22 April 2013

Eat-See Bitsie Korea Part 1

Annyeoung! =D

Second day after surgery i feel all better so we went out in the evening to walk see a bit ^.^

Snap a picture with this building cox it looks really nice when i saw it in real life haha. But then in picture it doesn't look so nice anymore. How's my $3.70 huge scarf?! =D Bought it on my first day in Korea ^.^

One thing i love love love about Korea is how cheap their strawberries are =OOO Like REALLY cheap compared to in Singapore =(  Singapore is maybe minimum $6 plus? And mostly sour one. And if you buy the Korea Strawberries in Singapore, it's usually $11+ and above.

1000 won is about $1.10 SGD.

You see lah! As cheap as $3+ for one box of strawberries!!! =OOO And the more premium ones are $6+ =OOO I don't know if it's possible to get any side-effects from eating too much strawberries but we have A LOT of strawberries! A lot. Hahaha. Singaporean
With the one and only friend who can take care of me like that ='))) Thank you ah Michelle Thian.
And with the best husband Josh becox i only have one husband. LOL. He really took good care of me also! Suo yi wo jue wo hen lucky during the whole trip =D Except when his laptop crash *ANGRY*
Hot sweet potato selling on the roadside..
Mich ki siao again lol.
Went into a random eatery and i asked for fried rice and then i ask for extra egg and the auntie told me off hahaha. Not in the mean way lah. Just saying the fried rice already have 3 eggs mixed in and that i shouldn't eat so many eggs in one day. Hahaha. Auntie obviously don't know i am 鸡蛋狂. Lol.
Me and Josh ^.^ My furry cap nice not ^.^ Bought it for $2 or something.
Korea's version of ramen. It's just instant noodle but they add eggs and cheese to it it's awesome becox i love instant noodles O.O
A simple fish cake soup. Their fish cake is of a flat piece. Different from our sliced from chunks one.
My egg fried rice with ketchup and lotsa seaweed. Their seaweed very nice cox got mix with seasoning powder one haha. But it's actually just salt lah i think.
Went on a socks spree with Mich and Monkey haha. It's about $1+ - $2+ a pair for the cuter ones ^.^
Bomb biscuit O.O It's like chocolate coated biscuits, and then when you buy it, the dude will crack it with some kind of hammer thing for you haha. The guy won't have anger issues i think. Anytime angry just hammer these biscuits after that will feel better one becox they smell so sweet. Haha. We bought one to share ^.^ The chocolate one. It's kinda like pocky in a different form.
Mich met her boyfriend, i don't know what's his name but Mich calls him "My Baby Kim". She very erxin. Ahahaha. Ren jia de lian bi ni xiao, how can be your bf =X Hahaha.
After some shopping ay Dongdaemon, we went for Lotte fast food. Meh =X
Back to the hotel room we have our own STRAWBERRY AND FRIED CHICKEN PARTY!!!!!!! It was awesome. These pointy sharp strawberries are soooooooo sweet and big and juicy! Two layers of them, we finished everything + other snacks that i didn't care enough to snap pictures of becox i am only interested in the strawberries and the fried chicken. Lol.
Small chicken wings are the best. Becox they just taste better and have less meat to chew on. Not sure if you feel the same as me. But i really lost interest in big chunks of chicken meat =X That's why i still love 4fingers becox they use really small chicken =D Hawker center / coffeeshop de chicken wings are all really huge i don't love! Oh and, the fries are awesome good. Even when cold it taste great. Of course it taste best when it's hot lah. But you know they say, good food taste good even when cold. Lol. Last time the manager at the restaurant i worked at tell me one. And i agree!
Next day ^.^ Lobby of Ritz Carlton hotel ^.^ They have a girl in traditional Korean costume most of the time! ^.^ And i swear i was smiling in all the pictures =( But cannot tell cox face swollen lolol.
Went to looksee around the hotel de morning market ^.^
Mich and i ^.^
Went to Itaewon for lunch. One of the tastier meals we had in Korea. It's located in a very very not obvious corner of a small alley. Haha. I WAS THE ONE WHO SPOTTED IT. Haha. Everyone was happy becox everyone's food were good!
I love kimchi.
ROARRRRR!!! MY FOOD!! My favourite spam and egg and seasoned seaweed all on one plate!!!!!!
Mich's pork. Very nice also. Josh and Monkey both ordered beef soup in a pot thing and they both LOVED it but i don't wanna snap a picture of their food cox it's all like.. Brown/ Black looking? Lol.
Josh snapped this from the outside.
Mich and Monkey.
And then we went to Ehwa Uni area ^.^ Hop inside this random cafe cox we were feeling too cold. Great choice!!! Cox the cakes are all very nice ^.^ Especially chestnut cake you see on the right.
I snap this picture of Josh's coffee cox i think.. It's very art. Haha.
Mich going crazy over sugared fruits. Haha. Noobshit. I already tried it when i went to KL last time!
Sugared strawberries and grapes. I didn't eat it cox the crystalised sugar will prick my tongue lol.
Went back to around the hotel to rest and then head out for dinner at this cute place call Kanival.
The fries was so good. I love all battered fries!!!
Fiery drumlets. Didn't eat them cox Josh say they are very nice but is a bit too spicy.
Kimchi risotto!!! =D This was nice but they sprinkled too much chili flakes on top! So i had to eat around it! Haha.

Okay lah! A lot more pictures of food and Mich than myself cox i can't smile very well lolol. Overall i think Korea is really really good for shopping for cosmetics and skincare products!!!

Their clothes are quite cheap too but by cheap i mean $10 SGD (dresses/ cardi) - $40 SGD (for very nice ones). And then i bought all the $5 - $6 ones!!! Haha. Mostly basics like plain tee shirt, sweater, knit wear, simple cardigan and leggings!! Oh oh oh, i bought this pair of floral leggings (despite Mich begging me not to lolol) in bright yellow and blue omg i major love it!!! $5 only!!!

Next time show you all lah okay! I mostly bought makeup and skincare and maskssssssss. But i couldn't take pictures of the loots cox there were too much =X I spent another $100 USD to buy an extra baggage for our flight home =X So when i got home, the night itself i already started packing like what to give to who, so the next day i went on to deliver them. BECOX if i don't do it, i can't walk around my beauty room at all. That is how much i bought. Lolol.


Thanks to DocDoc.com for this medical tourism experience! Sorry guys i can't be of much help in answering your questions on what and how much becox DocDoc was the one who took care of my whole trip, from flight to hotel to the clinic and doctor for my surgeries, they were the ones who gave me advice and suggestions so i can't be giving you suggestions cox i don't know also ah! Lolol. Different doctors have different practices and different clinics charge differently! So if you wanna know more about medical tourism in South Korea, consult DocDoc or visit THIS PAGE =D


Anonymous said...

How can you eat so much and be so skinny? T_T'''''' I want also XD

KIM said...

Was the auntie just cook shin ramyeon(instant udon)
It's very cheap since it's made in China. It sells at price below 1 S$/ about Rp 5000 at Carrefour ID.

Our instant noodle stales in Indo also sell indomie + cheese + egg, sometimes you can add milk to make the broth taste richer.


vann said...

where is the nice cafe with the nice cakes!

cynthia said...

Thank you, for de-mystifying plastic surgery and for your honesty. The results look great so far!

French Fries Monster said...

OMG the french fries all look so nice to eat!

Anonymous said...

the strawberries are considered expensive already cos it's in seoul! usually in other parts of korea, you can get one big box (like twice that size) for about 4000won. :)

ahlost said...

Looking at your food pics made me super hungry... I bet u miss the weather there..

Amanda said...

where to get the candied strawberries in kl?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where can get all the cheap n nice cloths that u mentioned?? cant wait for my oct korea trip already after see all the pic u took... :)