28 October 2012

QWeekly - Japan Day 2 ^.^

HELLO~ Hope you're not getting bored of my holiday updates. Lol. Cox there's only gonna be more.

I am currently in Japan and will be heading home Sunday evening ^.^ But here's a QWeekly update from like few weeks back. Then again, got update better than no update lah.

Haha. We are at our day two in Japan ^.^ Thanks to Expedia for arranging this whole trip for us four!

Wendy, Cheesie, Audrey and me ^.^

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Me and my roomate de face shot of the day haha ^.^

My hair ends look at my hair ends! I washed it for like 3 times when i took this picture and it's still very ashy blue =DDD The hotel housekeeping staff confirm damn hate me and Wendy one. When we wash hair, one towel is soak with pink dye and one towel is soak with blue dye lolol.

Day two at a Hokkaido fair that Cheesie brought us to ay Yoyogi park =DDD Really super good to travel Japan with Cheesie cox she's like a half Japanese already lolol. Or maybe 80% Japanese.

AWwww. A pony!!! For the kids to ride on. There's another black pony but it doesn't look as cute so.

White corn that Cheesie tweeted about before!!! She say it's white and sweet and can be eaten raw! So Wendy is like WANT. Lolol. And Cheesie is like "Season's over already maybe don't have" Wendy is like DON'T CARE WILL HAVE ONE. Really have wor! She damn good with corn-manipulation. Lolol. It's the last of the season, the store owner told us.

I also get to try! =D It kinda taste like sugarcane to me!!! Yeah, raw corn. Weird right! But quite yummy lah! =D A bit of like a sugarcane + milk.


Lots and lots of grilled fresh fruits, meat, vegetables etc.

Pork bun and meat skewer ^.^ Cute hor!!!

Cheesie with Hokkaido snowcrab legs (is it?) larger than her face!

Went to Q for this famous hami melon thing =DDD Hokkaido melon should be good right! Also bought a 700 yen sliced melon, that was GREAT. But when you eat it with the ice cream the melon become less sweet cox the ice cream is sweet. So just buy it without ice cream =D

Then we went to some seats at the back. Wendy looking happy with the melon ^.^

Turns out it's a concert going on! =DDD Free concert by the park! Quite romantic haha.

Basking in the ambience with good food and nice friends and clapping and grooving with the Japanese. Haha. I feel like a Japanese too O.O

Then we continue with round two of food. They decided to Q for this grilled sea urchin =S

It was REALLY hot there. Cox of the grill. And we Q for maybe 30 - 45 minutes. So gotta snap a pic for memory lolol. Every other store has Q thou. And you don't really feel like buying food from the stores without Q so.. Lolol. You Q. Anyway~ I ordered grilled abalone from this store =D

Then Wendy became the food holder while all of us snap pictures of it.

Nice sunlight shall never be wasted. Lolol.

My kneecaps really went crazy during the trip. I got the small bruise in Taipei. Then i get the big one next day. Then when we got to Japan, on the first night i bought this kneecap brightening peeling gel thing. I used it on the same night and it really PEELS my skin at the kneecap omg. You can see some of the peels. Lolol. Who ask my kneecaps to be so black and fatty = /

While Audrey and Wendy go grab more food.. Cheesie and i camho lol.



After food we head for Shibuya 109.

One artistic shot ^.^

Don't know Audrey is intentionally act chio with the look-far expression one or not. Lolol.

Becox she did the "I am so frail and pretty" face in this shot again lololol.

Some event happening outside 109.

Pretty Japanese models. Yeah, i didn't bother to photoshop them *sour grape face* lolol.

Didn't snap pictures at 109 but i bought this placenta thing will share more on my last post! Where i show all my buys from Japan ^.^ 109 got a lot of things to look and see and touch one lor. You just have to see it for yourself!

Freshness burger for dinner!!! This spam and egg burger was so good i dabao another one for supper.

And then we head for Harajuku to do some quick shopping. The girls got stuck at this shoe shop for the longest time haha. Really quite chio one lah their shoes. Cost like SGD $30 - 35 typically.

And then we head for fruits shopping!!!!!!!! =DDDDD I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO TRY THEIR FAMOUS MELON since Wendy and Cheesie blogged about it on their last Japan trip together! So although most of them wanna go for the 900 yen melon i insisted on the premium one like a spoilt and inconsiderate person =X But it was SO GOOD.. So!!! I am not that sorry anymore! Lolol.

"No regrets, just love" lolol. One lifetime really must try once.

Didn't get to go up the skytree even after we got there already =( Cox tickets all sold out. But nevermind! Still can snap picture with it.

Is this shot award-winning calibre.

And then we went for Yakiniku. Which is like BBQ meat! They all went to heaven and back, heaven and back. By the way, in this picture, it's all cow tongues.

I was encouraged to try some beef. And i did. And i pass it back on to Wendy lolol.

Also got some pork stomach thing.

THIS. IS MY ULTIMATE LOVEEEE!!!! Cheesie de bf really very nice lor! Erm, becox he ordered eggs. Lolol. This steam egg is really the nicest i had!!! It's fluffy inside one!!! And soooo juicyyyy!!

Strawberries with condensed milk for dessert ^.^ So nice. I wanna do it myself the next time! Oh and when this dessert came, all four of us snapped pictures of it to put on instagram and Cheesie, Wendy and mine all quite nice lah. Audrey one....... I guess maybe she's more talented in other stuff? LOL.

And then we head back to the hotel for FRUITS OH FRUITS.

Wendy and i went shopping at our hotel (Keio Plaza hotel) the convenience store before that and the convenience store is SO big one. Got lotsa shopping also. Like Disney and Hello Kitty stuff. We bought some cheese. And turns out it goes quite well with our fruits!!! =DDD

Oh the green muscat were sooooo sweet!!!! The melon no need to say lah, sweet until cannot. And then the champagne grapes were okay to me but Cheesie say she love.

And then Audrey started to drench herself and her elbows with melon juice.

And then Cheesie was eating with facial mask on face.

And then i was squatting on the floor to eat, like Golum they say. Lolol.

And then Wendy say she's the most dignified fruit-eater and then her grape or melon slipped onto her pajamas. All of us eat the fruits like this.

(picture omitted cox too ugly)

It was the nicest and SWEETEST night i had. Hahaha.

And then when it was time for Wendy and i to nua on bed before sleep time, i confirm will hear something like this..


"Stop it please!! Omgggg"


=_=" Her and all the cats she follow on instagram.


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Especially when you say maybe Audrey talented in other stuff and what Xiaxue do before she sleep!!!

Unknown said...

Is it just me or are fruits so much cuter in Japan? Actually cancel fruits...everything looks so freaking cute! So jealous Qiuqiu, I want to go to Japan now!

Anonymous said...

your skirt looked so naiceee! where did you get it frommm??(:

ar.girl♥ said...

the photo of japanese models outside the shibuya 109, the most left model, walao ey, don't you think she looks like audrey??? :D

so pretty your photos :)

Zeng said...

What a nice trip! You have enjoyed it very much 8D
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Those models are so pretty! My blog

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you look older than cheesie already!

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You are so funny! Hahaha, LOVE YOUR HAIR! IT IS SO CHIO! :D

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just love reading your posts!!!! Thank you for being so hardworking!!! :)