21 April 2013

QWeekly - I have too little hands.

On the cover of this week's QWeekly - Rachell (pxdkitty)! =DDD Click on pic to browse blogazine ah! I really spend one whole week to do every issue please don't waste it lolol.
Some behind the scene. Rach is super easy to shoot lah! Every shot also look good i think cox her face super small =O Josh and i ate all the macarons Rach brought to the shoot for me hahaha. It's pink and shimmery one, thank you ah!!! ^.^ Please bake more often and come for more shoots =X LOL.
This one really werking it. Got wind in the hair some more. Browse QWeekly now to see the results!

Love the pictures for her cover becox i put on really light eye makeup for her hahah. Almost like nothing. Compared to her usual makeup it.. Really is like nothing. Hahaha. She's not used to it but i think she look pretty!!! What do you think!!! =DDD I think she look Koreanish with lesser eyeliner! Strange thou cox the Koreans are into thick eyeliner haha.

I know quite a lot of you were asking HOW and asking me to show the step by step or the making of, especially for the makeover part. Not say i don't want. It's really no time =( Unless i have a personal assistant who can help me snap pictures if not i really cannot leh sorry! Actually when i go for all the QWeekly photoshoot so far, i also got put makeup one. Or at least light makeup lah.

But nobody take pictures of me ='( Lololol. I think cox Josh assume i doing backend work so he can't be bothered to snap pictures of me lolol. So. You see. I don't even have people to snap pictures of me and also no time to snap pictures of myself, how to have hands to snap pictures for the makeover.

Like you see ah, one day we shoot 4 girls for makeover and before them, we shoot me for cover. So once i am done with me, i have to do makeup for girl 1 and then Shio will do her hair, while i do makeup for girl 2, so on and so forth. And then if i have any spare time, i'd be looking out for the photo-shooting part. Josh knows more or less what i want so it's much easier but still no time no hands no eyes to snap more pictures while i am doing makeup for the girls. So i am sorry ah!

In any case the way i apply makeup for them, is very similar to applying makeup for myself hahaha. Except i don't extend their eyeliner as long as i do for myself, nor do i make their eyes as droopey as mine =X Hahaha. So maybe i'd just do a makeup tutorial video on my blog soon lah okay! =D

OKAY OR NOT!!! Okay then please 让我听到你们的叫声 lololol. Okay don't play dee.

Go browse QWeekly now now now! =DDD This week on NAIL IT! DIY nail art section we have a pastel leopard prints tutorial and wo hen love it!!!!! Please go check it out ^.^


Alice said...

All your make-over are super pro! Both Rachell's and Sarah's! Two thumbs up!

Love Jam said...

Nice! But you forgot to put a QWeekly link at your sidebar or horizontal bar. Makes it easier to access the blogMag next time.

Love Jam said...

Nice! But you forgot to put a QWeekly link at your sidebar or horizontal bar. Makes it easier to access the blogMag next time.