08 February 2012

In case people miss me lah


I'm back from KL! Feeling very insecured that i never blog for two-three days lol. Cox i'm a hardworking blogger like this.

Went KL for acupotomy with Wendy and Cheesie and it was FUN time!!! =DDD

I feel like i'm hip and havoc and happening O.O Lolol. Cox we went KTV at.. 1.30am. Like badasses.

Lolol. Cheesie is the best host EVER cox we stayed at her place and she got this extra blanket for us and she drove us for our acupotomy treatment etc. And her house is so pretty the third thing i told my bf about when i got home was how pretty Cheesie's room is and how i want something similar also O.O

The first thing i said was how amazing acupotomy is. Like how sticking a needle in some points will cause tingling sensation in some other parts of my body etc.

Second thing i said was how Wendy and i had our bags ransacked at the custom. Blah blah.

And i also told my bf how happy i am in this trip cox both Wendy and Cheesie super nice and helpful and considerate and chin-cai one *teardrop* Lolol.

Okay i'm gonna have to go lie down now even though i'm not sleepy. But i just return home really happy and hopeful lah. I hope all four of us (Audrey, Cheesie and Wendy and me =D) will be all good and healthy soon!

Will blog more tomorrow if my neck doesn't feel sore!

Don't forget me lah. If you wanna see a lame video of me singing with my sister, CLICK HERE! And get the app on iPhone! I'm not supposed to rave it yet but i REALLY LOVE the app!!! Bye!


Unknown said...

Never doubt Cheese is a good hostes :) Also I'm sure you are a nice guest to have!!!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your KL trip blog post!

Anonymous said...

why is it that xiaxue and your bags were ransacked by the custom officers???