24 May 2012

Happy ForeverYoung Birthday, Yutaki!

Yes it's me and a hugeass picture of my face to kick start the post! =D

Was at Yutaki's birthday party a few days back and i must say it's sooooo fun and enjoyable!!!

Birthday boy brought along his ringlight for everyone to camwhore and took lotsa pictures of us all and of us individually!!! It's like a massive camwhoring session for all of us O.O

Can't wait for him to photoshop the pictures!!! He confirm stressed. So many vain bloggers (Xiaxue, Sophie, Miyake, Kaykay, Eric) there and he has to make us look better than we already do.. LOL.

I personally think it's easy to make a less good-looking person look "WOAH!" after photoshop. But it's quite hard to make people go WOAH when you photoshop good looking people.

Thou i still believe Yutaki can make all of us go WOAH when we see the photoshopped version of us in his post, which, i supposed you guys can get to see like months down the road LOLOL.

He's very nice please! It's HIS birthday party, yet he invited so many of us over and help us snap nice pictures and bring ringlight and lotsa hats (supposed to be a hat party too!) and props etc.

Thank you Yutaki!!! Glad to meet you like yearsss ago when we were all vegetable birds in the blog scene. Lol. I can't wait to see the yaogui picture of me and Eric at the food table. LOL.

The theme is Vintage Floral. I am not sure if it means Vintage OR Floral or Vintage AND Floral.

Food that night was catered by Perkies!!! I'd love to share more about them soon!!!

For now, i'd just let you know, i FREAKING LOVE THEIR CORN PUPPIES!!!!!! It's nothing like the usual corn dogs!!! Also i love their onion rings!!! Major love the batter they used and the onion inside is sweet and melty one, defug. Also i especially love their Fizzy Lychee drink!!! Inside got some magic balls that will burst with lychee flavour one!!!

OMG i said i'd just share a few but it's not enough! I also really enjoyed all the different sauces they provide with the different food items!!! Thai chili sauce was the best and Tomasturd also very yums!

Also the people from Perkies were very helpful, quick-moving when setting up and very friendly. So i'd have them cater for my birthday celebration with my family too!!! I'm 100% sure they'd love =D

Very nice of them to prepare those door gifts and goodie boxes for Yutaki's and his guests!

The dress i bought from TOPSHOP for $49 =OOOO Please gimmie a round of applause!!! It's vintage PLUS floral! Lolol. Shucks, didn't get to snap a full picture of it!
Wendy who stubbornly believe she look awesome with the bath robe. LOLOL. Bing bu hui. Lolol. It was kinda cold in there. Later on i stole her robe to cover my legs lolol.
Sophie with Kaykay's bear. The bear's hand.. Not right. Lolol. And i bet Yutaki's dancing at the back.
Only i no look at you all with tinted glasses. Lolol.
Oh we sho cute ^.^ Lolol.
Me with Sophie, who recently FINALLY started her Facebook Page!!! Please support ah!
Me with Soapzilla TROLLOL. Real one, this is her nick =_=" She ownself made up one.
Eric who's wearing some branded vintage shirt. He's so in love now i also feel happy for him!!!
Blurry picture of Wendy and i but still look quite chio so i shall put it up. Lol.
I love her hair that day!!! =DDD
HAHA. This one i major love. It's quite her. She's always like ROAR! Lol. I'm always like o.O Lol.
Look at Wendy's pinky finger again. Lolol. She somehow tend to do this. Look.
Wendy, ni yi wei ni shi princes is it ^.^ Lololol. And omg. This is our FIRST picture ever!!!
Smile~ One last one of us three before Wendy sian already.
Never mind, me and Eric take one lol.
One last one of our camhoring!!!
One last one of MY camhoring lolol.

I know you're like "WHERE IS THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!" I keep him for 压轴 to this post lolol!

Don't scold me for i only have a few of his pictures cox birthday boy was waiting for all the guests to come and he wait until sian he don't wanna snap pictures!!! I only manage to snap two pictures with him that day!!! Other than the ones snapped on his camera in a group lah.

When he finally put them up, i might share them again okay! ^.^

Straight from my instagram, no edit except filter ^.^ Eric, Yutaki and Me
Me and birthday boy!!! =D
I art or not. Lolol. The birthday cake Perkies prepared for him!
Make your wishes boy, and have them ALL come true =)
Simi lor. Eat cake also got eat until so hamsum one. UNFAIR.

Thank you Yutaki for having me at the party!!!

I am glad we met three years ago and hit it off on a good note! Thou we rarely hang out on solos but please know that you are one big ball of joy to hang out with!!! Thank you for always cracking me up be it in wassap chat or in real life =DDD Thank you!

I hope that you will always meet nice people and will always be so cheerful and happy and always bring your bursting energy wherever you go and spread it to whoever you meet! =D

Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a nice friend! You'd be the most hamsum photographer ever!!!


Anonymous said...

lol commenter obviously is those humsap men xx is talking about. btw! u look beautiful in this post :)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy post!!!!!
Like the first pic of you!
May all his wishes and dreams and hopes come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are really nice people! Must appreciate each other more every moment!

Anonymous said...

why is tan jia qi so disgusting?

Anonymous said...

maigodddd yutaki looks like anime characterrrr. his skin OMGGGG.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, thank you! I deleted that post cox i don't know how to explain much.

Anon, who is Tan Jia Qi? O.O

Dylla, i know right. Lol.

maybe2 said...

Qiu Qiu don't know if the Anon you mentioned is refering to me or to the first anon..... I don't need you to publish that post, I just wish to highlight my thoughts to you......everyone is entitled to what they have to say....of course sometimes in the expense of hurting others.....but if children can be spared, then I feel this world will really be a better place! These children will grow up to become adults too someday :) I don't need any explanation, I know you are in a difficult position too. By the way, your hair style in this post is very chio, I really like your blog haha and your MENG XIANG about having a landed house is my meng xiang too so that I can grow mango tree in the garden haha. Take care! Love u!

Anonymous said...

qq, yutaki's blog says his birthday is 1988. why did you write that he's 18? :0

Hzl said...

I love yo skin beautiful girl! You girls are all so pretty ah :"> i liked sophie's page cause i saw in her blog she started one yey! Love the topshop dress!


HitomiNeko said...

haha this is probably the 1455950293 post i see regarding his bday~ it’s pretty cool that all of you r bloggers n r good fds too!

I am sure you were being nice to say that it’s his “18th birthday” but when I first saw the title I was actually a little turned off since I am not that young anymore~ n thought: what? I just saw a bunch of a young kid’s photo? ( from his blog) ~ lol.. but then I realize it’s just something nice for you to say~ haha ~

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Cynthia said...

ooh, haven't seen you with darker hair before, it looks really good! I think you look better with dark brown hair :P

Kiwi said...

Love your make-up in the photos!

Anonymous said...

hey who did your brows? looking good :)

.. said...

It's so weird to think he's the same age as me! It's my 18th in August ^_^

[ http://smallrakuen.blogspot.co.uk ]

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks Eric looks like TOP from Big Bang?