13 February 2012

COME, gimmie some Love!!!

Post Updated below.

You must have seen the Feecha ad i did in this post (click to read or you can just scroll down to read later).

I was pretty chillax about the $8888 cash prize on Feecha. I just don't think i'd be lucky enough to win a prize that big, ever. And although the video i posted on Feecha was leading, i was thinking "That video is crap, someone else with better feecha should win the top prize!" I really thought so.

I was hoping that perhaps someone who capture a huge fire that broke out on video/ flooding/ bad accident/ lousy traffic condition etc would lead and then just kick me off the scale.

Or in other light, someone who feecha useful things like where to get good bargain/ where to find good food/ where has awesome performance going on or even a restaurant that has great service.

Anything more interesting than me and my sister singing a lame nursery song, would be good.

But then after using Feecha for weeks. And updating the things that i get joy from, onto Feecha, i realise that i LOVE it!!!

Every feecha has people commenting on it and when your feecha has a substantial view/ love/ comments on it, you get a notification that says

"YOUR FEECHA IS GETTING A LOT OF ATTENTION!" megusta.jpeg lolol. Totally feeding my ego in the way i love. Lol. Thanks!!!

And then i was leading for a while until Feecha changed the rules.

Now one phone, one count.

Which makes more sense really! If not anybody can whole day keep setting up different accounts and then the whole contest mechanism will be fucked. Lol. So it's great that they changed the rules!

My feecha weight dropped from 600 to 400 plus kg and become second place while the second place before the rules changed, had 400 plus kg for her feecha, jumped to 500 plus kg.

So now that particular feecha (which is about food) become first place. Next i realise, that feecha went from 500 to 700, to 800, all within hours.

And i'm thinking.. Okay, now it's embarrassing. Lolol.

And then i think.. WHY LIKE THIS HUH?

8000 plus of you totally no love me one is it *chin shiver*

And i thought again "Sigh it's okay lah, so be it, i just pretend i don't care about feecha, use it less often and then people will think Oh, she doesn't care about winning, no wonder she's lacking behind by so much" Lolol.

And then i try to use Feecha lesser BUT it's so fucking addictive i can't!!! Instead, i use it more often O.O You plant a feecha in a location and then you keep checking back to see if it was helpful to anyone deciding on what to eat or if anyone then become keen to go visit that place you feecha-ed.

I've even got people saying they are in the same area but didn't bump into me! So interactively fun!

I go wherever i also plant feecha!

I love Feecha!

So i want it to love me back. It'd be nice to win the top prize but if i don't win it.. It's fine..

But do i want to lose?

At least not without giving a shot at winning!!! I don't want to lose!!! Lolol. I think i should win! Not cox that video is good. But cox i have been a active Feecharer! And i want some love back too! Lol.

See, here are some of the things i feechaed!

Spot whole suckling pig (you don't get to see it everyday! Lol), great supper place, yummy meal at Kim Gary, ME ON A TRISHAW!!! And some filming crew spotted when i was buying treats for the doggies. And of course, my favourite human Baby Yurou!!! ^.^

And of course there's the flea i went to, me filming Budget Barbie, a sweet journal of a 11 year old girl who's a student of my friend and she wrote that she loves watching Guide to Life and Budget Barbie! And then there's also THE SHOP where everything is $2, lunch gathering with all the bloggers and Nuffies, and a $5 bag. SEE?!?!?!??!?! I feecha wherever i go on whatever is happening!!!

So yeah! I love feechaing! And i'd like some love back! Lol.

And yes the money would be very nice $.$ Lolol.

So here's the dealio.

If i win the $8888 cash prize, i'd give out cash.


8 X $128 CASH to 8 of my readers!!!

Here's what you have to do:

1) Download feecha on your iPhone or your friends/ family iPhone, the more the merrier lol

2) Find me at @QiuQiu. See my feecha line, switch it to BFF if it's on Latest.
See the video? Click on that feecha.

3) LOVE + REFEECH + COMMENT + Share on Facebook/ Twitter

That's all!!! You see the facebook, twitter and tumblr icon?

I'd get notification when someone refeech, love, comment, share on twitter/ facebook so from there i can choose 8 random lucky winners to receive $128 each ^.^

The comment can be anything lah, as long as i know who to get in touch with if you win the $128.




Mich, Monokey, Zhen, Sophie, Yutaki, Wendy, my 4th sis, bro-in-law, NiaoNiao, my bf, ALL get $88 Ang Bao cox all offered to help *tears of happiness*

And yes, i'd also donate $688 to Gentle Paws.

And organise a trip or two with my family and friends who are keen to head to USS ^.^ All on me!

Now you think.. I talk so much. If i still lose, then i waste your time, right?


So whether or not i win the $8888, some of you will still win $128 or at least $88 each!

And Gentlepaws dog shelter will still get $688 or at least $200 cash donation!!! =D

And everyone who helped me still can go to USS, on me!

I'd just have to fork out the money myself! O.O

So i guess this is a fair bribe!!! Lolol. Still a bribe, yes.

But heck, Feecha says we should ask our friends to join Feecha to help us win.

I utilised all my friends (not say i have a lot also lolol) and family members O.O What better place to seek human resource other than my blog, RIGHT OR NOT =D

And this will in turn get MORE people joining Feecha so i guess everyone's gonna gain =DDD

Alright before i leave you to download Feecha on your iPhone, here's a great place for you to consider to visit on VDay if you haven't got anything in mind to do. Or any other day. With or without partner. With friends, with family. With yourself.

THIS, is no where other than home. Punggol.

It's the Punggol Riverside walk. And it's the most beautiful place. Top left corner has thousands of seat for you to chill and watch the sunrise with the best view. Top right are just wide benches for you to rest and enjoy the lake breeze. You can bring some snacks/ picnic food there. The plants are artificial and they will light up and change colour at night O.O Pretty, pretty. The tracks are long and endless. You can jog, walk your dog, cycle or skate there. The red bridge.. Is the best camwhore spot. Lol.

There are about 8 cafe/ restaurant/ chill-out bar/ bistro there. Avoid the one name Xian cox they take 10 years to serve food.

Also there's table pool and prawning recreational stuff if you wanna spend sometime there before or after food. Enjoy yourselves!!!

THING IS, I FEECHAED ALL THESE NICE PLACES OKAY. To share with people whatever is beautiful/ interesting about a location.

So win the 8 X $128 CASH!!!

Again, here's what you have to do:

1) Download feecha on your iPhone or your friends/ family iPhone, the more the merrier lol

2) Find me at @QiuQiu. See my feecha line, switch it to BFF if it's on Latest and you'd see the video

3) LOVE + REFEECH + COMMENT + Share it on Facebook/ Twitter (Both also can! Lol)

That's it! The contest ends on 18th Febuary (in a few days only!!!) so when i know the results, you'd know the results too. I rarely ever ask you all to help me vote for stuff to win anything but this one, i want! At least 30 people would be very happy from it, me and you included! =D

Lai lah. Bang bang mang. Show me some love ❤

If i win more, we all receive something and more! The doggies at the shelter also receive! =D

Yes, that's some sort of a emotional blackmail. Lolol.

But really! If i have a big sum like this, these are just some of the things i'd do! So it doesn't just benefit me ah, you, doggies, my family and friends all included ^.^

Here's the $200 base sum that i've donated to Gentle Paws. If i win then i donate another $488 alright! Pinkie promise! ^.^


adeline said...

yay the doggies at gentle paws get some l0ve t00!

Josie said...

i was like: "omg, she's bribing us?" lol. but since i love you and all, i figured it was ok. ;) the end justifies the means, right? then it turns out feecha isn't available in sweden, so everithing got fucked up anyway. :c so i'm sorry. if i believed in any kind of deity, i'd pray for your cause, but... :p i CAN, however, wish you luck. GOOD LUCK! i really hope you win over that obnoxious and completely unnecessary food feecher. >:c

QiuQiu said...

Adeline, YEPPIE!!!

Josie, but thank you for your thoughts!!! Haha. And no lah, i think the food tweet is interesting cox it's not a food dish we can commonly find in Singapore. Usually it's chilli crab crab. Not chicken crab sauce with chicken. Lol.

Jamie said...

a donation to the dogs was a very sweet thing to do. don't mind me being nosy, but its probably a good idea to blot out your savings account detail with rampant identity theft happening these days. :)

KAISHI said...

I wanna help but I don't have iphone.. :(

Anonymous said...

Where is the $2 shop exact address? :_

Anonymous said...

Can I ask for the exact address of the $2 shop? :)

QiuQiu said...

Anon, it's at Century Sq, 3rd floor! Easy to find one! =D

Riona said...

Qiuqiu! I dl the app to support u! =) Hope you win the prize and the doggies will receive more love from u! =)

Aaeray said...

You're so funny and easy going hahaha. I've never seen your frown face before

Anonymous said...

If you win $8888.. your gonna donate only $488 to Gentle Paws? I mean... its a bit stingy. You could donate much more :)

QiuQiu said...

Riona, thank you!!! =D

Aarey, Thanks!!! Are you the dude who offered to help with the Hello Kitty eprfume???

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting! How's your skin condition like? Did Adonis help you to get rid of your pimples & acne marks? Which outlet & therapist do you go to? Feel like visitng Adonis too to clear my blemished skin too. Thks!

amanda said...

I think what your doing for the doggies at gentle paws is awesome!! refeeched, loved, fb-ed and tweeted! I hope you win!!! :DD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! I'm a new reader of your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Cunning bitch, even if you give $128x8 to ur readers, $688 to the dogs, and $88 to 25 friends, ure still left with over $5000, very smart hor act generous

M said...

@Anon at Feb16 2:16pm
So how much do you think Qiuting should be left with?

She built up this blog from scratch, if her readers like her, helping her out isnt much of an issue. Giving out the $128 is a way to spread the "love" and to provide an incentive (or bribe) for people to vote for her. All the figures are already quoted on her blog, so people count will know how much she will be left with!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's super nice of her to share part of her money with her readers. I think no other bloggers would do that or very rarely. So you complain that she still will be left with a lot of money? So? You expect her to be left with $20 or what? If she wants to win the money it's because she needs it so of course she won't give it all away. Geez.

Anyway the app is not available for US so I can't help but good luck ^^

Anonymous said...

Of course you are most likely to win! But dont you think that you could try to donate more? And I am not like the other readers to say that if you give out all your cash you will be left with none. Im not asking you to donate $1000 with the $8888 you win,(if) but slightly more love for the doggies perhaps? (^.^)

sandy said...

hope you win the money! i mean, it is natural that she keeps all the money and all because she earned it. anyway haters gonna hate, love your blog and good luck on that! refeeched, commented and loved! GOGO QIUQIU

Anonymous said...

Hi, what is your sister's blog? xD