03 January 2013

Wedding Day Part 2 ❤

09 . 12 . 12
I think it's one of the day i'm really really super major happy haha. I mean i'm happy on most days but this is one of those days i can't describe adequately how happy i am exactly.

This is continuation from my first and second wedding post. You can scroll earlier to see if you'd like. Time for the first march-in and solemnization to commence!

Solemnization emcee Wendy welcoming me and my dad ^.^ She very multi-task. Solemnization emcee, recept, touch-up my makeup all she bao gah liao. Thank you Wendy! And on the left you can spot Gillian. She came in a green floral dress that day. I think it's worth mentioning. Lol.
My dad bringing in the prettiest bride in the world (that day, at that very second at least) lolol. Bouquet from Assemble Happinest and gown from LaBelle Couture =))
Girls in pretty floral dresses to suit the theme =)))
Dad passing me to Josh.. Erm.. "Not my problem anymore~ Good luck" Lolol.
I'm like "YAY NEW OWNER!" Lolol.
Me arm-qio trying to stifle my laughter becox the JP keep pronouncing my name as Ang Cui Ting (Ang Chiew Ting then correct). Like i damn cui. But ming ming i feel i damn pretty that day. Lol.
Josh saying "I do" ^.^ Okay, thank you! =D
Josh saying his vows. We both had personal vows lah. Becox i really don't like the usual one cox got mention things like sickness and poor. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND RICH ONE. Lolol.
Josh damn competitive. I wrote my vows to be 300 over words, he say it's too long and a vow should be like a tweet not like a blogpost. So i reduced it to 178 words. End up his super duper long!
Say until i cry T.T The video didn't turn out as what we wanted and the mix tape only recorded like 15 seconds of the whole procedure so it didn't get to record anything near our vows. So you guys can only guess what we said. Maybe his speech is something like "I was forced" Lolol.
Nah lah his vows were really touching and it mean a lot to me =')) Thank you, Darling =)
Very long.. Lol.
He decided that he like it. Lolol. So he put a ring on it.
I'm choped!!! Next available date to book me maybe like next life time. Lolol.
Blowing my nose cox cry until cannot lolol.
Me saying my 178 words vows. Eh eh eh, don't say what, 178 (一起吧) is very meaningful okay. It means from now on, everything also we go through together. 我很诗情画意是呗. Lolol.
I chope ^.^
Ta dang~ =D
❤ ❤ ❤ "You may now kiss the bride" ❤ ❤ ❤

Erm.. Please spot my sister Niao Niao.. She's crying so badly until i don't know she's happy or sad lol.
Haha Josh hardly smile until so happy lol.

With my dad and Josh's second sis =))
Eh.. Husband and wife with the JP.
My parents ^.^
And my family! =D
Tea ceremony.
With mei po Michelle haha.

$.$ Lolol. Kidding. Haha.
And then it's bouquet-throwing time lol. All the single ladies were asked to gather ah, see who gets the bouquet, who will get married / attached next!!!
I can see Huiwen on her mark. Lololol.
In the end Gem got it. JUST NICE AH!!! =DDD Omg love this picture cox everyone look so happy and are all smiling soooo happily!!! Even ice-queen Sophie's laughing lolol.
Lai lai lai, who's keen in my gf. Very good catch ah. WTF WTF WTF, spot Sophie still laughing!!! =OOO My wedding day is a day of miracle. First, Gillian came in floral dress, then Sophie cried at our solemnization. Then Sophie laugh for two-frame long. Lolol.
Me and Gem ^.^


Some contacts for you if you're a bride-to-be!

Florist / Decor designer - Assemble Happinest

Wedding favour (Chocolates) - Chocoelf

Hairdo of Josh and i - Cleo Hair Make

Wedding Planner services - Eternally Yours

Instant-Print photobooth - Hello Forever

Wedding gowns / Josh's suit - LaBelle Couture

Bridemaids Dresses + Wedges - Love Bonito

Event Photography - Moments by Edmund

Dessert bar and Candy station - Mr and Mrs

Wedding Live Band - Sparkle Live Music

Makeup of me + Bridesmaids - YSL
Visit YSL Flagship store @ Orchard ION #01-25

Very thankful for everything good that happen in this wedding. Very thankful for this wedding =)

Second short gown from LaBelle Couture is love.. So love it sparkles one! =D
❤ to be continued


Anonymous said...

Gillian is very beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Gillian is very beautiful!!

Carlyn said...

What a beautiful wedding. I am glad that you had so much joy that day.

Ishah said...

You were a very lovely bride and I felt so happy seeing your happiness! Wishing you lots of love and luck in the next year and beyond :D

Anonymous said...

I've never commented on your posts before so let me be the first one to comment on this very special post : Congratulations, QiuQiu! You look stunning (as you already know). I love reading your blog and watching Budget Barbie. It's very inspiring how far you have come in life (read about your background in 2010's Urban magazine and also in your earlier blog posts). Well done :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! looking lovely :)

Brenda said...

Yay QiuQiu! You're so gorgeous! The veil is so pretty la. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve happiness :D By the end of your post I had tears down my face wahhhhh

Sarah said...

you look gorgeous~ such a pretty smile! congrats!

- sarah -

Anonymous said...

super super super love this posts!
you look really gorgeous!!!!!
and its touching to see all the picsssssss like if i were there, sure tear oneeeee hehehe
i wish that your wedding posts can last forever! coz its really niceee! :)

kerker said...

Such a beautiful wedding. Congratulations QiuQiu! So pretty.

] said...

Congrats qiu :') Very happy for you and Josh :')

Misery said...

That's so cute, you look awesome just like a bride who doesn't know what to say coz she's soooo lucky :) Congrats to you and your hubs!

Rebeca Brown said...



Also, entire time I kept thinking: How are you so tall when your family all short!!

Lingxuan (Grace) said...

You look so pretty on your wedding day! Hope u and Josh can last long long. And dun bring yourself down. I am pretty sure a lot of other guys would like u as their wife given how down to earth and positive u are! :D Josh is a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

You got to where you are now because you've maintained such a positive attitude. May this energy spread to those around you ~ if it hasn't already ;)

fan of your life

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu! Congratulations! :) it's a beautiful wedding! Wish you happiness forever!

bananaboat said...

Congratulations on your wedding! Wish you all the best for the start of your new life :)
Weddings are always so touching. I always cry when they read out the vows but I can imagine how touching it must have been with personlized vows. It's no wonder everyone cried.
Thank you for sharing with us your special day.

-An avid reader :D

Anonymous said...

Super love your cheekbones!! Will you be going on honeymoon?

Anonymous said...

hope this isn't too personal... why aren't Josh's parents pictured?

congrats on your new life! not sure how it's going to change but a new role to play now :)

Kristel said...

Your husband is a lucky guy! You are gorgeous O__O dang <3 Wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

josh sis looks eurasian :o

Sinderella said...

Congratulations! A sweet and beautiful wedding. The photos do capture the emotions

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu..

Where did u get ur wedding band from?