21 October 2012

QWeekly - Colourful

The last hair colour i had that i major love was this pink-brownish top, dark brown mids and ashy ends gradient (click to see if you're keen). Haha. Yeah, Shio did so much details to the colouring and it turns out so nice until i don't know how exactly to name my hairdo anymore. Haha ^.^

Then next i had this blue-green ashy feather hair. Also is i name it myself one lolol. Samantha wanna call it the winter colour but i'm like meh. Feather sounds much more interesting =D

So the last time i said i would share more about this hair colour but then i got carried away to blog about Taiwan and Tokyo haha. So here it is! ^.^ MY FAVOURITE COLOUR HAIRDO SO FAR!

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As usual, 3 - 4 days before my appointment with Shio i'd neglect my haircare already =X Lolol. These curls are from tying 8 mini braids (4 on each side) by the way! ^.^

Washing + first colouring done.

Second and third colouring.. Shio and Ryo are really quite some artists!!!

POOF! Done! =DDD Left is without flash, right is with flash. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! =DDD Can you notice the colour goes from top down - light brown to mustardy colour to blue + green! ^.^

And then Shio does his magic with the curling =))

Oh hi~ You're my favourite hair colour to date!!! ^.^
With Shio ^.^ Samantha must have said a funny joke. Oh yeah she did. She say Shio smile until very ugly i think. Lol. Which is not funny it's true. Hahaha.

Under sunlight.

Camho time~

 Last camho shot for this post!

If you're keen to try this feathering / gradient hair colouring technique or you wanna try this with other colours, give CLEO Hair and Make a call ba ^.^ Tweet me your picture if you will! I'd love to share it!!! =DDD Also, if it's nice i wanna copy =X Lololol.
Also ah, i think this colour would be fun and appropriate for halloween! So now is the best time to do it! It won't be too outrageous also!

This is indeed my favourite colour. And i've washed it for maybe 10 times since 3rd Oct. And for the longest time it's stayed blue until like 1 week ago it started to turn into ashy green which is also quite love!!! =DDD I'd do this hair colour again if i can!!! =D

But since i'm heading up Tokyo in a week's time for EMODA Spring/Summer fashion show, Shio and Samantha has already thought of a Spring/Summerish colour for me. Haha. She say this blue ash colour might be too cold for S/S. So i don't know what to expect when i go back there in a few days!

But i know it'd be great anyway =DD Trust Shio all the way! Haha ^.^

So leh, i expect my hair to be more and more colourful from now on. Haha. But it won't be the whole head i guess!!! It'd just be a bit of pattern here and there lolol.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page


Anonymous said...

Your hair is really really really super pretty!!!!! love love love what they do for you!!!! the curls are super magic!!!!!!!
and of course you are just getting chioer and chioer by the picsss!!! so poseposepose snapsnapsnap more!!!!!
also super super super super looking forward to your tokyo tripssss!!!!!!!

Nana said...

love this! the next time I go back in Sg, I will try their salon. Too bad, I wasn't able to. Your hair looks so healthy despite being colored several times.

Nana said...

This color looks so pretty! note to self. must head to Cleo the next time I go to Sg. You hair looks so healthy!