee at all. And I think some bloggers over-charge not because they intended to but because they don't know what to charge in the first place.
it would be good if you can write about it--i mean, you don't have to share what you're earning but probably give a rough idea for really new bloggers who have about 300-500 readers. and how about adverts? how do you know how much to charge for them? Would really appreciate a post about this if you don't mind :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the shop which sells the swedish meatballs? And where is Arab street? Thanks! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu what is the name of the restaurant that you went to! The food looks really good *drools*

Anonymous said...

Whoa Xiaxue's bag in the last pic is love can I know where to get it?

Anonymous said...

HI may I know where you got your top/dress from? it is super nice!

QiuQiu said...


Jovis, hahaha love her right =D

cupcakemadness, i'd think about it! I scared some nice bloggers feel i too self-righteous O.O Lol.

Anon, i think she got it from Samantha Thavasa! Kk help her buy when in Japan one =)

My top is from KL =D

Dealy said...

Omg, Wendy is like glowing :) All of you look super chio.

Unknown said...

Baby Yourou is so lovely! I love her! My favorite photo is "I've told a joke" she's so adorable when laughing!
Man, ahwt you've done to your fringe! :) lolol

J said...

It's Fika! Not figa! Haha.

Aiko said...

It looks, you all had so much fun! And Baby Yurou is so sweet! Kawaiiii! (>.<)
And the food ... *yum-yum-yum*

Anonymous said...

is the swedish meatballs cheap? looks damn goooood

Anonymous said...

Your friend Mich is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I think you really look like the girl with short hair.


Anonymous said...

omg i know that arab street place, fika right?? the smoked salmon crepe is love!

Anonymous said...

your friend Sophie is much more prettier than you ;)