17 October 2012

EMODA is ❤

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In case you just started to follow my blog, i was sent to Japan earlier this June for the EMODA A/W runway showcase @ touchMe event ^.^ That was the first time i went to Japan. By the way, the super nice pieces you saw on the A/W runway post in June, are released on the EMODA global webstore!

And it was all thanks to EMODA ^.^ I already feel like i am forever bound to EMODA already lol. It's the first Japan fashion label that i get familiarized with and i'm glad although they don't have a physical store in Singapore yet, they have a EMODA global webstore! =DDD

You can go browse the shop and think about how you can mix and match those pieces to come up with something unique for yourself, that will make you look sleek and stand out from a crowd!

Also ah, ever since i got in-touch with the brand, i've found the style "Mode" quite easy to pull off and will look chic and stylish really easily! EMODA is all about the style MODE.

The clothes might look on the range of black and white or just darker colours in general but really more than colours, it's about a style. The style of piecing your outfits together with simple items and come up with a set of outfits that represents you!

You're gonna see some nice clothes on me in a bit haha. But for now, do take note that..

ALL the items i featured below can be found on the EMODA global webstore SALE section! Don't be surprised to find things that is 50% less! It's a great sale for a great brand, go now!

Or later! Haha. Becox you have to see me first ah.

Click on product names for direct link to products

Comes in various colours. Check it out if you're keen! It's perfect for chilly weather even now in Singapore lor! Esepcially when it keeps raining raining raining!

I love loose tops! Cox it doesn't show how flat-chested i am, for one, and it doesn't show how weird my tummy area is hahah. Lol. Both boney and bulgy at the same time o.O It's hard to explain.

And best part is!!! You can wear it to eat buffet!!! Hahaha. Eat all the food also can, wanna hide and dabao (takeaway) the food also can lol. So i especially love this knit top lah lah!

Anyway! Went with Josh to snap outdoor outfit features specially for this post! ^.^ It's good to have a photographer boyfriend lolol. Especially so if you're vain. EXPLOIT ALL THE WAY!!! =X Lolol.

Got like 6 mosquito bites at the shooting location even after spaying repellent =_=" Okay lah, maybe if never spray i will get 20 bites lol. But it was all worth it! Cox i quite like the pictures! =D

I should have chosed size S =O This one is size M. Size S will be perfect!!!

Nevermind, i can always grow some S. Lolol. It's very comfy like this thou!

You know one thing i love about the EMODA clothes, is that they are always of great quality!!!

I think for all the time i survive with wardrobe malfunction with lower-priced clothes, i deserve some time to look really good with good cutting clothes right!!! ^.^ EMODA is an awesome choice.

When i head Japan this month end i wanna buy more EMODA stuff!!! =DDD YES!!! EMODA is sending me to Tokyo this month end again for their showcase at touchMe event ='DDD

Really no wonder they are the one of the top and most popular fashion label in Japan!!! They never slow down one! Keep pushing out new, unique and chic designs and never complacent like this!

Okay more pictures!!!

People tell me sometimes it's better i don't try to caption my pictures, cox if not i'd destroy it lol.

LOVE how comfy the knit top is! And how it falls on the body so nicely ^.^

Alright, if you like this knit top and denim shorts, you can get from the Webstore SALE site!
Low Gauge Striped Top and Cut off just waist Shorts

They sale site quite love one!!! Got accessories, tattoo stockings (all the heat now! Almost 70% of the Japanese girls i noticed are wearing it. EMODA global webstore have if you're keen!

They also have their own fake lashes haha.

For this season, EMODA is working with Miranda Kerr (international supermodel!!!!!) and have her as the EMODA muse model! This EMODA x Miranda Kerr sounds super exciting becox who doesn't wanna look and dress like a supermodel?! =DDD

3 Simple pieces, with intricate details, looking good already!!!

And this what EMODA is spreading i think!!! Just keep it simple, keep it chic, keep it stylish, keep it YOU but still make it look great. And for me, it's important to make it look more expensive than it is.

Haha. Alright, one more of super beautiful Miranda! ^.^

Check out the EMODA Global Webstore for full collection

From the SALE section on the webstore, i got this..
Chic Floral Cocoon Dress
(click on product name for direct link to product ^.^)

Say cocoon is cocoon but it doesn't show my body flaws =X So i LOVE  it! Like i wont usually wear cocoon dresses cox my body is not shapely lah! But this one fits quite well with allowance! =D

You need something simple and girly and comfy like this in your wardrobe. Lolol.

- - - 

EMODA is also focusing a lot on the femininity part, but with a stronger edge to it of course. So if you're looking for something more than a casual knit pullover/ shorts with interesting details etc..

EMODA has outfits in store to match your style too!

You can find this in the SALE section too!!!

So in short i actually picked out all the stuff from their sale section is it?!?! Haha. I think so!!!

Not intentional one!!! This proves that the sale items are all very nice and worth it!!! =DDD

Check out the SALE section for yourself! ^.^ Gotta act fast thou!

Alright! End of my camho shots! Sunlight was good that day, so i couldn't help it, kept asking Josh to snap more pictures of me hahaha. If you're keen to get this maxi dress, direct link is

Okay bye bye!!! Cannot wait to view the latest, newest collection from EMODA at the touchMe event this month end!!! =DDD JAPAN, HERE I COME AGAIN =D Will show you guys the pictures i snap from the runway show okay!!! =D So you know what's hot and cool for the new season.

For real, bye bye!

Some links for your convenience ^.^

Follow EMODA updates on their Facebook Page (updated very often!!!)

EMODA SALE section (on-going SALE happening NOW!!!)


FiSh said...

oh why did u choose M size :) your waistline is too perfect for S or even XS!


Anonymous said...

Super duper gorgeoussssssss!!!!!!!!

Hong Loan said...

All your pictures are so gorgeous.
Your boyfriend sure is a good photographer!

Hong Loan

Anonymous said...

hey where did you go to take those pictures?

Unknown said...

The sun shining creates such a beautiful effect! Emoda has such nice pieces, I def am checking their global store!


Hanna Lei said...

I love the grey dress. You look so pretty! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

Unknown said...

You look so high fashion in the outfit with the red lips! Gorgeous♥

Anonymous said...

You are pretty but you are trying way too hard to pose..it comes off as being ...awkward and highly unattractive where I can't focus on the clothes

hanneebuff said...

The maxi dress looks so nice. just add a jacket and it will be a little casual. it looks like a hanbok btw (hanbok is a native korean dress...)

Anonymous said...

is this place near Potong Pasir? use to be cemetery rite?

Anonymous said...

is this place near potong pasir? used to be a cemetery rite?

QiuQiu said...

Fish, the last time for a high waist leggings i choose S and it was too small! So this time i choose M lol.

Hong Loan, haha yeah he's decent lol.

Anon, it's a cemetry josh brought me.

THT Christina, thank you!!! ^.^

Nayoung, thank you thank you!!!

Anon, oh really? Look at me then. I'm fine with either.

Hanneebuff, Haha yeah a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, I have just started to read your blog 2 months ago and I find that you are very creative and you always put in alot of effort in writing, especially for sponsored posts. I was captivated by your writing style and had read most of your old entries. I am not someone whom like to leave a message but I would like to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog :)


Anonymous said...

Please don't slouch in your photos. It looks kinda... weird. Posing with straight back is ok u know! :P

Anonymous said...

your boobs have disappeared. gonna get more silicon for your wedding?

Anonymous said...

lao jiao bin

Anonymous said...

You need to wear boots with those shorts. Sandals don't go well with the whole outfit ...

Anonymous said...

Cheesie rocks the Emoda fashion better. Maybe ask her for tips?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Nice photos! Love the effects, yet would prefer if you slouch less.

Keeping a straight back gives an air of confidence and make the MODE fashion stand out. From how I see, it is really about confidence, sleek and class.

So, throw back your shoulders, have a straight back! Show the air of elegance in you! Also, makes makes non-existing boobs more existing (from personal experience).

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Leave her alone, POSING EXPERTS. Pics look fine, general effect and mood is there. Who are you guys to tell her how to pose unless proven YOU can do better. All these unsolicitated advice on HOW TO POSE like you are some modelling experts. No blogger in Sg/ My i've seen pose better and put in more effort than bqq when it comes to photo-taking.. Shutup and enjoy the pics, will ya?

michellemy said...

Hey Qiuqiu, you look great in the last set with your hair all pulled back. Sorry, love you but your hair is in super bad condition lah! (Mine too). With your hair pulled back, your features really show up!

Anonymous said...

Why're you posing like a zombie?

Xy said...

I think the anons may probably be the same few people. Jiayou qiu qiu! The fact that they are anonymous means you must just treat them as nameless, non-existent parasites!!!! Who cares about whether you have perfect poses or huge boobs or whatever. Everyone's bound to have lots of stuff about them that are imperfect. I think you look just fine. The blogpost is very very sincerely done up. And we all appreciate it. Thank you! BE HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

I left the first comment and not the rest so no, all the anonymous messages were left by the same person. This is a sponsored post so she is in fact trying to sell the items in one way or another. For this reason alone, we have a right to express our concerns with how she is presenting the items for which is she sponsored. People get sponsored because the companies who sponsor them believe they will assist with the the sales of the items - if they are not representing the items in an (for a lack of a better word) attractive manner, then consumers will not want to purchase the items. No, she does not have to listen to us nor take any of our advice into consideration but nonetheless, we have every right to raise our concerns. One does not improve if they cannot take constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

your posing is so weird .
slouching + nostrils ?...

js said...

Walao all those anonymous teaching qiuqiu how to pose should go and die la. Leave your names la! Keyboard warrior most disgusting!
And since you all so good at giving critics, post your own photos up la, see how good you can be.
No guts then don't talk cock over here.
QIU QIU don't be affected by what they say! Wo men da jia dou hen ai ni <3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

I always like to read your sponsored posts because you always put so much effort into taking nice pictures! I am sure your sponsors really appreciate it! I will check out the Emoda website :)

QiuQiu said...

Agnes, thank you for taking time to leave a msg this time ^.^

xy, nah lah, i get it not everyone like the lazy-posing thing lolol.

Cynthia, thank you =DDD Enjoy shopping!!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

You look like Ziyi Zhang in the photos where you wore the red lipstick and long dress : )

Anonymous said...

The best photos are the ones of you smiling! We love your bubble & cute personality, but it totally doesn't show in most of these pics :(