17 November 2012

QWeekly - Jappening

Whatsup!!! I also miss my weekly update.
What did you guys do this week! I can't remember what i did so NEXT~! Hahaha.

By the way, Jappening is not a typo error! Haha i made that up ^.^ It means Japan-Happening.

This post is filled with stuff related to Japan! Japanese fashion, Japanese hair salon.

Update about my hair colour. My hair has so many colour points now that i can't keep up with blogging and sharing about it ^.^

One irrelevant picture i took one day before heading out haha. Hai, really is "HEADing" out. My forehead is soooo massive lolol.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
With Sio and Ai ^.^ I asked Sio for a Spring/ Summerish colour and he say okay leave it to him and although i've always been disappointed when hairstylists from before, telling me things like that, or "Surprise", i learnt that i can 100% trust Sio with my hair!!!

From brown, to the crazy orange *vomit* colour.. Somehow.. It became..

Tadang done! I call it the "True Ash with Apricot, Blue and Green points that can only be done by a Japanese hairstylist call Sio" Lolol.
One with him before he rush to attend to other heads. Lol.
Be warned.. Lotsa camho shots becox i REALLY love this ash tone!!!

Under white light ^.^
So there you go! Something for people who want to have interesting hair colour but don't wanna be too outrageous haha. Give them a call!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

- - - - - - - -

BIG BIG BIG Thank You to those who left me a comment on the previous post about the meet-up session!!! The response was A LOT better than i expected!!! O.O So thank you again!!!

So here's the details!!!

* * * 6pm - Fashion show starts at JRunway * * *

Cheesie and i will be walking on the runway =O I hope i don't trip on myself. The second last time i walk on the runway, i tripped on the staircase cox i step on my own dress and i got stuck there for 30 seconds, it was embarrassing, the awkward silence. But everyone clapped for me when i finally could move and since i was the last model i took a bow like a boss. Lolol. When it was supposed to be the designer who take the bow but hey, i took it anyway lolol.

Then there was the last time i was on the runway as guest appearance with Wendy, Cheesie and Ben for Harajuku Street Style, i DON'T KNOW WHY i wasn't even feeling nervous but the left side of my face just twitch twitch twitch non-stop on stage =.=" Sigh.

So honestly, am i psyched about asking you guys to come watch me strut on the runway? I am not so sure. BUT HEY HEY! There will be really cute Japanese models (male and female! cox JRunway sells apparels for both genders!) two of which, you can see on the poster above.

THE PART, that i am MOST excited about is the FREE MAKEUP and HAIRDO COUNTER!!!

* * * 6.30pm - Shop, Doll Up, Take Pictures * * *

For everyone!!!

EVERYONE, ANYONE can come and use the makeup / hairdo counter FOR FREE! You can use all the Japanese makeup for free, and doll up yourself and do your hair lah ^.^ All for free one.

Help yourselves!!!

We can shop together, doll up ourselves at the free makeup and hairdo counters and then snap lotsa pictures!!! =DDD

If possible i also can help some of you do simple makeup / hair lah haha thou i'm not an expert! I'd try my best! Omg can't wait to shop ALL the different Japanese fashion labels there at JRunway!

So please come! This is not limited to any number of people! =D You can all come to enjoy the fashion show, shop, doll up and snap pictures! =D I'd be there so yes can take picture together =D

The 20 people joining me for dinner are already selected by Nuffnang through Twitter retweeting mechanism and they will each get $30 CASH voucher to shop at JRunway too!!! ^.^

DONT WORRY, there are additional 30 X $30 cash vouchers for my readers! First come first serve so be there early and look out for the Nuffies, they will be there to give out the vouchers! 6pm fashion show start so you can be there earlier to Q for the vouchers maybe?

* * * 8pm - Dinner  * * *

Right after the show me and the selected 20 pax will head Funan for a super nice dinner at Pizza Hut ^.^ I've seen the menu they drew out for us, it's AWESOME. Super awesome!!! I can't wait! =D

So see you guys at JRunway! I drop by for their opening and am quite impressed by it!

Nami San and i ^.^ She worked REALLY SUPER hard on this project and it turned out her efforts were all paid off cox the shop is looking great! =D

One with Chigira San ^.^
A part of the shop. When you walk inside somemore, you'd be spoilt for choice with their range of Japanese makeup, accessories etc.

With Chigira San and Miki San ^.^

Some of the funky accessories. The diamante studded skull clutch i'm holding is quite cute leh!

AND DENG DENG DENG. EMODA IS IN DA HOUSE YO!!!!!! Three shelves plus another rack full of EMODA stuff!!! =DDD Trying to act composed but actually i'm like..

YAY! Hahaha. And there are many many other Japanese brands in JRunway!

So YEAH! See you on the 21st okay?! =DDD

Sorry there's only 20 people going for dinner with me and total of 50 X $30 Cash vouchers cox i really didn't expect so many will be keen to come join me for a day out! O.O

I thought most of you will be shy lah but no wor you all quite enthu haha ^.^ Thank you lah.

But still come lah, we can shop and play with makeup together and camho ^.^

And maybe i might trip and fall on the runway so you can come have a good laugh lolol.

Alright, see you

21st Novemeber (Wednesday)
6pm - 8pm
JRunway @ Plaza Singapura new extension


Hanna Lei said...

I really like the colors in your hair My Blog

obat kanker payudara said...

QiuQiu nice to meet u,,,

Ayu Adiras said...

i love your first photo, soooo pretty <3 btw what fake eyelashes brand that you use on the first pic? it look so nice :O

kisses from indonesia,

Juliana Woon said...

I really like your hair! <3 It's so gorgeouss!


Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, just a gentle reminder that you have a typo at the end of the post :) it's november instead of novemeber haha

Genny said...

Love the hair :)

QiuQiu said...

Diraz, i'm using lash from Japan, from Donquiyote shop one! Like 5 pairs for $8 SGD.

Zoe said...

qiuqiu!! for the runway, there is no limit for the people who are attending? what if the place is super crowded on that date? not everyone can enter the shop (make up place) already in that case right???

Zoe said...

What happen to your singtel plan(saw from your twitter)? If its really their fault, you can go to CASE to lodge a complaint. I did that to starhub when they asked me to pay penalty when its their connection and service problem. In the end after handing them the letter from CASE, they dropped the whole case. Its unfair for us to pay and they sort of forcing me to pay when its not my fault... *blood boils*

QiuQiu said...

Zoe, i think everyone can go in one leh. Or at least can see the fashion show confirm cox the hsop is pretty open concept! =D

Anonymous said...

super love the new hair color!!!! really gorgeous!!!!!!!
have tonz and tonz of fun on the 21st November,2012. Sounds super duper fun!!!!! free makeup and all!!!!

Tammy said...

Super wanna go meet you and cheesie but it's gonna be damn crowded... I don't have those energy anymore like those enthu Xiaomeimeis who can go early to queue lolol. Hope you'll have fun that day!! Doubt I can even squeeze into the store lmao

Anonymous said...

I like ur shoes! Where did u get it?

Irene Chan said...

Don't fall down Qiu Qiu!! Jiayou jiayou!!

Sherry said...

qiu qiu , u look so pretyy. I'm coming to your event this saturday :D Hope to get a chance to take photo with you :D

Joey Peh said...

I love the items they have at JRunway too! The first time I saw the shop I nearly dropped my pants! Not literally of coz. Haha...

And lovinggggg the new hair color too! :) I may wanna do that too!

Tysh said...

you remember me the Japanese now xD

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness qiuqiu i like this dress with collar and checks you wore too! Can you tell me where you get them? i like so many of the clothes you wear! and your hair is love here!!!! :)