19 February 2012

QWeekly - Roasted Porkie and me

I've been enjoying yummy roasted pork (xio ba) a lot these days cox bf and i have been making it at home. Like at least twice a week. My bf made them first time and it tasted so yummy that i had to learn how to do it.

Continuing the success of my aglio olio recipe, i shall share this roasted pork recipe with you cox it's REALLY simple and fuss free!

Things you need!

1. Salt (i'm using sea salt)
2. Preserved Soy Beans (Dao Jior)
3. Oyster Sauce (Hoy Xim sauce)
4. Slab(s) of pork belly

5. Sesame oil or normal oil - OPTIONAL
6. Hua Diao Jiu - OPTIONAL
7. Black Pepper - OPTIONAL

Lolol. Items 5 - 7 is my bf act pro go add one.

STEP 1: Mix oyster sauce, preserved beans and optional hua diao jiu together, crush the beans a bit.

STEP 2: After placing slab of pork on the mixture, sprinkle salt and optional pepper and drizzle oil on skin. Leave it there for at least 45 minutes.

At least 45 minutes later....
STEP 3: Poke the skin of the pork belly. Make sure you poke the whole skin surface area!
STEP 4: Bake at 220 degree celcius on top heat for 35-45 mins depending on size and thickness of pork belly, on a grilling tray.
STEP 5: Scrap off the black burnt part. Actually my bf hold wrongly for the picture. I think if you use the knife back and scrape it downwards direction it'd be easier. And you're done!!! =DDD
Tadang~~~ Juicy and yummy and the skin is OMG CRISPY!!!

Tell you all first okay, if you never poke the skin, it will be tough and rubbery very soon after taking it out from the oven. One time my bf forgot to poke it before baking it, the skin turn out really rubbery and hard. Thou the rest of the meat is still fine but roasted pork belly is all about the skin, agree?! =D

So yippie! Good luck on that! ^.^

Oh no need to ask me how much of what to add, i go by feeling one O.O Lololol. I'm an artist.

So that's all bye! Lol. Kidding~ How can i let you come here without getting a pixome!

I.. Haven't been doing anything much this week except the KL trip with Wendy and Cheesie. Took some pictures will share again!!! Can't photoshop much cox although i'm getting treated for migraine, somehow my shoulders got poked too so lol. But i recover quite fast so wait up!


Joanne Nom - Congrats!!! I hope you will look pretty in Bali and camwhore while you're there!!!

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A said...

oooh, seems like a lovely recipe, I will definitely check this out very soon!

nicole said...

Hehe go do a budget barbie ep at haji lane! :D the stuff there all very nice but damn ex and out of budget. so im wondering if you can get good bargains from there? ^^

:( do another giveaway soon!

Doris said...

Thanks for the recipe! Saw it this morning and quickly jumped off the bed to NTUC. It's in the oven now :)

QiuQiu said...

Doris!!! Let me know if it turns out yums for u!!! I very kiasu i marinate like 1hour =O

Anonymous said...

hi dear, I dont really get 1 part...
do you marinate the WHOLE pork belly with the sauce do you marinate the top and bottom of the pork belly as indicated in the pic?

You are good, it look am amazinggggg =D

Anonymous said...

hi dear, I dont really get 1 part...
do you marinate the WHOLE pork belly with the sauce or do you marinate the top and bottom of the pork belly as indicated in the pic?

You are good, it look am amazinggggg =D

QiuQiu said...

Anon, marination part (preserved bean and oyster sauce) is just for the bottom of the pork belly!

Salt (and pepper n oil) is for the top! =D

feebsfeebs said...

looks yummy! do we need to put oil on the baking tray or can just put the pork belly on without any?

Aiko said...

It looks so delicious! My boyfriend as he saw the pictures: I love meat. (^_^) Yeah, I know. :D

Doris said...

I marinated for 45ins cause I can't wait to put it in the oven. And, it turned out great!! It's easy and yummy!!! So nice that we had it for lunch and dinner ;-) going to do it again next weekend. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.

QiuQiu said...

feebs, just put on grilling tray!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, thanks for the easy recipe, I'm going to try it out tmr for my bf's lunch! <3

sHaNn*sAsUkE said...

just tried ur recipe...^^ love the taste

Karen said...

Loves it that you are sharing recipes on your blog.
I think it really make your blog more interesting than some daily rants. (The pictures of the cooking process are of great help too!)
Thanks Qiuting!!

Ling said...

i really love your budget barbie episodes, and lols to your swayness!

Owner by Jasmine!!! said...

Love your budget Barbie episodes, keep up the good work!(:

Anonymous said...

hey qiuting! have a question, by grilling tray did you mean the one with holes/lines at the bottom so the juice can like seep through or just the normal baking a cake kind of tray? hehe thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, love ur cooking post~ U should do a Budget Barbie cooking special :D like cooking up a 5 course meal with $100