04 March 2012

QWeekly - Flying off

I'd be flying off to Thailand with bf on Monday (tomorrow) morning!!! So here's a bigass picture of me before you forget me O.O Yes please stare at it like this O.O Haha.

Also don't know why i choose this one. The smile looks a bit constipated but i was trying to work the squinty eyes + cutesey smile. Lol. Not that close.

It's been too long since i last visit Thailand!!! Like.. 6 years i think. Or was it 5.

1 year away from BKK will be too long already. I would love to visit there twice a year if i could!!! It's one of the country i love other than Malaysia and yes of course Singapore. Singapore is the best. Lol. Omg i also love Hong Kong and Vietnam. Okay i think i love every country i been to =.=

Okay okay, i think, i love everything too easily. Except people =X Lolol.

I'd be back on Thursday and when i'm gone, there will be a BIG giveaway on my blog so you better miss me. Don't miss me also come back lah becox you'd love the giveaway one!

I'm not sure if i can get wifi there so if i can we stay in touch if cannot too bad i'd still be alive on the blog so pleaseeeee stay with me ^.^

Was at USS with my family just yesterday and i was SOOOO HAPPY cox my dad was happy!!! The kids had fun, my mum was being normal and then Mich, Zhen, Zack and Gem all came to join for dinner. I WAS SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY yesterday!!!! =)

So thankful and filled with gratitude yesterday at dinner, i actually found myself smiling just looking at my family and friends talk and eat O.O Kinda creepy. Also there was firework display at the back.. Can't blame me for thinking my life is perfect. Hahaha. IT IS.

I hope you will have a great week ahead of you.

Try to look out for the good things, chances are.. You'd only find more of the good things.

Good luck!

I'd snap some pictures in Thailand! Muahhhh~ XIANG WO!!! And please! Come back for the giveaway. IT WILL BE AWESOME GOOD, promise!!! ^.^

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Anonymous said...

you look a bit like zoey tay! hahaha