07 April 2013

QWeekly - Making it work

This week QWeekly blogazine issue features Sophie on the coverpage! Click to see! There's also a GIVEAWAY again and a very interesting OO7D feature =D

Hello!!! How have your week been ah?! =DDD Mine was awesome. I share with you what i did okay.

I COOED OVER DASH DASH A LOT. That's about it.

Haha. Dash Dash really is make a lot a lot of faces and expression one!!! I would loveee to say more but i also really wanna read Wendy's blogpost on Dash Dash first =))) Like i feel like.. I need that excitement also hahaha. Afterall i am also one of her loyal readers O.O Hahaha.

And then i also spent a lot of time trying to bling up the accessories and whatnot for giveaway soon. And also i created some headpiece and accessories ^.^ And learnt in the process that it's actually quite easy and that using a pair of pliers doesn't sound as intimidating to me now as compared to before.

It's actually really handy and easy to work around with. Haha. I will probably make more accessories. I don't know, for fun, for gifts to my friends and family. It's fun and easy, and it'd turn out unique so.

And Punggol is having pasar malam (at Meridian LRT) now ah. Every other day i'd go for the thai food. Quite yums!!! And most importantly, damn cheap and damn a lot. Hahaha. Like the tom yum fried rice is one person cannot finish one!

So leh, you know i've been working on QWeekly right. It's been very very very VERY enjoyable and fun and you might not believe it but i look forward to photoshopping other people more than myself!!! And i look forward to dressing them up more than on myself.

Having said that, i still LOVE to doll myself up a lot (on some days lol) but doing QWeekly has been very refreshing for me. I mean.. I can't be seeing my face my face my face every single minute, right.

I lied. I can. I LOVE TO LOOK AT MY OWN FACE. Sometimes, i just switch on photobooth on Mac, and then i switch it to video mode and let it run while i work on the computer =XXX

And then later i'd play it back and look at myself O.O

HAHAHAHA. It sounds like i am a little bit sick.

I also really really love to record myself singing O.O Okay i think we have quite enough of me. Lol.

How about i give you Sophie!!!!!
She is the cover girl this week ^.^ And that's josh photographing her haha.

Did mermaid curls for her and she look awesome with it ^.^
After the shoot, she shamelessly lie on the couch in the studio and started doing ANTM poses hahahaha. Thank you Soph for helping me out this time!!! =DDD
With Agnes, the girl for makeover this week =DDD But it was all done last week lah so please bear with my repeating outfit haha. Agnes look like Raine Yang hor!
Starting on her makeup~~
Defug actually.. This angle see a bit look like me hahaha. Especially the forehead part, look a bit like my old forehead. Anyway~~ After Agnes is made over, she look like Jolin Tsai O.O

You have to see it for yourself! Go to QWeekly site now! =D There's lotsa stuff there lah, giveaway, covergirl story, OO7D from a very fashionable fashion blogger and also MAKEOVER results! =D

Alright! I leave you here! I need to go sleep. Been very obsessed about QWeekly stuff lately. If i'm not at the bed, i am at the computer. So whenever there's time to sneak off to go see baby, Baby Yurou or Baby Dash both also can lah haha, i'd be very happy. I also really enjoy photoshoot time! =D

I guess i'd just have to make it work ^.^ It's all looking good so far!!!


Mami Aisyah said...

QQ, is this your latest look after the surgery? your curl looks awesome :D

Debz said...

Hi qiuting!

I love your blue top! Where did you get it?


Susan Lolo Bua said...

where we can watching ut video singing?

i have reading Qweekly blog, i wish one day you could make ove me, make me look cute,...hehee

love u QQ

Anonymous said...

Hi can i check do you know any nice and affordable hotels in singapore in a pretty good location? regards from malaysia :-)

Anonymous said...

Sophie's hairstyle on the cover looks like Princess Leia.

Angie-La said...

You should record your makeovers and upload them. It would be really interesting to watch!

Angie-La said...

You should record the makeovers and upload them. I'd love to watch them!

Vicky said...

Nice Photoshoot

hyaralee said...

I love this entire blogazine idea! :D You should edit/make your own magazine! I'd totally buy! Haha. :)