16 January 2013

2013 Resolution

So.. 15 days into the first month of 2013.

How have you guys been? I'm having a flu right now and the flu pill from Japan (S$23 for 20 pills i think) is working out damn good for me. So as i write this, i should be feeling better and better ^.^

Last year i did a 2012 resolution list.

Most of the things came through in one way or another. In short, most of the things happened ^.^ I AM SUPER THANKFUL! =DDD

So i shall do up a 2013 list! And then we'd do a check point in 2013 June okay. To see if i achieved anything i want to that i think i can.

1) Have clear complexion
I need i need i need to have clear complexion!!! And this simply means i have to follow through with my skincare regime and not give up every 2 - 3 weeks lol. Jiayou, Qiuting. Just slap those essence on babeh. Lolol. You know what, i have a good idea. How about.. I buy a bucket.. Then i pour all the skincare inside. And then i just dip my face in. And then done deal lolol.

2) Adjust stuff on my face =X

3) Open a shop / Start something new

4) Have rarebits open to overseas customers ^.^ Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, The Philippines, Indonesia, USA, no problem babeh!!! =DDD And keep rarebits running good and strong! =D

5) Countries and places to visit in 2013 : Malacca, Bangkok, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and one more new place that i've never visit preferably! =D

6) Send my parents overseas for holiday

7) Save a good sum to get something neat in 2014 =D

Alright! That's about all i could think of for now!

You all see ah! Help me keep track also haha ^.^

Okay bye bye! Damn it i am not feeling better yet. Usually the flu pills from Japan work like instant magic. I guess i just need some rest! Gonna go shower now now now! And shampoo SIGHHHH...



angela said...

Virus everywhere and i'm having flu too... have a speedy recovery qiuting! :)

Nickita Francisca Dias said...

get well soonnn :))...following you...kisses


Anonymous said...

Shipping to Canada? :)

Kyura said...

Take care and have more rest! Many people have been falling ill in the past few weeks, including myself who has just returned from a trip to Bangkok a few days ago (really sucks to be sick while on holiday -fever, migraine, cold and a very very bad cough - but the AWESOME shopping made up for it. That said, you absolutely have to go there this year for your resolution #5 - plenty of girly flowery stuff that you'd like).

As for your resolution #1, I read somewhere that using a Konjac sponge for daily cleansing is very good for the skin so maybe you can google more about it and see if you would like to try that out. It's really affordable, one costs something like SGD$1.50-4 on g-market (qoo10).

Anyway, good luck with all of your resolutions, hope you'd get to carry all of them out!

Wing said...

I hope you recover from your flu soon QiuQiu! It sucks being sick! Anyway, Good luck on your resolutions, lol I hope you get all of them fulfilled by the end of the year! =) And omg, I hope rarebits becomes open to the U.S! I love a lot of the stuff that's on rarebits, but because I live in the U.S. I can't buy any of it! So lets cross our fingers that rarebits becomes available oversees! =)


Anonymous said...

pleaseinclude new zealand too! wana buy stuffs off rarebits :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Except, the first picture that had you and the green background is kind of an eye sore. But, I like your blog, just had to throw in some critical analysis in there.

lilicap said...

Hopefully rarebits will be open to australia soon I really want to get some pieces :)

Hanna Lei said...

So many people have the flu. I'm sorry you got sick. My Blog

yanni said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! I'm not too sure what skin care products are you using now. But if your face breaks out constantly and is very sensitive, I would highly recommend Avene! I'm using it now and it's very gentle to the skin. Do find out the different products at Avene's website and check out reviews on Make Up Alley before buying though! (:

I've recently tried out Mario Badescu's products. (had to ship them from USA) I love their healing cream. My face used to have scars and redness but after using it for weeks it starts to decrease.

You can go check those out! Hope it helps! (:

iameunicegm said...

hope to see no.4 coming real soon. =D

mishberries said...

If you ever drop by Malacca and you need a lift or tour, do let me know! I solemnly promise that I am not a stalker or anyone dangerous =P

Angelus said...

Take care dear, I'm down too. Bad weather recently. Drink more water!



QiuQiu said...

Angela, thank you!!! ^.^

Nick, thanksss~!!!


Kyura, oh no.. PLease get well soon! I'm all good now!

Wing, thank you!!! And yesss US too!!!


Holy shit guys, i don't even know i have readers from these places! Haha.

Lilicap, yes okay autralia definitely!

Yanni, it's not say constant break out, it's more like yellowish and not transluscent haha.

Missberries, haha i like to walk around!!! Maybe can meet at Jonker street!

Angelus, yeah thank you ^.^

Abigail said...

Malacca definitely a nice place for you! especially food! remember to visit Jonker( available Friday Saturday and Sunday night)have fun!

Jovis said...

it's flu season now and dont we all hate it?! i know i do! lol.. *blows nose

Kate said...

Dont forget us in England for Rarebits! :D x

DianeJx said...

YAY! I'm from Brunei! Super love those outfits you've chosen! Can't wait for shipping overseas! :D get well soon x!

Unknown said...

Definitely come to Hong Kong :) would love to meet you! Also ship to Hong Kong! Hehe

Hani said...

You should open it for Mexico too!!

chienyee said...

hey did xiaxue removed her blog ?