30 October 2012

Japan Day 3 - Hello Kitty land ❤

YELLO~~~ =DDD Third day in Japan thanks to Expedia, we gonna head Sanrio Puroland!!!

Went to look for some food at the Shinjuku subway station ^.^ My super awesome travel partners left to right, Audrey, Cheesie and Wendy ^.^

Decided to eat at a.. Rice shop? O.O

The shop quite crowded so we had to sit in twos and me and Audrey had this divider between us =/

And then this two happy only.

I'm like "Come we also can!" *stretch neck*

Okay lah later got seats so we change and can have a proper one ^.^


Quite nice my rice with chicken and eggs!!! =D Plus later Audrey and Cheesie both donate their eggs yolks to me again *grateful face* hahahah.

At the station we see some doggy shelter fund-raising event. This doggy super cute one. Initially give him toy still pretend like don't wanna play. Actually super want to play one.

I never touch it cox i feel it'd be very dui bu qi Tiffany and Drago cox i 10 days no see them ma!

"Gimmie gimmie gimmie!" ^.^

On the way to Sanrio Land! ^.^ A nice passenger help us take one. Me and Audrey were like "Wendy, now you know how we felt just now!" Hahaha. Kena divided by stuff.

Cheesie and i ^.^ Next time i know already, snap picture with her i run 1 metre behind her. Stupid woman face so small still don't go in front a bit more.

HAHAHAHAHA. Someone commented on this picture and say "Aud one out" indeed.

Walking in. See who is like a boss. Wendy de walking posture is correct lah but facial expression fail. Cheesie look too happy to be the boss. Look at Audrey de confident face. HAHA. JIU SHI TA LE. Hahaha "I might have bad luck but i am still gonna enjoy Hello Kitty land" No, next scene after this picture is taken she never trip and fall, usually in movies, someone like her will. Lololol.

Oh hello me~

DENG DENG DENG~!!! Sanrio Puroland~!!!!!! =DDD


Below are pictures of the four of us at the entrance ah. You will notice like a gold line across all the pictures, take that as a marking to see the differences in our heights okay.
Audrey missing the gold line by a bit.

Wendy just touching the gold line.

Cheesie went pass the gold line and hit the green lines!!!!

Take that, bitches. LOLOL. Angle lah angle. But i really look like super giant beside them 3!!!

Already bent my knees until cannot still taller than mascot. Lolol. Taller than mascot = no rights to act cute, i feel. Lolol. Maybe the mascot feel "吃到这么大个人还 act cute!" lol.

Their version of a "mama shop" T.T Need to so cute or not.

Leopard preens My Melody! It's like my favourite soft toy design spotted out of all the shops!

She asked.

Cashier counters also cute ^.^

And then we went to sit down at the Wisdom Tree stage to wait for the show to start! Me and Audrey =DDD

Me and Wendy ^.^

The Sugarbunnies Kurousa and Shirosa!

NIAO NIAO YOU REMEMBER OUR FIRST AND MOST FAVOURITE SOFT TOY?!?!?! XIAO YAYA!!! Hahaha! =DDD This one is my sister and me de first soft toy!!! We love it so much we ask for our mum to sew it back together cox it keeps breaking and tearing up O.O And everyday we use our hands and pretend it is fish, meat, vege and rice and we feed it. Haha =))

The performers are really cute too!

After show we went to the toilet and were pleasantly surprised cox didn't expect it to be so nice!

Wendy and her fluffy kitty bag ^.^ Erm... And me and my fake My Melody purse? =X

I thought Cheesie de getup suits the village background behind her haha.


Vain girls gotta do what they gotta do.

One of Audrey~

Awww really love this picture of them in some candy shop =DDD

Then we went for Hello Kitty exhibition! ^.^ I wasn't really keen initially and wanted to go to the shops to buy more tidbits but since they all go i go lah! No regrets! Saw lotsa super cute Kitty stuff!

Some of the stuff on display. What i'm showing you is just maybe 3% of everything there!

And island filled with Hello Kitty in different get up =)) This is really cute!
Cheesie looking cute with one of the painting ^.^

One of me with Charmmy ^.^

One of my favourite series of paintings in the exhibition! ^.^

They went to queue again for picture with Charmmy Kitty cox they are so crazy over it!

Wendy and Charmmy Kitty ^.^

Went to JewelPet shop! =D The shop looks very blinged up haha.

They have these machines where you can snap, add sticker, decorate it or something and then scan it into your phone! But we don't have Japanese phone so i snap with camera lah!

Watching the parade! Little Twin Stars!!! ^.^ Is it just me or they are really too tall. Like the legs kena pulled and don't look so cute anymore. No joke. Lololol.

End of the parade the mascots and performers all super nice!!! They shake everyone's hands and wave bye bye all the way back in!

Princess KITTY =OOO This one is her exit. She made her entrance on a swing hanging in mid-air!

After the show, it's snack time!!! =DDD Look at these!!! QUTO?!?!?

Hello Kitty red-tea donuts!!!

White chocolate donuts!!! ^.^

My donut and my headpiece de bow is matchy one.

Cheesie and Wendy looking super cute ^.^ I really like this picture leh!!!

Cheesie's Hello Kitty macaron =D

Audrey's pudding in My Melody cup that she can keep!

Us. My camera need to so loyal or not, only focus on me. Haha.

Really almost almost almost jiu buy this bag!!!!!! =OOOO It's is soooo nice!!!!! $64 i think. In the end i never buy cox i figured maybe it looks nice only cox i dress up in matching colours that day.

Somebody put Wendy back on the shelf. She dress up until so puffy and fluffy she looks like she belongs with those merchandise haha.


A happy Audrey hahaha ^.^

And that's all for Sanrio Puroland =))

It is really a must-go for kids and girls!!!! =DDD

If you're thinking of travelling to Japan, book your hotel and airfare with Expedia lah!

Last 5 days for their $1 daily draw!!! Yeah you stand a chance to have your travel booking fee reduced to $1 only!!! One winner will be picked a day so good luck to you!!! =DDD

Bye Bye! Will update again soon ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

I love the first photo you look so pretty! My blog

Carlyn said...

I had not heard of Sanrio Puroland before you mentioned it. But now I want to go! I think it's great you get to go to many amazing places and that you get to do it with your friends.

Clee said...

über cute! It's like a dream, to see all these Pictures. Even I never went to this place, I am happy, I can see all these wonderful pictures. I am also an huge Hello Kitty Fan! :) And the Charmmy Kitty, where you all standing next to...awww totally super cute! :) Thank you for taking all the pictures and sharing them! :D

Angelicjin said...

You make me wanna go Sanrio Puroland/Japan NOW NOW NOW!!!

cheesie said...

awwwww. it's sad i'll never look as pretty as me.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looking extremely extremely pretty in every single pixxx!!!!
Super nice posts! happy place!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looking extremely extremely pretty in every single pixxx!!!!
Super nice posts! happy place!!!!

ALikeAnita said...

you looks all so cute

Elise Mooijman said...

Seeing all that pink and cute stuff makes me so happy! I love reading your and the other girls blogs!


HitomiNeko said...

OMGISH! love all the photos! u made me super want the pastel leopard melody! so DARN CUTE!! soooo wanna go to HK land too! T_T

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Lynn Chan said...

SO pretty ! And all those pinky things ! <3 <3 <3
my blog : hiilovemybabyboy-deffohawt.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

o my gosh where did cheesie and aud get those cute hats!? @_@ so much want!

Anonymous said...

At every photo in this post I'm just like *_____* shiny eyes. Dream destination for sure...

Anonymous said...

you aRe cuuuute ~~~ <3 even with that model height ;)

Rose said...

This is better than Disney land LOL