24 February 2012

Happenings you'd want to take note of ^.^

Hello! I made it here =D the sore throat i had two days ago is still here and is not yet improving. It leads to slight fever and muscle ache. What's new! But it's okay!!! Cox i am 100% sure i will get well pretty soon =DDD With tonnes of plain water, liangteh and 3-legs cooling water.

Anyway here are some random stuff that i hope you'd be informed of!

1) Nuffnang is FIVE!!! =DDD

Happy Birthday! Thou i only joined for a year plus, i could feel the love already. And what's a birthday without a birthday bash?!

Their birthday bash will be held at some atas hotel O.O *thinks of the food* *drools* And yes!!! You may join us too!
Click to see how!

And yes, ALL the awesome bloggers you might know of, will be there! So of course, you'd see me.


Alright, good luck! Hope to see you there ^.^


2) I'd be selling my stuff at a flea!

Tomorrow, at City Sqaure mall, 11am - 8pm! Remember the last flea? Yeah that went well! Tomorrow my stuff (all  brand new) will be sold at the flea again! My friend is helping me sell them (along with her stuff, also nice one ^.^) and i've asked her to sell my stuff at REALLY low prices. So buy ALL the stuff!

3) SMRT Makan Session

IT'S FINALLY MY TURN!!! Happening tomorrow! Excited to see all 20 of you at Holland Village and go eat, eat, eat with you guys!!! See you ^.^ I'm still contemplating if i wanna ask my bf to join me at the makan session and help me snap pictures. He'd have to pay for his own food thou. LOL fhl.

4) You can find a new friend, a friend for life!

Been reading Gentle Paws' blog and feeling all fuzzy inside. So many happy stories happening to the families/ couple who adopted a doggy. But it's still not enough.

If you're looking at getting a doggy why not take a look at these stories first! The doggies at the shelter can love you back as much as any other dogs if not more. Look at their adoption gallery if you're keen!

Alright! That's all! Ending the post with my camwhoring shots O.O

Who o who are you! Why o why are you so pretty, me??? Lolol.
Everytime i photoshop brownish hazelish contact lens people confirm ask me what's the brand.
I say one last time okay, the brand is PHOTOSHOP. And i don't dare and don't know how to wear contact lens. Lolol. But i'd learn how to wear it like maybe in 5 years time. Maybe by then no need to wear contact lens liao, just use a machine, aim at your iris and then click a button to choose the colour, click another button to laser your eyes for the colour to last 24 hours. OMG i have genius ideas.

Okay lah! That's all!

My life is really quite awesome =) Thanks to all the people around me.


Jessica Ho said...

Hi! You look really gorgeous in these pics!
May I know where did you get your false eyelash? Thanks!

Eluminél said...


Anonymous said...

are you a full time blogger?

Jovis said...

SO PRETTY!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Are you using adobe photoshop or what? Do you have to pay to download??

Starrain said...

Hehe.. Thanks for saying for the last time that the contact lens brand :) Muacks!

Anonymous said...

What kind of lashes are you using?

Anonymous said...

Smile more, you look very pretty and refreshing with smile on ur face...=)

cha said...

hello! you mentioned you dont wear contacts, do you have perfect eyesight? :D

QiuQiu said...

Jess, falsies from ALL-BELLE. A taiwan brand!

Anon, yup!

Eluminel, Jovis, THANKS!!! ^.^

Anon, need to buy!Cha, no i don' thave perfect eyesight! I actually need to wear glasses one =X

Anonymous said...

which contact lenses brushes did you download from? thanks!