23 November 2012

Would you, please? =D

Saw the below picture on Gentle Paws' Facebook page and thought i'd share with you guys. If you could help, please do!

I'm buying 10 copies. Not sure what i'm gonna do with it thou haha.

But it's an initiative from Gentle Paws, a shelter that takes care of about 40 (+/-) rescued / abandoned doggies.

Christmas is nearing, in a month's time to be exact! I will do a flea before that and donate the proceeds to Gentle Paws but if you could now, they'd be happy to receive for the doggies!

To a shelter that does not have sponsors, donation and warm-hearted volunteers are the only few resources they have. And they are always worried about not having enough reserve fund in cases when and if the doggies fall sick.. Not enough for food. For rental etc. So yup!!!

"Will you buy the Gentle Paws 2013 Calendar and help make the year ahead a better one for the furkids?"

Pretty please?

Each copy is going at $10.

Just drop them an email at farmwaylove@gmail.com with your order(s) and the GPF humans will get right back to you."

I thank you in advance!!!

I mean, if you work in the office or if you have a study desk, you can definitely use a calendar right.

Haha. Thank you and i hope good things happen to you.

And right after my wedding i will plan the charity flea!!!

If everybody do their part within their ability to, before each and every doggy at the shelter find THE house that can give them family love.. At least they are kept warm and fed well at the shelter =)

Thank you. You will make the doggies at Gentle Paws very happy.


Unknown said...

You have a big heart ♥

Kiyo said...

Gosh... you are just so amazing >_<
Pretty inside and out! Going to get myself a calendar too!! :)

Irene Chan said...

High five fellow dog lover!! :'DDDDD

Genny said...

Will buy a copy, the shelter is really packed i tired calling earlier this year cause i found a very sweet stray, sadly no space:( hopefully they will get enough funding to expend the shelter :) thank you for spreading the word qiu qui and jiayou for your wedding!

Genny said...
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