05 April 2013

Hen's Night Part 3 ❤

Me and Mich looking cute ^.^

Erm.. The Hen's Night happened in late November. So i am sorry, you can choose to keep reading or not hahaha. But i strongly suggest you to. Since you're already here.

Didn't photoshop my face at all in this entire post. Just thought at least i can remember how i used to look. Haha. Also not say ugly until where, just wanna remember only. Thou the more i look at how i used to look, the more i am super duper thankful that i had surgery done. Freaking face need to be so jagged or not. Lolol.

Hen's Night Part 1 and Part 2 are linked up if you're keen =DDD

So after Niao Niao left for work, Huiwen left to go home and see Truff, Wendy went home to continue sleeping hahaha (she quite pregnant then already) and Sophie went back with everyone cox only left me and Zhen and Gem and Mich to stay for the night liao. Lol.

We waited up til 4am and then ordered McDee breakfast =DDD It made me soooo happy cox it's like a perfect ending to the day haha ^.^ And then we sleep and then Gem woke up early to go to some event.

So Mich and Zhen and i gone a bit crazy with the flowers and camhoring. Lolol. All the bouquets are sponsored by Assemble Happinest. They also did a very good job for my wedding if you remember!

And if you find the hotel room extra super pretty with the floral wallpaper etc.. It's thanks to The Sultan Hotel =DDD They have lotsa cozy rooms with different themes, all very pretty!

Mich at the photowall ^.^  Pretty decoration set up with chio lights done done up by Assemble Happinest too! And the pretty pastel helium balloons are from Partie Boutique
This Zhen need to be so kiasu not. Must hold until two bouquets. Lolol.
Me acting cute. Lol.
And one more.
And then Zz whip out her rilakkuma polaroids. Lol.
This is my favourite ^.^ Although this Zz don't know why so AA go and snatch limelight by wearing the floral headpiece Assemble Happinest made haha AND stand in the middle *stare* Lolol.
Us when we were 16 and us now. Almost turning 26 O.O
Me with the pretty huge bouquet Assemble Happinest made for me =D Thank you!!!!

And below are all the camho shots we snapped hahaha. Really very boh liao one!

My face was seriously uneven all through out hahah.
Poor Mich and Zhen have to smell my hair hahahaha. Then they were like..
"很臭!!!!!!!!" Lololol.
Okay lah like this see quite chio. Blur blur like that. Lolol. Nose also look quite small haha.
Beautiful things that day =))
Mich camhoring with the balloons. So gross she was in BLACK to a pastel / floral theme party =_="
Us and the balloons~
And then i somehow have the idea to make a hoodie / helmet thingy out of all the flowers hahah.
And make them join me hahaha. And then more camho begins~~~

Poor Mich again. Hahahahaha. This time she don't dare come so close liao. Hahaha.

Yup.. We did have quite a lot of time on hand that day hahah.
Happy faces =)) Thank you guys!!!

Thanks to Niao Niao, Wendy, Huiwen, Sophie, Mich, Zhen and Gem for making that day memorable for me =))) I have never organised anyone's hen's night before but they for sure set a high standard hahaha. When my gfs get married i will have a hard time planning a Hen's Night for them cox don't know how to make it more comfortable than this one!

We had like massage, manicure, sweet yummy dessert and nice dinner!!! =D

Happy just thinking about it again.

And it's like it didn't happen too long ago. Wendy was like halfway through the pregnancy then. In the blink of an eye Dash Dash come out liao ='))) Sigh~ It's so good that everyone around me is doing great in their life.

I mean like have you seen people, who are really sad and they only attract sad people and sad happenings into their life. I've seen lah. I also don't know why they so sway. It's like they cannot get out of the cycle like that. Feeling sad, do sad things, meet sad people, get into more sad drama. Lol.

By sad i don't mean sad-sad you know. I mean like just very very bad luck or is very whiney and angry and unbalanced in general. When i hear their stories or look at them.. I'm just like..


Alright. I leave you here. Stay happy! =D Or go eat some chocolates and feel better!

I would love to end the post with this picture.. Cox i think i look really happy in there =)))

But this is classic gold. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Mich ki dang liao. Lololol.


Susan Lolo Bua said...

no matter how you try to posing like what, u still cute.. dan cantik sangat!

i love reading u blog cuz i can feel happy too, dont know why.

Anonymous said...

helloo can i know where did u get ur falsies from this entry from? thanks