06 May 2012

QWeekly - Pasar Malam

HELLO! ^.^ How's your week!!! My week has been.. AWESOME MUCH!!! ^.^

I sleep whatever time i want, wake up whatever time my body wakes me, and then laze on bed for as long as i want, and then wake up to snack and do some stuff.

And it's awesome mainly becox i get to see Baby Yurou twice this week!!! =DDD She knows how to clap her hands, say "papa", "mama", "neh neh" (means milk, thought i had to explain) and also knows how to do a click with her tongue and lips if you do it ^.^ Wo hen love ta!!!!!!

At my dad's place. The sunlight looks okay so i couldn't help it. Lol.
Top from Jipaban.

If you're following me on Twitter (@bongqiuqiu) you'd realise that for the whole week, i'm all about Pasar Malam. Tutu Kueh, deep-fried Oreo, corn dog, Ramly burger, smelly tofu and what not. Yup, these are just SOME of the many food i got from the Pasar Malam.

There's a Pasar Malam going on in Punggol. Not sure when it's gonna end but it's been great! Cox this time, they have this stall that sells Soya Beancurd! I am a huge fan of Soya Beancurd!!! =DDD And this one is MAJORLY YUMS!!!!!! It's the soft melty kind like the Lao Ban kind. $1.50 per bowl.

Love. Anyway, i was there and had my camera with me so i thought i'd share some pictures. In case some of you don't know what's a pasar malam, or never been to one cox you stay in rich estates lol, or you simply missed being at one for a long time =D

In case some of you wonder what is deep-fried Oreo, it's this. It's is VERY SUPER YUMS. Nicer than Orea on its own. Somehow after it's deep-fried, it becomes mashy and chewy with the batter.
I also will play at the games stall but Punggolers very enthusiastic and it's always crowded! So i didn't get to play this time but it's okay, i never win at these = /
The fish hooking thing is fun but quite lame one leh i feel. I guess out of ALL the fishes, there could only be 1 grand prize token, or worst, none. Lolol.
Stuff for kids and teenagers. All the phone covers are like 3 for $10.
Somehow when things are set at Pasar Malam, you're not willing to spend that much. Sad but true.
Some nostalgic popsicle thingy.
My favourite drink at the Pasar Malam/ Getai since young!!! Birds nest drink ^.^
Colourful steamed bowl-cake (Ywa-Gou).
RAMLY!!! And all the other sedap snacks. Lol.
Tea eggs omgggg!!! Love! But nothing beats the tea eggs at Eu Yan Sang. I'm not sure if all the outlets have but the one at Sengkang basement has! FREAKING LOVE!
That's all! So at a Pasar Malam, it's all extra sweet and saltish. Lolol. But once in a while, i don't mind all the extra intake of sugar and salt (MSG)! =DDD If you happen to see one, go walk-see ba! =D

Alright that's all! I hope you'd have a great week next! =D I try to focus more on the people and things i love. This week is great but it can definitely be better! I just need to learn how to ignore some people =X Sometimes we all wish people will get our idea when we ignore but not many do actually.

It's really funny when people don't care about me for years, and were less than nice to me before, and then all of a sudden when them or their family wanna start a business, i'd become a person they wanna catch up with. Sigh.. It's like i also don't need them to care about me lah, but can they just TOTALLY DON'T CARE about me? Instead of pretending to care only when they need a favour =(

I'd rather they just come straight to the point instead of bluffing say they wanna catch up with me. Say real one, want to catch up with me cannot follow me on my blog or on Twitter meh? I so jija on both platforms. Lol. Sometimes i wanna tell my friends about what i did they also go "Yes i know, i read it from your blog" lolol. On the other hand, those people who keep asking me out for whatever reasons, always don't know what i blogged/ tweet about one.

After i typed and read the previous paragraph i realise i am super contradicting!!! Lolol. Say if they come with a hidden agenda and fake it as "catch up", i'd be super unhappy. But now i think about it again, if we never keep in touch for years, and they come with a "Hey babe! I need a favour" i also will be super irritated. Lololol. SO WHAT DO I WANT LEH!!!!!

I know. I want my life to be filled with people i'd willingly do things for. That's what i want.


Liz Life said...

Wah, in the first pic, you kind of look like jessica alba. :D

Anonymous said...

The tea eggs at Compasspoint EYS no more le :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of you because you can laze around all day long without having to work/study. All we have are exams. So you should SMILE when you read this. Yes, smile now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of you because you can laze around all day long without having to work/study. All we have are exams. So you should SMILE when you read this. Yes, smile now!

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, since you are so free, you should try to learn this dance!
I'm not a huge fan of KPOP, but this dance is really chanllenging!! Ahh.. the satisfaction you have when you have learnt it. There is super lot of steps and it takes skills to learn. After you have learnt, post a video on YOUTUBE for your readers and fans of BB to watch! Please reply! :)

your fan

QiuQiu said...

Liz K, this is the first. Lolol.

Anon =OOO Sad!!!!

Anon, haha yeah i smiled! Lolol.

Anon, i can't dance for nuts really!!!

Anonymous said...

where exactly is the pasar malam in punggol located??

Anonymous said...

Agree about Eu Yan Sang tea eggs! I'm from Malaysia and the best tea eggs I've ever had were from Eu Yan Sang. Btw Qiuqiu, pls iron your shirt, lol.

Anonymous said...

do a BB pasar malam ep! like normal pasar malam, not the hari raya one

Anonymous said...

Pretty face with horrible dressing sense ;(

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! so interested in the pasar malam ever since i saw your oreo and macn cheese post on twitter! may i know where exactly it is in punggol, and which day is the pasar malam? :):)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the pink dress from. and EYS compass point no more tea leaf eggs=( any idea where has? thanks qiuiqu!

Anonymous said...

The popsicle thingy is damnnn nice! Well at least the ones in Thailand were, but since the 'machine' looks the same... :)

QiuQiu said...

Hello the pasar malam is at COVE LRT.

Anon, hahahahhaah!!! Okay!! Next time i try! Hahaha.

Pink dress is from JB ^.^

Anonymousmich said...

How come Singapore's Pasar Malam seems much awesome than Malaysian ones?

Anonymous said...

when does the punggol pasar malam happen? you make it look so fun! :D Want to make a group outing LOL

Min2 said...

I didn't know there are fried Oreos! I tot fried Mars Bars are sinful enough already. But maybe I will try, haha. Any idea when the pasar malam will be ending?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, really meh!!! i more enjoy night markets in Malaysia!!! Grass is greener on the other side! =D

Adam said...

Pasar malam without the funfair is like prata without the curry.