22 May 2012

The Proposal ❤

This is my account of what happened.

About 3 weeks ago..

Mich wassaped me and Zhen in our usual "豆花妹s" group chat and say she has discount voucher to some restaurant in Dempsey and ask if we two plus our bfs are keen to join.

So i ask Josh (my bf's name, yes now you know!) whether he keen to go or not cox they got double date there. And if he's keen then i'd go, if not i won't lah, don't wanna be extra like this. He ask skeptically "What kind of food they serve in the restaurant?", "So is Michelle treating us? Haha", "Is anyone gonna drive us home? Very hard to get cab at Dempsey", "Okay lor, i don't mind going".

So done deal. We set the dinner for 12th May Saturday. Triple date! First time ever!!! And Mich say "OMG? Really? He'd go ah?! I gotta go buy 4D liao lolol"

Someone give these people an Oscar Award each. Lol.

On the 10th

Huiwen came to our house just to chill and see my doggies and over our pasar malam dinner, i was saying something about Saturday triple date and Josh say

"Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, i met B (one of Josh's client) and she's now the GM for White Rabbit. I bump into her at the shoot the other day and she say this Saturday they have some event there so she invited me"

I'm like "OMG! WHITE RABBIT?! So good ah she! What event is it?! Can eat for free one not!!!"

"I'm not sure what event but since she invite it's not very nice for me to say no so was gonna ask you if you wanna go with me"

"They got invite me not?! How many people can you bring?"

"She told me "bring your friends along, just join the event, no problem""

"OMG WHY SO GOOD LEH!!! What event is it?! You can bring any number of people?! You ask her first lah, if can bring 5 friends, then we all go together!"

"Shouldn't be a problem but i'd check with her lor"

And Huiwen is like "What? You all heading White Rabbit?"

I'm like "YEAH! He say the GM invited him leh!!! The GM was his client last time. Don't know can eat for free one not!!! Eh dear you go ask leh! Okay okay, i tell you what, if can bring 5 friends we all go together. If can only bring one, i go with you then Michelle they all can go to that one themselves. THEN, you and me, we can go eat for free!!!"

HAHAHAHA, i know, i'm a horrible person. In my head it's all "FREE FOOOOOOOOD!!!!!"

"Not confirm free lah, but i supposed it is free cox she invited me as guest.. So.."

Huiwen "Am i invited?!"

I'm like "Yeah can lah! We all go together! Maybe can eat for free one you know! Omg can one, confirm can one!!! I use The Secret to make the meal be free for us okay hahaha. OMG. I cannot decide if i wanna eat the risotto or the duck confit. Both also got come with Foie Gras one i think"

So i was all obsessed about (hopefully free) food at The White Rabbit cox i been there before for Olay Project 360 and the food was SO GREAT!!! =DDD And i've been craving for foie-gras so much even before this, so much until i pinned lotsa pictures of it on Pinterest =X It's like my vision board, whatever i want, i pin it and believe i'd get it. Haha. The Secret teach us one.

11th May

I ask Josh "So you confirmed the reservation already?"


"She say okay? You can bring 6 friends??"


"OMG. She got hint you say it's free or not!!!"

"Not exactly but i guess it should be. She say just go, enjoy, give her feedback on how's the food and their service.."

"Like this means free lor!!! Omg okay nevermind, even if not free, also got discount right or not? We hardly go so far until Dempsey anyway, just enjoy lah hor? Also not say very expensive"

"Yeah lor, i've never been there anyway, been wanting to try it since you mentioned the food is good"

"YEAH! It's super love one!!! The risotto got foie gras one. But the serving very small lah. So maybe, just maybe, i also want the duck confit cox last time Wendy ordered that and she let me try some and it was SO YUMS"

"Yeah but if it's on the house and we order so much, not very nice"

"Oh yeah hor. Hai. I cannot decide what to order then.. Risotto or Duck confit leh you think?! This is so hard. Tomorrow we go there early okay? Like 6pm. I wanna go to the garden and camwhore"

"HUH? But dinner is at 7pm. We reach at 6 will look like some gian bng yao gui"

*sulk* "Then 6.30 can? If not no sunlight already"

"I was thinking more of 6.45"

"Huh.... So late no sunlight already right. See how tomorrow lah"

And then at 9pm plus. Mich wassap me to tell me she have an appointment at 6pm tomorrow at Sengkang (which is near my place at Punggol). So we can head Dempsey together. So i told her not to be late cox i wanna camwhore at the garden. Lolol.

Zhen who's into photography, has been begging me to bring out my 60D dslr to let her play with it since forever. I always say no cox it's super heavy + i'm scared to spoil it. Lolol. so the night before she ask me to pleaseeeee bring it cox she wanna snap pictures for her food blog also. So i said okay.

Then in the night when i was writing in my gratitude book, on the bed.. Josh said in his sleep "Yeah.. Yeah.. But the people at White Rabbit told me.." and he continue to mumble.

I thought to myself "Wah this person even more enthu about the free food than me. Or maybe he's stressed about having to PR with people. Ke lian"

Cox i have to emphasize.. My bf is a photographer.. He meets people very often and he's generally nice but he's VERY introvert kind. And he doesn't do much PR cox he just.. Don't o.O He only hangs out with very few people. So i also feel stressed for him sometimes when he have to go meet new people. So i thought he's stressed having to meet the people at White Rabbit and have to do PR there and have to go on triple date with my friends and their bfs. Must be a lot for him lol.

So done deal.

12th May Saturday

4pm, i'm about done with makeup. I was deciding on whether i wanna put on one fake eyelash for each side of the eye or half on each cox i usually only use one full falsies on each side if it's for filming or for something more important. Then i decided to use half a falsies on each side cox i think to myself "Bitch please, Mm and Zz and Huiwen don't even put falsies. I already chioest" Lolol.

Then i decided not to shave my armpits too cox i shaved them like two days ago and since after QPX, the hair grow so slow. So i left the stubs as they were....... Maybe you don't need to know this O.O

Josh and i started to watch Grey's Anatomy at 4 plus and then we watch two ep. At 6pm, Mich text to say her client will be late so i can go without her, her client will send her down cox on the way.

So i told Josh and he say "Wah so good. Might as well ask the client to give us a lift too haha".

Before we left the house.. Josh told me "You don't think the bag a bit not matching?" As he might sometimes do so. And as usual my answer "Huh? No ah. I think i look great" So i went out with a canvas bag. Mainly cox it's big enough to put the stuff i wanna pass to Huiwen later.

Perfect, half a falsie each on my eyes, armpits that are not shaved clean (thou it's really not that obvious) and a bag that totally doesn't suit my outfit lolol.

When we were on the cab, Josh say B arranged for the manager to give us a brief introduction to The White Rabbit and its history etc. I was like "Okay.. I just hope they serve us food when they are talking. I am so hungry lah! Shit! Still cannot decide on what to eat!!!"

A picture of me on the cab. Hahaha. I told my bf "Take, take a picture of me" He anyhow one. So dark and blur until i don't know how to photoshop it.

We reached The White Rabbit at 7pm plus in the end.

When we enter.. Amos the manager walk towards us and Josh say "Reservation under Joshua" and Amos say "Oh! Joshua! You are invited by Betty. Betty's guest right?" I nodded super politely and acted very very shu nv (demure) please. Cox to me it's Josh's association so i try to be as presentable as i can be hahaha #goodwifematerial Lolol.

When we are seated, Josh say he need to go say hi to the GM and the manager etc. Do his PR stuff. And then Mich and Zhen was trying out the dslr. Zhen's own and mine. And i was like "TAKE ME, TAKE ME",  "Eh take picture of me!" Lololol. And i was posing and scratching my itching feet cox the pair of wedges i wore that day really very long never wear and it's very dusty and dirty =X

Random snapshots Mich/ Zhen took to show they are really trying out the camera. Lol.
One picture of Zack and Zhen I take one. Look how pretty White Rabbit is at the back!
They refuse to snap pictures of me so i ownself camho.
Josh keep saying the glitter eyeliner on my inner eye corners look like bat sai gou defug. Lol.

Then Josh came back and i told him to help Zhen make the camera shoot brighter pictures. And he took the dslr and i was like "take me take me, take my picture" LOL.

So he snapped this picture =))

Here. That's Mr Mysterious/ Camera Shy/ Phantom. That's my bf Josh!!!

Then the manager walk over and started talking about White Rabbit history etc. He pointed to the ceilings, i look at the ceiling. He pointed to the windows on the left, i look left. He talked about the tinted glass panels on the top, i also look to the top. He point where, i look where lah!

I REALLY TRY MY BEST TO LOOK KEEN and i smile super politely and demurely at Amos i swear. But in my head, "It's all Foie gras. Risotto, Duck confit"

As Amos continue talking about The White Rabbit, the captain came from behind and served me a plate covered and i thought "Finally, food is here. FOIE GRAS. PLEASE. FOIE GRAS"

Wow. Awesome timing for this picture, Michelle! LOLOL. Of course the cover for the plate means more than the expression on my face! OF COURSE!



"Will you marry me?"

With a box. Took me a few seconds to register i'm not getting a plate of foie gras. At least not yet.

But definitely something better!!! ^.^

I almost topple when i tried to stand up cox my legs were so wobbly. Then Wendy, Yutakis, Sophie, Huiwen, Gillian, Bryan, Mike and Alaric walk in i'm like MY GOD THIS SETTING IS SO HUGE. Cox this Yutaki and Sophie walked in with a banner/ poster they drew with Huiwen and Wendy!

At this point i thought Michelle and Yuzhen and Zack were surprised too cox they were behaving so normally with me just seconds before the rest came in, before i was proposed to!

But no they knew it too O.O

Sorry the picture quality is really lousy don't ask me!!!!!! Lolol.

Good angle, whoever took this. Just nice cover Josh de face. He'd be so happy haha.

This one also good angle for Josh. Lol.

Okay, one and only picture with his full face!!! No more his face in this post liao. He only allow me to put this up last minute O.O Lol. That's me going "Wah 你这么 love 我的啊?" hahaha.

Cox it's very not him to come up with something like this! His style would be just both of us, simplest form and done deal. And i'm okay with it! But this, THIS IS SUPER BONUS!!!! =DDD

I really really really cannot believe Michelle and Yuzhen and Wendy would know!

For Mich and Zhen, we talk EVERYDAY!!! From morning (which is my noon cox i wake up after 2pm lol) til night. We just yak non-stop. About all sorts of nonsense. HOW COME FOR MONTHS THEY CAN KEEP THIS SECRET!!! And i always talk about wanting to get married and they always say "You can get married off then say first" or "Josh wanna marry you first then say" lololol. I am convinced they never believe i can do it when i say i'd use The Secret to envision myself get married off to Josh by this year or latest by end of 2013.

And this Wendy also!!! I talk to her almost every other night on msn and i ALWAYS tell her my eagerness to get married to Josh. I don't know how she can control and not tell me "SHUT THE FUCK UP WOMAN, IT'S IN THE PIPELINE FOR CHRIST SAKE" Lololol. I can't promise i won't leak it out to my gf if she continuously bug me saying she wanna get married. Lol. And plus! This Wendy told me like since i told Josh i want a heart shaped ring, and it's very hard to find, and even if found, it'd take about 3 months to get, so it won't be so soon.

So i estimate, maybe Josh will propose in June!!! Which is my birthday month. Or December, which is our 7th anniversary. But it happened in May and i am just SO surprised even though i expect it will happen!!! All the smoke bombs they throw me to distract me. Nise job! Lol!

The banner the sweet people made for me =')

Feeling like a superstar. Lol.

With the SWEETEST chocolate sauce i'd ever taste in this life =')))

So their account, as i was told, is..

On the yacht for my dad's birthday, they were already planning this thing and Josh already got the ring. So when i walked up to the deck to find them, they say there was an awkward silence and they had to brush me off saying they are talking about this certain dude. I bought the story and i even joined in for a while to scold that dude and then i went down to continue pouring coke for people LOL. After that Huiwen was a bit worried like what if i guessed it or heard they were talking about the ring and proposal etc! Lolol.

One thing i have to say is.. Everyone overestimated me LOL. Really! They come up with all these diversions but actually i never find any loophole one leh!!! You say what, i'd take it as what. And other time i'm too self-obsessed so i probably won't catch if even if they do something odd.

Then Josh has been telling me he has this friend who's been feeling quite down so he's talking to the friend more often. And whenever i casually ask "Who you texting?" he'd say it's that friend.

And every morning he'd wake up and bring his laptop to the kitchen and liaise with his "secret agents" and then when i wake up at 2pm lol, he'd be all done.

And then he sometimes say go for meetings in the noon time, sometimes say meet that friend, sometimes say go hunt for props for his work. Which is all very very normal to me lah!

When in fact, he's liaising with all his secret agents i think lol.

And the whole stalling me to reach later thing was cox Wendy, Sophie, Yutakis and the whole gang was hiding in the garden!!! So they just wanna make sure we arrive so late that the sky is dark and that i cannot go to the garden to camwhore. Lolol.

Defug now Mich they all blame me cox i sibeh self-obsessed and vain and make them have to cook up more and more lies to stop me from messing up their plan. Lolol.

But i gotta say, the whole "Free food at The White Rabbit thing is FREAKING INGENIOUS. I totally got consumed by it. Whole time thinking of their food. SEE!!!

Lololol. Really is whole time food food food.

And after the proposal, when dinner's about to start, i exclaimed "OMG i really really thought i was coming for free food wtf. Not anymore is it?!"

And they were all like "No, this meal is not free, Josh will have to pay for it haha"


LOL. Really!!! A bit heartbroken but oh well, at least my HEART DIAMOND ring cannot be broken LOLOL *showoff* Yes. Talking about the ring.

The Ring

Initially i wanted a round diamond cox Wendy's one is heart shape right, and i of course love heart shape more than any other shape but i told Josh maybe i don't want the heart shape one cox Wendy one is heart shape and i thought it's very rare so i don't want people to start calling me copycat etc, when i want everything to be happy and great and i want only blessing from everyone. So he went on the hunt for a round diamond ring for super long and visited many shops without letting me know!

But then later when i talk to Wendy then i realise heart-shape diamonds are just one of the most common cut for diamonds and it's not THAT uncommon so i'm like OKAY THEN I WANT HEART SHAPE one!!! Hahaha. So i told Josh (which is about 1 week plus, 2 weeks after i said i want round solitaire) i changed my mind and i think he's a bit sian-ed about it hahaha.

So finally he found the perfect fat and heart shaped diamond at Larry Jewellery and the guy who helped Josh is Raymond and he is Wendy's uncle and he is very very helpful and all so i think on Josh's first visit he decided to get it! They made special arrangement for the diamond to be mounted on the ring for collection next day O.O usually it takes at least a week. Thank you Larry Jewellery!

I am so thankful Josh got this ring yet feeling the pinch cox it's so expensive thou i don't know exactly how much but i have a rough gauge! And i am very touched he'd get something of this price for me =') Cox i was expecting something of a good size but i told him to heckcare the clarity and grade and what not. Lolol. But still he got a very decent quality one for me ='DDD I am so loved!!!

And say really, my budget was $3k and i already thought that is a bit guo fen and "she chi" =X I know Wendy will scold me but really! I was thinking of something not more than $3k!!!

The Place

They had many plans etc but somehow or rather the timing and the plot didn't work with everyone lolol so end up, they came up with the discount vouchers to a restaurant in Dempsey idea.

The restaurant Josh previously decided on was The House (Dempsey House).

He made a reservation for 12 over email and asked the person to give him a call for details as it's gonna be a event. Nobody called him thou they did confirm the reservation.

Then few days later he went down with his friend to have a meal and to check out the place again. He been there before with his other friends and saw a green house thingy at their outdoor area. And thought it'd be a nice place for the proposal to happen lah.

But on the day he was there again, he asked to book the green house for the reservation he had made. He explained the whole "proposal thing going on" to the lady and she say for that, he'd have to call this person name J. So she gave him the card. And then another staff in the restaurant called out "J!" to a guy and so Josh assume that is the guy he's supposed to speak to.

The lady say yes, that is J, and so Josh ask if she could get J to come over for a second. She went to call for him, came back and say "Sorry J's busy now, maybe later" Okay, fair enough. Thou Josh say he really really don't look busy and was just standing around, holding the menu up, browsing it and then put it back and then just stand around do nothing.

So when Josh is done with his meal he ask if he could speak to J again since J is just standing around. And the lady went to check with J, and she and come back and say J is not free today, if Josh want to talk, he gotta email J.


And the lady told Josh that on Saturday, there is an event in the afternoon at 2pm. So they cannot promise the green house. And that they'd only know if it's gonna be available in the evening on Saturday evening itself. So Josh ask if he can book it, so the guest at 2pm will just have to leave by 6pm plus, for our dinner at 7pm, cox it's for a proposal, he can't do last minute.

The lady say only J can decide. But J is unwilling to talk to him. So Josh left his business card and say he expect someone to call him by tomorrow noon. If not, they can cancel his reservation.

And at 4pm plus (buggers at The House don't understand what is BY noon =.=") the next day, someone from The House called and say they can only confirm if the green house will be available on Saturday evening itself and then Josh ask if there really is no way to work around it and the guy say nope, and Josh say it's okay then, he'd bring his proposal else where. The guy ask "But you still have a reservation for 12 that evening" Josh say "You can cancel that for me" The guy say "Okay then"


Uh-uh, you didn't!!! YOU DO NOT~ *ghetto head + finger swag* Lolol.

Now my proposal has you being a part of it and i am very generous with my words be it for good or for bad things so YOU WISH  YOU DID NOT HANG UP ON MY HUSBAND-TO-BE (lol).

What you should have said was "Sorry about this. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to serve you next time. Thank you. Thank you. Bye"


YOU (the fella on the phone) and J, both have to do some reflections on your service standard, please. Go face the wall. Pull your ears And reflect upon your poor service standard.

If you're so unwilling to help people for their special event, don't put up on your facebook page asking people to have their "Perfect dream wedding at The House" *rolleyes*

With people like J there, refusing to talk with their customers, and acting busy when obviously not, and some rude guy handling their calls, i'm sure everyone would love to hold their special events there ^.^ PLEASE PEOPLE, HOLD ALL YOUR EVENTS THERE, it'd be memorable, i'm sure!

J will not speak to you even when he's on the floor, and then he'd constantly avoid eye contact with you cox he knows you wanna speak to him, and then they will ignore all your request for special arrangement and then a rude staff will call you and STILL decide not to give you the assistant you need and then he'd finally hang up on you ^.^ It'd be perfect and unbelievable!

So Josh ask around and thankfully, The group GM at The White Rabbit really is Josh know one!!!


Awesome~ I love the food at White Rabbit, one. The place (esp the garden) is very beautiful, two.

The GM and manager especially, BOTH SUPER HELPFUL!!!!!! That's three.

I look through their email exchange after the whole thing and they were so happy and excited to have us there!!! And so thoughtful and helpful for the menu for dinner that evening! Even thought it was so last minute =D


And Amos (the manager) even help to plot the thing with Josh.

And White Rabbit used to be a church. That's why it looks so extra lovely with the high ceiling and colourful windows etc. There's this special happiness and blissful feeling you get in there =))


If you guys are thinking this is just a simple surprise dinner set up proposal.. Yes it is. But it is already 29749298499 times more elaborated than what i had in mind, given Josh's personality. Lolol.

Amuse bouche. Some kind of triple colour tomato. I LOVE!!! It taste super refreshing and love the texture ^.^ Never knew there's yellow and green tomatoes. Lol.
Random insert of my ring hahahah.
Ohai, i iz engaged ^.^
OMG LOVEEEEEEE!!!! Pan-seared foie gras with prune compote i think. Major yums!!!
The first bouquet he ever got me cox i told him NEVER to send me flowers =X But okay lah, it's quite suitable for an occasion like this lol. This hand bouquet cost like $130 mygod. He specifically asked for french cut which is this kind lah, no wrapping paper one. They say they can't do =.=" In the end they manage to do something similar according to the pictures Josh sent them. Not bad. Lol.
Wendy So touched she got herself involved thou she's occupied enough with her house thing!
Showoffs ^.^ Hahaha.
Some kind of steak i guess? Bf say it's very nice!
Chocolate tart with ice cream.
Eh? Another random insert of my ring. LOLOLOL.
Sophie Thank you!!! Okay my ROM recept you can be bridesmaid okay. Lolol. But cannot wear too short, cannot wear too low, all must wear turtleneck. HAHAHAHA. Nobody outshines me!
Yutaki We all having fun he down there act shuai =.=" Hate.
The pose that got me scolded when Yutaki photographs me. LOL. He'd be like "不要这么做作!!!"
Hanah! Show off diamond ring and sapphire ring can or not! Lolol.

The People

I know i did this before but it's really not detailed enough! How can i ever thank them enough!

Thank you Minmin and ZhenZhen Thank you two for secretly feeling happy for me for soooo long!!! Thank you for the wedding note book filled with pictures of pretty stuff i'd see. I really really appreciate the effort! I look forward to you all de wedding ^.^ And i will be a part of it!!!!! =DDD Our kids must hang out together and i am VERY COMPETITIVE ONE!!! Lololol. My kids have to have the chieost clothes, must learn how to sit, crawl and walk faster than your kids ^.^ Lolol. Also, i love you two =')))) Thank you!!!!!

Thank you Wendy for breathing down on Josh's neck hahahaha!!! Although it's a little bit like Josh is bohbian must marry me, STILL BETTER THAN NOTHING. Hahahah!!! =D Thank you for not telling me about the secret proposal no matter how much i whine about Josh not marrying me yet! Thank you for the banner!!! Thank you for being so nice to me =')))

Thank you Sophie Yutaki Huiwen for the banner and for being excited for me all this time!!!! I have no idea how someone so hyper like Yutaki can keep this from me hahaha but yeah, thank you guys for the time and effort put into this =') Xie xie!!! And Sophie, don't worry, i'd try to give you a role on my ROM recept so even if no bridesmaids you also can dress as one okay lol.

Thank you Gillian for offering to film it down! Cept Josh is shy! Lolol. Thank you Bryan, Mike, Alaric and Zack for joining us! Thank you guys!!!!!!!

Thank you Si Jie for knowing and keeping it a total secret from me although we talk in "Baby Yurou Forum" everyday. Haha. Thank my whole family for loving me all these years and for being a motivation for me to be a better person. Thank my Dad for approving my marriage with Josh =') Omg. I WANT TO CRY ALREADY.

I need to be a better person!!!

With so much love and concern and kindness people around me show me, i really need to be worthy!


And will still treasure everything, everyone i have now =')))

Thank you, all of you.

If you're reading this and feeling happy for me, thank you too =))

YES!!! Finally!!!
Really is super happy that night one! Now also happy! But that night was climax. Lol.
Effort of them guys. So weird, Huiwen never ask to take pictures of me and her that evening. LOL.
The hair look a bit like Justin Bieber they say. LOL.
Alright one last one of me!
I lied. Lololol. Okay okay, really, one last one of me.

Okay so now say serious one!
- - - - - - - - - -


For my ROM reception on 9th December 2012 (Sunday).

So far i've gotten quite a few but they are mostly offering makeup/ hair-styling and i haven't get down to look at their websites if any to decide so you can still offer! And i've got an offer for instant photo-printing booth with backdrop and all!!! Sounds like it's gonna be SUPER COOL already! =DDD

Here are the key sponsors i'm looking for:

1) Venue / food sponsor for approximately 80 - 90 pax.
I am open to any suggestion/ discussion! Shophouse/ restaurant/ hotel function room/ pool side etc

2) Pastry / Cake sponsor
I'm looking at this for wedding favours and for a three-tier wedding cake ^.^

3) A designer/ bridal company for both our outfits
Crucially, my outfit. Josh say he can settle his own if no one's keen to sponsor him HAHAHA.

4) Florist company
For the decor. Josh envision some fresh flower on the tables and hanging around here and there o.O

5) Videography Sponsor
To film the memorable day down for me!

6) Wedding planner
A team/ someone who can piece all these up for me/ look for sponsor for me.

Of course, all sponsors will be duly credited =D We can work out the details.

Please email me at qiutinger@gmail.com if you/ your company are keen to be a part for my ROM reception happening on 9th Dec 2012.
- - - - - - - - - -

I'd really appreciate your help! Thank you!!!

Thank you thank you thank you all for the kind sponsorship first!!! ^.^ Thank you!!!

I have more pictures from the rest of the guys, all their behind-the-scene pictures. Lol.

Another time perhaps!

And there's one important person i have to thank..

Joshua, the man i'd marry soon ='))))))

Thank you for being patient with me all these years. Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for taking on life with me. Thank you for being kind to me. Thank you for all the support you've given me. Thank you for always believing in the better side of me.

Thank you for wanting to grow old with me.

Thank you for loving me.

I love you.

I am sooooo lucky! Thank you if YOU, reading this, is feeling joy for me too ^.^ And yes, now my boyfriend is no longer a mystery. Get over that and give all the attention back to me, thank you. LOL.


Angelika said...

OMG your boyfriend so cute one!!!! Super nice looking and handsome face!
And you look so HAPPY!!! And cute!! As always ^o^
Also so nice friends and proposal and ring! So touching!!!
Super made me happy for you!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world for the rest of your life!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Really happy for you!!! May u 2 b blessed w all the wonderful things in the world!

JW said...

Hi there Qiu Qiu,

Congratulations on your engagement/wedding-to-come!! :)

As I was reading your post about the whole wedding... and how you were thanking all your close friends and family, I felt super happy for you!

More love to come in future definitely. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Awww.. TOO SWEET. Definitely feeling happy for you <3

Anna Ker said...

Congrats Qiu QIu!! :DDD MEGA HAPPY FOR YOU :')

Have a blissful wedding! ^^

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Congratulations !! very happy for you!!

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Congratulations QiuQiu ^_^! I hope you both will always be happy together <3

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Congratulations Qiuqiu!! =DDD Really feel soooo happy and excited for you! Last long dao tian chang di jiu AND en en ai ai. Zao shen gui zi, bai tou dao lao...... Ya la all the auspicious phrase!! Haha.

I really smiled while reading this post!!! And some times I also never shave armpit if ytd shaved liao hahahaha. HI-5!!

Hope you can get all the sponsors you want. =D

Love from me!!

Mei said...

Congrats qiuqiu, very happy for you :D and you make me wana get married too!

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Congratulations Qiuqiu ... I'm very happy for you, and all the happiness in the world ... a super hug your fan here in Brazil.
Cheers. Ana Carla.

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congratulations!~ stay happy!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you =))))))))

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I've said just now and I will say agn! I'm soooooo happy for you!! And...wish you and Josh 天长地久, 白头到老 =))

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Gong xi ni Qiu qiu :) loves from Malaysia <3

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OH MY!!!!!
love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wish there's a vid
would be replaying and replaying
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actually i can re read!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu qiu! :) So happy for you!!!!! :) Heartiest congratulations!!!! And your fiance is really good looking! :) Hope you'll have a blissful marriage! Do stay happy & pretty! :)

Jing said...

Aww congrats!! I am also waiting for my turn even though I don't know when will the day come. Haha.. Anyway HAPPY FOR YOU!! CONGRATS!!! =DDDD

Jing said...

Aww congrats!! I am also waiting for my turn even though I don't know when will the day come. Haha.. Anyway HAPPY FOR YOU!! CONGRATS!!! =DDDD

Anonymous said...

AWWWW OMG cried when readig this LOLOL so sweeeeet! you lucky girl :) and finally we see your boyfriend! *ahem* HUSBAND HAHA <3

Editor Mindy said...

You two makes a sweet and cute couple. Congrats to you!! :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! :-)

you look extremely pretty!!!

Popiah said...

I wait until neck very long for this entry.

but anyway they really $#%#$^$

thanks for sharing your proposal story Qiuting, more good things will come your way :)

And with 'The Secrets' you will get your sponsors, I know that coz I use it on my exam grades too TEHEHE!

CH said...

Finally the proposal post! <33
Big time congrat! And also finally a pic of your bf, lol ^^ Looks decent. Harhar! Kidding, he's handsum!
You're welcome that I'm happy for ya :P

MissyMiyen said...

Congratsss! <3

First time leaving a comment here cuz usually too lazy. lol.

but this post is just toooo nice not to comment on :P

Omg, i am so excited for you and your future hubby! Pls coax josh to take more pictures together lah. haha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Qiuqiu! This was so lovely to read, I'm smiling so much for you. ^.^ your ring is beautiful and so are you, I love how happy every picture is. Your fiance is lucky, and you make such a sweet couple!

I wish you and Josh all the luck and joy in the future for all the years to come!

Ah Jern said...

Oh QiuQiu, even though we don't know each other but you have always been my twitter crush and one of my favourite bloggers, i'm just sooooo godamned happy for you and Josh. :')

Congratulations on the engagement and the up-coming wedding! Sending my best wishes to you and your fiance. :D

Ishah said...


Your reception is on my birthday lolol. Loved reading about the proposal and seeing all the pictures. You have lovely friends and a very considerate fiance, going to all that trouble when he is normally introverted! That shows he must love you very much :)

Doreen said...

Congratulations!!! People like you truly deserves all good things in life, may your life be over-flowing with even more joyful happiness in many many many years to come, god bless you and your fiancé =) life will only get better for you, congratulations once again!!!...

Unknown said...

Aww Qiuqiu... I saw this on Twitter and was just waiting for this post. I'm really happy for you, you can tell you're genuwinly happy! Your ring is gorgeous and your boyfriend is really great for planning such an event.
Bet you wrote out a lot in your book that night. haha

I LOVE the proposal drawing! The chibi Quiqui + Josh are so cute! hehe

Anyway, Congratulations! I can't wait to read about the wedding!! ^___^

Anonymous said...

Congratulations qiu!!! Your dream cae tre haha. Live happily ever after k! ^_^

Hy said...

So happy for you!!!congrats qiuqiu!:)

Anonymous said...


So touching. Looking forward to your post on your kids already. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

kacie said...


SQ said...

i'm so touched by this post i'm near tears!!! So happy for you :")

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :) your blog always make me smile. Wishing you all the best !

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! :) so happy for u :))

Ash said...

Congratulations QQ !!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! ♥ You deserve it and honestly? Your bf, sorry fiance ;) looks like he's a bit younger than you!

Lmy said...

QQ your heart shaped diamond is so pretty! Happy for you and best wishes for the future!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like getting married now, but I'm only 17 hahaha. <3<3<3

Amy said...

Congrats!!! :D Omg so happy for you haha! Read your blog makes me happy one you know ^_^

afifs said...


I hope all the best for your marriage!

and get babies soon!!

wanna see ur baby soo bad,it must be ultra cute and cuddly

and and and I wish that you and your husbang-to-be will have great weeding and live happily ever after!


Malin - MalinBelle.com said...

Congratulations!!! :)

This blog-post made me (and probably everyone else too) so happy while reading it! :) I've read before how badly you wanna get married so I'm really happy for you! :) I look forward to read more about your up-coming wedding!

Risse said...

Aw, so cute! Congrats and I hope your wedding goes great. Love the ring! I want a heart shaped diamond now lololol

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Feel really happy for you! you bf actually made a lot of effort in doing this proposal to you. this shows how important are you to him!

祝你们百年好合,早生贵子!! HAHA :P

Maya said...

Congrats QQ! Happy for you as I cried a bit when I read through. I can really feel your happiness!

Can't wait for your ROM!!!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your engagement! :)

Anonymous said...

Was really touched when I read this I even got teary eyed :'))) So happy for you! Congratulations!!! Can't wait for you to blog about your wedding :D

Anonymous said...


You are the chioest on that day, happy girls (or lady lol) are the chioest! Very happy for you!

Love all the way from London.

Anonymous said...

My first posted comment but long time reader from USA :) Congratulations on your proposal and may you have long happy life together with Josh. Josh, u don't need to be shy -- u good looking one -- u should be showcased on Q's blog more often :) I'm very happy for the both of you.

Jessica said...

Congratx Quiqiu! :D

Jessica said...

Congratx Qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

At last we get to see your bf!!!
Congratulations Qiu Qiu :)

Anonymous said...

At last we get to see your bf!!!
Congratulations Qiu Qiu :)

Janice Fan said...

Feel so touched after reading your whole entry!! I can feel how touched and how happy and how grateful and blessed you feel! Congrats! Stay the way you are and +u! Wish you all the best for the future and have lots of healthy babies!! ^_^

XOXO Janice, frm Malaysia.

Janice Fan said...

Feel so touched after reading your whole entry!! I can feel how touched and how happy and how grateful and blessed you feel! Congrats! Stay the way you are and +u! Wish you all the best for the future and have lots of healthy babies!! ^_^

XOXO Janice, frm Malaysia.

Janice Fan said...

superbly happy for you!! *tears* I am touched by everything! Your entry made me almost tear... You are super blessed!!! Congrats!!

taky said...

Wah!! I am so happy for you lah! You're such a beautiful person and so glad you're getting married soon! I also feel like crying already. =_= lol! No wonder this post take so long to post, coz it's SO LONG! OMG!!

And I agree with Anelika, your fiance very cute. Hahaha! Suit you. =D Hahaha!! MUST BE HAPPY OK?! Then again, no need say lah, you're always happy all the time. lol!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! And have blissful marriage <3

Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend is HANDSOME! But you look the BEST! Looking forward for your wedding post and YOUR FUTURE KIDSSS <3 Thank you for sharing your happiness with us :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I cried so happy for you!

Fingers crossed now for you to have perfecr wedding/ROM!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yaaay! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you, and you look so gorgeous and glowing in all your pictures! Nice ring too, ;)


Mikoyukira said...

Congrats Qiu! You very cute leh, whole time thinking about food. But it makes for a damn awesome surprise when the ring came! So happy for you! And we finally get to see your sweetheart/fiance!Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I'm really happy for you...
At the meantime, take a look at this video:

Anonymous said...

OMG, congratulation on your engagement!! I'm so happy and excited for you...

eh, your fiance a bit like 林子善 ya??

You deserve all the happiness in the world!!! <3

Unknown said...

That's so great! That's so you! Everything will be just getting even better I'm sure :) Can't wait for your ROM already! :)
I like the first pic of you alot!
Josh is handsome and very youngish! You look great together!

Alana said...

I am soo happy for you.
Love from Canada :D

Fionism said...

so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



♥ violinistxixi ♥ said...

So happy to read this!!! Happily-ever-after Qiu Qiu+Josh! =DDDD Wish you two all the joy in life! <3<3<3

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu!! :)
Really feeling happy for you and your boyf!!! :D
Your post brought a sweet smile to my face! ^^V
Way to go qiu qiu!
And and CONGRATS!!!!! <3


Anonymous said...

hope u can post the full love story of u and ur bf sometime too..

Anonymous said...

Reading your post, especially the 'thank you' bit made me want to cry too! Congrats and all other happy greetings there can be! :)

Ivy said...

Congrats!! So happy for you. Your bf so handsome & you are so pretty. :D

Anonymous said...

Just a random question, how did he find out your ring size when he was buying the ring?

Anonymous said...

Congrats QiuQiu!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Congratulations (: You're an amazing person and i feel so happy for you (:

Weeju said...

So happy for you! Stay blissful. =)

Weeju said...

So happy for you! Stay blissful!(:

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, your bf okay looking what.. i thought he's old and ugly that's why you never show hahaha wtf. happy for you!

Anonymous said...


One Fat Sheep said...



Love Limzy said...

Congratulations Qiuqiu! It's my first time commenting here and I sincerely wish you the best for a upcoming brand new life! You and Mr.Mystery are made for each other! And can I say you're really pretty, your friends too! Fangirling and super happy for you! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Congrats QQ! I have the same wedding date as you, hope both of our weddings will turn out smoothly :)

Anonymous said...

"And yes, now my boyfriend is no longer a mystery. Get over that and give all the attention back to me, thank you. LOL." -----> THIS IS SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAH!!

But yes, I read your post and I feel so happy for you, which is weird cos I don't even know you! CONGRATS QIU QIU!!! WISH YOU EVERLASTING HAPPINESS! ^^

Anonymous said...

This post is so awesome touching that I feel like tearing! (omg!) Happy wedding QQ! ^__^v

Susan Lolo Bua said...

such a sweet story.. i'm smiling while read your blog, pray for you, hope your wedding party going smoothly and you get sponsor soon.
can't wait to see your wedding gown.
hope you will share with your reader..
God blessings you Qiuqiu.. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey QiuQiu,

Wish you many blessings! SO happy for you! Last longs alrights!

Criss said...

Congrats~!!! <3 I'm so happy to hear this news~ All the best for your future together. <3

charmaigne grace said...

congrats qiuqiu :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations Qiu Qiu ! :) so happy for you :D I wish you eternal happiness with your soon-to-be husband :D :D <3 stay happy and healthy ! Ps. i love how you keep a gratitude book ^_^

Anonymous said...

have an awesome wedding & God bless :)

Anonymous said...

this is all so cute I wish you all the best <3

ahlost said...

Wow.. congratulations QiuQiu.. <3

JustWeddingBells said...

Wow! This is a nice and sweet proposal story.