25 November 2012

QWeekly - Behind the Scene for Wedding Photoshoot ^.^


Hope your week's been fine!!!

I was feeling a bit emo right, but now i am all good already!!!

MooMoo is feeling better and is eating again and is a lot more energetic. I was just feeling really sad that he's been at the shelter for two years already. Gentle Paws is one of the best shelter for doggies already, so i am happy if MooMoo is not home, he's there but still..

I once heard from someone that every dog is waiting for a home and every dog will have a home suited for him/ her. I guess now our hearts are where MooMoo really belong.

UNTIL he can stay together with his loved ones! =D But i am thankful the people at the shelter are now trying to help to make him eat a bit more and even try to feed him medicine. It's easy to feed doggy medicine but not for Mr Grumpy Moo =X Haha.

So leh, the past few days is bring MooMoo to vet with the help of Josh, to and fro shelter, dogsit Truff Truff and next week gotta bring MooMoo back to follow up see if his blood palettes count become normal again X^.^X

Very very thankful for Josh and his big heart and patience about this =')

And happy that my sister (MooMoo de mum lolol) and nephew and family is very understanding and concerned about this also! I believe together we can make things good.


You guys! For some of you, prom is coming right?! My hair sponsor does hair-styling for prom night also one so you can really consider becox they have been styling my hair perfect for quite some time now! I'd show you more! But for now, this is what we did in preparation for, and during my wedding photoshoot =DDD

Hairstyling by Sio, Cleo Hair Make
Gowns from Labelle Couture

Before the photoshoot, i went down to let Sio trial the hairstyles we gonna do.

My ultimate favourite ^.^ Braids with soft loose curls. It's not too over the top and will be great to match with your prom night dresses without looking auntie-ish ^.^

Sio added deep pink to my hair ^.^ Love it!!! Got Xmas-y the feel not?!

They are having a promotion for bleach + colouring! $250 onwards! Their hair dye is from Japan and it won't harm your hair and is super duper lasting! Been almost 4 weeks, the pink is still very pink and blue still very blue =DDD You should really try =D Holiday season calls for crazy hair!

And then~! Finally it's the photoshoot day =D Josh is the photographer and groom. Lolol. FHL. And he did the whole setup and all. My fiance talented ma? *blush* Lololol. Gross.

I shaded fake cleavage for this set =X After that kena scolded by Josh cox he say now it looks like a bad photoshop work in pictures. Will meh?! I thought looks quite busty!!! Lolol.

But after that in pictures really is one square boob, one round boob. Sigh.

I asked for vintage hairdo for this set ^.^ Thought Sio did a pretty decent job!!! =DDD

Samantha and Sio, who stayed with me two full days through the photoshoot =))) Thank you!!!

One of the very beautiful hand bouquet Josh got from his friend, Vivien, for our photoshoot ^.^ No unnecessary ribbons and wrappers haha. Just the kind i'd prefer!

Really quite love their bouquets cox it's simple and clean and pleasing to the eyes! You might wanna consider them if you wanna get flowers for special occasion for your loved ones ^.^ You can call / text Vivien (Flower Society @ 8138 2127) if you're keen! =D

Next look. LOVE the big curls Sio did for me!! BUT In the end i forgot my tiara =(( I left it at home.

BUT!!!!! Sio made one tiara for me with fresh flowers!!!!!!! He must be a genius!!!!! And you can spot Josh in part of his suit and fixing the backdrop. Really hen ke lian =X Hahaha.

❤ ❤ ❤
Michelle came to help out also ^.^

One with Sio and Sam =) I esepcially LOVE this feather corset gown!!! Thanks to Labelle Couture!!! They have many many more beautiful designs!!! If you're a bride-to-be, you really have to check Labelle Couture's website out! =D

Hair super pretty. Gotta take one more haha.
Preparing for next look.

Next look done. LOVE the natural braidband Sio did! =D And yuppedie, one more pretty gown from Labelle Couture. I can't show you the full outfit now but i will, on the day of the wedding!!! =DD

Lai, xiao yi ge =D Haha.

Me and Michie. Awww we look so cute here hahah.

AND THEN! We try on wigs that is manufactured by owner of Cleo!!! Just for fun haha.

Michelle also kaypoh wanna try.

#asiandolls #asiangirls #livedolls #wigs #cosplay #disgustinghashtags
^.^ ^.^

Another one of the setup Josh did =D

Sio de part-time job. Lolol. He's very good at it!!! Haha he even can hiam how other people throw.

After lunch, we continue! =D

Last look ^.^

Over the past four months, Cleo have did much wonder to my hair. And thou i am really lazy and never maintain much for my own hair =X They never once fail to make me look extra pretty when i step out of the salon!!! With or without makeup, i always look better walking out of there.

And really.. Don't anyhow let people tie your hair up into like a 40 yro auntie de dinner and dance hairstyle =X Last time i see my schoolmates de prom hair really is..... Lolol. Not say mine any better but it doesn't look old at least! I just tie a simple backcomb pony tail haha. Better than gu-zang gu-zang, chun li and spikey-braids i swear.

So if you're looking for a chioness-guaranteed hair salon for your prom / event, according to me, you have to visit Cleo Hair Make!!!

Especially if it's for Prom night or for your company annual Dinner and Dance, you definitely wanna look great. So here are the promotion packages for their hairstyling / makeup services!

Down Style (Curls / Straight hair) - $60
Down Style + Make Up - $120

Up Style (Braids / Pin-up etc) - $$100
Up Style + Make Up - $150

All will be done by Japanese ^.^ So you can be rest-assured. Haha.

Don't be confused what is up style / down style. Very simple lor, up style is those that needs to be pinned up or bunned up or tied up, like the ones you see i did for my wedding photoshoot (except the big curls with flower tiara).

Down style even simpler, just curls / straight hair that needs no tying / bunning / braiding / pinning haha. Just your own hair but curled / hot ironed nicely in place.

Some examples for the down styles i've did at Cleo Hair Make.

Top three and bottom left are all up-style. Bottom right is just soft curls, so down style =D

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

And special thanks to Labelle Couture for loaning these beautiful gowns to me for photoshoot PLUS custom-making two other outfits for my actual day ^.^ They have been very patient and helpful and VERY professional!!! One look at what i'm wearing, my designer Almond will just quietly pin pin pin, and the next fitting i go to, everything will be perfect already haha. Awesome.

Saves me a lot of time!!! And they also made a really nice suit for Josh!!!

I can't wait to show you guys all the pictures on 9th December!!! =DDD

Some of you have been asking me for wedding invites @.@ I just think it'd be a bit weird cox all my family members and Josh de family members will be there so it's just a very small and cozy family and close associates gathering lah. You all can enjoy the pictures online and feel my happiness lolol.

Also as the date draw nearer, i more and more appreciate what my wedding-planner do. REALLY is no time for me to look into details one. She is the one helping me tie up loose ends and making sure everything is in order and reminding me again and again about things i have to take note of.

Thank you, Clarice from Eternally Yours =)

Next to look forward to, MY HEN'S NIGHT =DDD

It's happening on 30th November omg so soon.


Ciekawska Magdalena said...

Fantasctic ;)\I lIke it.


Your hair is always always always so gorgeous

Getting my hair done by Sio is one of my to dos when I visit Singapore *-*

Anonymous said...

ni hen prettyyyyyyy leh <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu!!! Your hair super niceeeeee!!! and you're such a pretty bride to be!!omg I loveeee love love love love the big curls one!!! it's super chio! like one side pink and one side blue! omg damn pretty! please pardon my incoherent typing cos when I saw the photo i was like omg damn damn chio! this is my favourite hairdo!! the natural braidband and the last look are nice as well :D

ops i think i commented too much D:. Just wanted to express my happiness for you!!! Hope you'll stay happy!!

Ellie said...

your first dress.... *0* absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

The other time you said you will do a video on the questions readers gave for your wedding, haha when are you showing to us?? :) Im looking forward to it!!

Tysh said...

omg those dresses!

namigoori said...

Waaah you all so talented :D Must be really exciting to work with your fiance as well! And you look super pretty ^-^

Next time I'm in Singapore I'm heading straight to Cleo for a haircut ^-^

Icygirl said...

Rarebits's dresses look very sheer :< I wanna buy dresses but please sell non-sheer dresses thxxx <3

Icygirl said...

Rarebits's dresses look very sheer :< I wanna buy dresses but please sell non-sheer dresses thxxx <3

tester said...

first time visiting your blog ^^ really enjoy it ;) and looking forward to your photo outcomes! ^^

Anonymous said...

omg qiuqiu when i saw your post that that they do hair for prom and at cheaper rates i felt so happy!!!!!!! i wanted to do my hair there but i thought it would be too expensive )): hehehehe i feel so excited now!!! just wanna say i love love love all your posts about cleo hair and make cause it makes me feel so happy and it makes me feel like going there XDDD btw YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! ps if i spelled it wrongly ><

Unknown said...

Wow gorgeous gowns! Very nice hair styles too! I usually do the same thing every day, just straight down- but you always do new stuff it's very nice.

Anonymous said...

Dont want to sound like a stalker but your friend mich looks even prettier in person! i saw her at the jrunway event ;DDD

Anonymous said...

omg really nice leh!! im in love with all your bridal hair omg!! >< when i get married i will ask sio to do my hair also!! but still long la, my boyfriend no want to marry me :(

Angelicjin said...

Hen piao liang a qiuqiu~~~ Love all the hair style and gowns. Aiiyyyyeeeerrr~~~ why so pretty! <3

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair looks amazing My Blog

Anonymous said...

The first look (the vintage style) looks the best in my opinion.

LL said...

what a lovely shoot! you'll be a stunning bride.

Dolly said...

All the hair styles are gorgeous on you! Your stylist is amaaazing!

Anonymous said...

hi QQ,
I just called Cleo Hair and enquired about their package.
For Up style + makeup, they quoted $100 and $120 respectively. Meaning $220 total.
Is the promo pkg price you stated in your blog valid still?
Cos thats a lot of difference in price.
Please advise, thanks much!


suetyi said...

love all of the looks!!! make sure there is a video for us readers to watch! and you look like cheesie with the wig and mouth open. cheesie always does that hahaha look alike!!

Anonymous said...

Is the make-up full make-up or point make-up?? cos the full make-up costs $120 and down style costs $60 also so total will be $180! I cant believe its $60 off? but the point makeup is $60 so the total would be $120 instead... which is exactly the same price as the promotion so its as good as no promotion i asked on their fb page alr but i was wondering if you could clarify.

Unknown said...

You are sooooo beautiful <3 congratulations again. <3<3<3<3<3 can't wait to see more of the photos!

CLEO hair and make said...

Hi Anonymous 1 and 2,
Please mention that the package is read from Qiuqiu's blog and also note that it is a prom special, so it is only for students attending their prom.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Your dresses & hairstlyes looks really beautiful. Sometime ago i was researching on hair salons and found your blog. Really glad I saw your recommendation on Cleo hair & make. I decided to go ahead and try it, appointment already made lol! And wow, my wedding date is on the same day as you, such a coincidence! Hee.

Anonymous said...

The dress you wore with the wig is so ethereal, you look whimsical! So pretty

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! although the one with u in the fake hair looks a bit like cheesie !! twins :)