01 May 2013

Great fantastic results ❤ (Nose Job / Fat-Grafting Part 3)

This is probably the first post you'd see my face much more settled in pictures haha.

Read Part One of my Nose Job / Fat-Grafting - Before surgery pictures, consultation and stating where and what i want to fix!

Read Part Two - Day to Day recovery before stitches removal, and pre-empt you of the bruising and recovery notes ^.^

To keep you reading til the end.. Here's a reminder that the contest to win $5000 CASH PRIZE that DocDoc.com is sponsoring is still on!!!

Contest is open to my readers WORLDWIDE.

If you wanna do something, or if you have a friend or a loved one who have an issue with their health / body / face / teeth / back / eyes (lasik) just wanna go for hair removal hahah, this cash prize, i believe, can help you a lot =) I hope someone special will win it =D So think of what bothers you most as you read through the post. Contest details is at the end of this post!

For now see the last part of the 3-part video first! =D

Of my recovery, stitch removal and final consultation with my doctor, Dr Lee Seok June from REGEN Medical Group Korea.

Thank you, to DocDoc.com.. Now that i am sharing the last post for this journey.. I realise that i didn't grow to be less thankful to them. Like you know when you get used to having something, you just tend to take it for granted. In fact i grow more and more thankful each day to DocDoc for giving me this chance to do something for my face to make myself feel even better =D

I think also cox everyday i recover, i look better hahaha. So i feel more thankful that it happened.

And i am very happy that DocDoc is sponsoring the $5000 cash for my readers becox everyone will stand a chance to have something so big and meaningful happen to them lor. Opportunities like these don't come often. And i'm just happy that at least there's one shot here for my readers also lah =)

Cox most of you all have been very encouraging on instagram and on my blog =') Thank you ah. Of course there are also people who just wanna pull me down lah but..

If there's one thing i've learnt from this whole episode of doing things to my face..

I'd say it's to believe in myself.

Try doing something major to your face, something that is HUGE in your life.. Something that means a lot to you. And then have people telling you everyday that you're making a mistake.. That you look bad and ugly after the surgery.. That you look like so-and-so (all happens so, are people you dislike lolol) and that you are rotten and insecured inside, that's why you need to fix your face etc etc..

Try going through all that and have to go through recovery at the same time.

And sometimes they make you doubt yourself and feel self-conscious about how the people around you think about you. Like one anonymous dude online ask me how does Josh feel to wake up to his wife looking like a different person. Crazy. Josh went through the whole thing with me how can he be shocked. Lol. He see the gradually change and difference from the recovery what.

Shock also everyday shock a bit only cox i everyday become a bit more chioer, a bit more chioer lolol. Kidding lah i don't wanna self-praise too much. All the credit of me looking better goes to DocDoc.com and REGEN Medical Group Korea. Haha. They made it happen for me, i feel like i am just dazing through a beautiful dream.

So before i start showing you the Before and After pictures and pictures of my day to day recovery after removal of stitches.. I just wanna say.. Keep your spirits up, if you're thinking of doing plastic surgery. It is actually a very easy process, more so if you choose to keep it within yourself and your circle of friends and family, especially before the surgery.

On how to handle people who keep telling you that you don't need this, you sholdn't do it, you'd regret it etc etc. All you have to remember is.. Number 1, they are not doctors. Number 2, they are not you and they don't face your face and body in the mirror everyday, several times a day. Number 3, you do whatever makes you feel better as long as you KNOW THE LIMIT. I mean if you're starting to look like a tight overfilled wax face with constant glaring eyes then you probably might wanna consider stopping for a while lah =X

Just.. Have better sense of judgement lolol.

But all i'm saying is.. Believe in yourself. That you can do it.That you CAN do it! That you can recover well and that you will look better than before. I think that is the crucial point.

The results might not turn out to be 100% of what you had in mind but you must understand that the doctors have tens of years of experience in the field and they should know better what suits you best and will make you look best. So give and take a little, so long as it's chioer than before, i think you're doing good already =D Alright! Picture time =DDD Omg i very happy when drafting this post.

Cox all the photos no need to photoshop!!! Only need to pull colour to some of it hahah =DDD

Plastic surgery saves me a lot of time spent on photoshopping, that's for sure.

After removal of stitches
(Day 7 after surgery)
*Please note that my nose is still very swollen and will continue to deswell until about at least 3 months after surgery, AND will only settle into its final form in 6 months.
Before surgery and Day 7 after surgery, removal of stitches. You can notice my facial contour line has smoothen out from the filling of my own fats. Temple and under-zygoma filled to make zygoma less obvious. Laugh lines filled, chin filled to shape for a sharper chin. AND!!! BEST PART, MY FOREHEAD!!!!!!!!! NO LONGER CAN SEE UNEVEN SUNKEN LINES!!!! =DDDDD
You can see the nostrils size difference more obviously after the surgery even though i didn't do anything to my alars this time. The big and small alars and the alar scar are from my surgery in Thailand earlier haha =X It looks more obvious after my current surgery cox the nose is still swollen.
Just look at those jaws and cheeks that is filled!!!!! FAT-GRAFTING IS AWESOME IS MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNGER AND FULLER AND CUTER!!!!! =DDD
Goodbye forever (for at least 3 years i mean lolol) stupid sunken forehead lines. I'll never miss you!
You can note that there's no more hump on my nose bridge ^.^ And the nose bridge has become higher, tip also higher and more defined! =DDD
Softer facial contouring so i don't look so manly anymore =DDD
The fat-grafting will make the face look swollen and will settle in about 2 weeks from the surgery. So when these pictures are taken i am still quite swollen one. But it is definitely better than this...
A bit like a man tyring to act cute with pink polka dot bow and all hahaha. Then the cheekbone and zygoma soooo obvious and forehead soooo bumpy!!! Just too manly and tired looking!
Alright! Last one of the before / after side by side ^.^ I am sure you get it already. Hahaha.
After removal of stitches, we head off to eat!!! Hop into a random chinese restuarant cox we have been having too much Korean food haha. Josh photobombing me.
Us four ^.^ Thank you, to the best 3 people who took care of me everyday during this Korea trip ^.^
Their Zha Jiang Mian.
Some kind of garlic prawn? I was told that i can eat anything after the surgery leh! Except of course food that i am allergic to. It's very different from the usual Chinese way of "no prawns, no shellfish, no sotong" etc haha. So it was quite shiok, i ate anything i want =DDD And nothing happened.
Sweet and sour pork!!! Very different from what we have (which is more like the colour of the prawn above) but taste the same! =D And it's extra crispy cox it's in strips instead of cubes and chunks.

So i got home and then below are my day-to-day recovery pictures after removal of stitches =)
I snap these pictures after i come out from the showers, every day haha. So please try to understand why i never change clothes ah. It's sleeping clothes and i only change it once every 2-3 weeks =X
On about Day 4 i put on eye makeup cox i need to shoot for an advert. Sigh.. NOBODY READ MY DISCLAIMER LINE in the advert that my face and nose is still very swollen and they're all like "You look better before surgery", "You look weird now" etc etc. I am sorry but i 100% think i look better after surgery. Not a single doubt. Lol. Okay maybe i overdo my eyebrow for that advert hahaha.
With only eye makeup. I think the face already look so much better lah please. Forehead and face?!?! Can see not!!! The difference is huge to me!!! And then chin also sharper.
"People are unforgiving" Lolol.
How! Got slowly become better not?
This is how my nose look from a higher angle. I freaking love it. Cox there's a very gradual slope that leads to the tip haha. Not like strong straight sharp like this. So it's more natural i think! =D
From this angle also don't look as bad as before hahaha. Before if i snap picture from this angle, i can just forget about it. I will never post it cox it'd be too angular already! Now it's softer hor??? =DDD
Btw although you see my nose in all the pictures but in actual fact, anytime i can, i keep the nose splint on for about 10 or 11 days in total. It helps to keep the nose bridge in the center =D
On Day 8 i had to snap pictures for another advert and i still look swollen hahaha.
This is about day 7. The self-dissolve thread inside the nose. The outside ones on the columella is removed already ma. And it's healing well as you can see. Just apply the ointment they give you with cotton bud everyday. Very easy one. Stitches inside you can just leave it be, and remove it on the 14th day after surgery but i left it for 1 month and it all dropped on its own haha.
This is from Day 8 =D I thought i look quite alright in this picture leh!! The nose so cute hahaha. WHATWHATWHAT. I GONE THROUGH THE PROCESS NOW LET ME ENJOY A BIT LAH.
Day 11 i had a photoshoot!
And this is after i makeup haha. After nose job really more prefer to snap pictures from side angle. Lolol. It is not going to stay sooooo extra high forever!!! It will settle after 6 months and it'd still be high but not so high. So now must milk it. Lolol.
While waiting for shoot to happen.
And then these are the last few days i document. Cox i feel the fat-grafting have settle in mostly liao!
Picture taken recent with no photoshop on my face =DDD HOW DOES IT LOOK!!!! I THINK I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT LAH!!!!! REMEMBER HOW I LOOK BEFORE IN PICTURES?!
Like this leh!!! Jagged and angular and old and tired =X Lolol.
Now =DDD After Fat-Grafting and Nose Job =DDD I LOVE IT!!!! Gonna spam more recent pictures with no photoshop ah please bear with it.
The "Scared people don't know i got nice nose bridge now" pose. Lolol.
I sent this picture to Michelle and caption it "Angelababy" Lolololol.
And this is how i look 4 months ago =OOOO 走开!!!!!!
And this is how i look on April 10th at a photoshoot for CLEO magazine insert for GUESS ^.^ A lot of people say i look Korean / Japanese in this picture =X Haha. Real one not i ownself say one. People comment one. Lol. Props to the Koreans for their expertise in cosmetics procedures!!! If you're keen to find out more about medical tourism in South Korea, visit THIS PAGE.
One more..
Me in the toilet.. Hahaha.
In the sun haha. The captions are boring i know.
At photoshoot for rarebits ^.^
Face really more pouffy and bouncy looking hor! =D Especially love my forehead!
At QWeekly photoshoot.
Side view of my nose ^.^
This is raw picture from rarebits photoshoot! I don't need to photoshop my face anymore for rarebits!

If you've seen on my blog, i've done invisalign, i've done QPX lasering, i've done botox, i've tried all ways to help my backache problem, i've tried to make my skin look better, i've did boob filler, i've done nose job and fat-grafting for face now..

I won't say it's all for vainity although most are =X But back problem is some serious shit! If you are interested to do any of those but is not able to proceed due to other commitments, or if you have any other medical procedures you'd like to do to help yourself / help your loved ones.. Then you should tell us your story!!!

It doesn't matter what you want to do.. So long as you have in mind a thing or two that you'd like to do that can make you feel better, be better, then you can consider joining the contest DocDoc.com is sponsoring, to win yourself $5000 CASH. All you have to do is to share your story =)

Alright!!! I wish you goodest luck!!! =DDD The good people at DocDoc will be going through your stories and I am excited to read them also lah! You have 500 word limit so please don't go "OMG CHOOSE ME I ALSO WANT A NOSE JOB!!!!!!" and end it there. Lolol. I really can't tell if you are sincere like that haha =X

Thank you for going through this with me =) Thank you if you have sent me nice thoughts during this time. Thank you if you have helped me in one way or another =) Thank you. I am very happy.

To find out more about doing surgeries / medical tourism in Korea please click HERE

To browse DocDoc.com to see for yourself the services they provide for you click HERE
For pricelist, you may also consult DocDoc. They can draw up a price table for you after helping you check with a few clinics in S.Korea, for your convenience if you wanna compare pricelist.

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Anonymous said...

really looks better after the surgery. good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Why do i feel that your eyes look slightly smaller after your surgery? or is it becos of the swollen part that make them look smaller? And for face grafting, when the docs transfer the fats from thighs, does that mean it will cover your pimples on your face? As in if your face condition is really bad before surgery, fat grafting will help?

Anonymous said...

Your face looks smaller after surgery!! So chio~ But it seems to me that even though the swelling went away, your forehead seems...bigger or more prominent? Maybe it's the angle. But even though I disagreed with you having plastic surgery, I'm glad you're happy. :)

Alice said...

Qiuting, 辛苦你了。 You look so cute now and we are so proud of you, for being brave, strong & sincere.

Anonymous said...

I prefer before surgery because you looked like those models in UK, slim face, now not model looking, chubby only.

jy said...

Screw what the haters say, you look amazing after surgery especially fat grafting o__O I love your bouncy new face!!! :) :)

gel said...

Wah, you really look a lot better! I love how the face shape is now! and you look korean also hahha

Anonymous said...

I like the old you, because you look like European model or runway model. After the surgery you look more like a Korean and is prettier than the old you. I think you made a great decision! :D happy for you

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Can I ask if what is your nose implant material and is it L shape or I shape? Also will you consider sawing your jawbone since you find it square? I am considering that but it is considered as a dangerous surgery? :(

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!! (You were still pretty before). What I love is your attitude about yourself! You sound so happy and confident :) my question is... 1) around how much did fat grafting and nose job cost?? I didnt see prices on you blog posts~ and 2) if you lose weight from exercise, could you lose the face fat?? Because I run every day, which is why I started to lose face fat.. -anonymous girl#6

Anonymous said...

So pretty!! (You were still pretty before). What I love is your attitude about yourself! You sound so happy and confident :) my question is... 1) around how much did fat grafting and nose job cost?? I didnt see prices on you blog posts~ and 2) if you lose weight from exercise, could you lose the face fat?? Because I run every day, which is why I started to lose face fat.. -anonymous girl#6

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu! I wanted to submit my story after reading about your experience, but then I realise that there is an age limit, must be 18 and above, but I'm only 17 this year.. :( An accident due to boiling water left a scar on my foot since primary school and I've been very self-conscious over it even until now. Nonetheless just wanna tell you that you look gorgeous before and after surgery, and I love your cheerful and positive personality! Will continue to read your blog :)

Anonymous said...

It seem no one has asked this question, what will happen to your face after 3 years since this is not plastic surgery which stay permanent but only fat grating? Will your face go back to the old form which you had earlier? Everybody is either praising or degrading but no one ask what the aftermath after 3 years as fat grating can last for 3 years?

QiuQiu said...

Thank you Alice ^.^

jy i love my new face also haha!

Anon, implant is I. I have always been considering to file off the jaw =X But no guts..

Anon, for prices for REGEN and to compare with other clinics in S.Korea, you can ask DocDoc.com to gather a pricelist for you to compare for the procedures you'd like to do.

Maini.. I am sorry =( And thank you!

Anon, just like my boob filler, after 2 years, it's all back to original form lah. Unless you top up then it'd last longer and longer. Actually if you top up after 6 months, it'd last 5 years even. And if you top up after 3 years, it'd just keep lasting longer.

DT said...

hey qiuqiu, whatever the naysayers said about your face post-surgery, they are wrong. you were good looking before but you are definitely much prettier after the nose job + fat grafting. excellent decision! I am so happy for you :)

Also really appreciate the effort in posting up your before and after pictures.

Eva said...

Your new face looks so youthful and cute! Nose is amazingly attractive!!! You were always beautiful QQ, but I respect your bravery for going after what you want and sharing your story with us so candidly. I'm happy for you. ^^ The swelling is going to take many more months to go away completely so for those who say your eyes look small or face chubby it is because of the swelling. Once everything heals the features will be refined and you will look absolutely gorgeous. I really want a fat graft done on my forehead! I have a prominent jaw and flat, boney forehead so my face looks unbalanced and profile not so attractive. One day in the future when I have money to spare I will seriously consider it, hehe.

Annabelle said...

I think you are so brave for making such a big decision and getting surgery and you look so pretty now ^_^

Samara said...

I think you look so pretty after surgery, even during recovery. Like a korean star kinda.

Congrats on you new look ^^

Raine Lee said...

Hi hi Qiu! I couldn't sleep cos this issue is bothering me so I decided to read your blog at this hour. I'm tearring while I read this cos I feel so happy for you, everything went smoothly & you achieved your dream, you look so beautiful now! (not like you weren't before!) You definitely deserve all the love & blessings <3 I've submitted my story & I'm praying hard that I'll get chosen. I don't dare let people see the right side of my face especially, it makes me feel very insecure & awkward, it hurts me and bothers me so much inside. I don't even dare to take side profile pictures anymore. My mom is also upset on what happened upon me. I feel so guilty for what I have done to make her sad. I wish to change things. I wish for her to not worry about how I feel about myself anymore. I really hope you'll read my story & change my life. Just one simple procedure, can change my whole life, for now & my future. Thanks, Qiu <3

Raine Lee said...

Sorry, did I say right side of my face? I meant I feel uncomfortable for people to see the left* side of my face. Sorry my eyes are blurry & I'm tired but I can't sleep cos I'm thinking too much. Have a goodnight, Qiu :)

Anonymous said...

You look really ulzzang! I love it! Are you going to make a Korean skincare products overhaul?

Berd said...

Now you look way too young for your husband lol. Stay gorgeous girly.

Trish said...

Waaah you so pretty qiu!!! I always dreamed of having a surgery to my face but im still unable now cos im just a university student.. I think you look very pretty now like an ulzzang!! You look like park sora :) haha forgive me if i tell you about korean stuff i know youre not much interested in it.. Hope someday i can get a surgery for my face also :)

Ferlice said...

Thanks for blogging out and sharing your experience! So detailed and full of pic of before and after & recovering daily pics. Even though you only had your nose done & fat graft. Not like another blogger who was also sponsored to do her entire face only showed a few pic of her recovery. So what if TNP actually advertised about her surgery. Her blogspot is such a waste of time ain't like yours. Put so much effort!! Jiayou Qiuqiu!! You look so much beautiful now!!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

QQ i'm salute with you, and honestly you make me realize that we can get everyting we want in this world, as long as we believe ourself and not listen what negative people saying.
just do it.
i will try to submit my entry to joining this contest, i want make my teeth better and want have white & smooth skin, hair removal and also want have nice hari. i have messy hair,

Love u QQ!

Starfire said...

Qiuqiu I am from the Hongkong but I really wanna enter. But if I win how does it work ah? You guys have to mail the money overseas right? Then I have to handle the search for the right surgeon process myself is it? Or will docdoc help with that too?

Angie said...

Hi Qiu, is it possible for you to do a tutorial on the eyebrows? I love how you changed the shape from curve to straight and it really looks nicer on the girl in your Makeover! :)
many Thanks in advance! You're awesome!:)


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Angie, love your eyebrows, very natural, please share with us how you did it! :)

Unknown said...

I also never read the disclaimer XD but yes, you do look more buubly and cheerful now!

Mimi said...

Before surgery, you had double eyelids, after surgery, it's gone. What do you have to say about that?

But the good news is I noticed your under eyes dark circles are gone!

YAY !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu. will our story be anonymous if we join the contest?


Anonymous said...

you DO look better and younger! I liked your old face, but if plastic surgery improves someone's look I say go for it! :) I'm glad you're happy now. People who say you looked better before the surgery are obviously jealous because you've improved your looks and they are still ugly and sour.

Anonymous said...

you look so much younger after your surgery! :)

B-low said...

Hi will my story be a available to all if I post it... I'm not too confident about myself

Manon said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Its weird, in some pics I think you look almost the same, but in others you look so different! (Like in last the photo for the photo shoot)

You mentioned that your nose bridge won't stay as high as it is now, so I was wondering - why didn't you choose permanent surgery? Just curious..

Anonymous said...

Annyeong, I'm an avid reader! Love reading your informative & funny blog, makes my day. You're caring & friendly. Be happy, healthy & pretty always ya? You're really blessed with a good family, hubby, friends & face too. Haha, hope this can spur you to continue being kind. Have a good day & take care always.

Digress a bit, sorry! Do you mind sharing your height & weight? I'm 18, 1.54m & 36kg. Others say I should gain but i like being thin. Is it that unhealthy as you look thin too? Thanks! :)

Klara said...

omg qiu your face is so cute and beautiful now! im jealous.. and btw i tried ur "blackhead treatment", (i dun know what to call it) and it worked really well! Im gonna keep doing it and hopefully all my blackheads will be gone evantually! love you qiuqiu, keep on bein an awsome blogger!

QiuQiu said...

DT, i am happy that there are more nice people like yourself reading me.. =)

Eva, thank you.. I hope that day comes soon for you =))

Raine, submit your story via the contest page. I am sure everyone with a valid good story stands a chance..

Soms, i don't think so leh =X I gave most of the stuff away only kept some masks and lotsa lipstick for myself haha.

Susan Lolo, thank you Susan =)))

Starfire, all you have to do on your part is to submit your story via the contest page. The rest will be taken care of and it's open for worldwide readers.

Angie, i'd do a video tutorial soon okay!!!

Mimi, I still have double eyelid.. I don't know why you would say i have single eyelids haha.

Anon, story is kept anonymous unless of course, if you win.

Manon, it's permanent. It's just now it's still swollen, in about 6 months after the surgery, it'd be less swollen thus less high. That's what i meant.

Anon, 154cm, 36kg sounds okay to me leh!!! Not too skinny lah! Dont listen to those who tells you how you should you feel otherwise about yourself. You feel fat = fat. You feel skinny then eat more. I've been told to be too skinny all my life even till now. BUT NOW I DONT EVEN DARE TO WAVE TOO HARD COX GOT BUTTERFLY FLABS ON ARMS =___=" Other people won't know about these what!

Klara, ^.^ Thank you so much ah!!! Hope your nose stay clear always ahha!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, fuck the haters! You look absolutely fab with your new look. Super cute nose and a full, youthful face. 'Not like you were unattractive before, though! Kudos for being so brave and sharing this on the Internetzzz

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty now!! i always have issues with my own body too and you inspired me to face it. plastic surgeries or any kind of procedures require a lot of money and i am glad that there is a chance for me, or at least a hope for me to win this and change something about my life. I wish to win it too and hopefully become as beautiful and contented as you are :)


Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu!

U had previous surgery to ur alar in Thailand??? how come never say before? lol

i love ur nose . i think im going to do mine too

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, just wondering if the eyebrow embroidery that you did is still there? Because it seems from your other photos that it has faded... Im considering whether to do it or not, dont want to waste money if its going to disappear after a while :/
And you look really pretty with ur new face, especially love the nose, so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting! Glad that your fat grafting went well! You look rejuvenated!

I'm curious if injecting fat into such a Binet and thin area like the forehead would feel "lumpy" as if can feel the fluid underneath? How does the forehead feel now?

Anonymous said...

Wahh!! your cheeks and chin look so nice one now, especially when u smile :D!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! your story is very thorough and i enjoyed reading it. im currently recovering from a nose job i did with a Korean doctor and i cant wait to see the result as i'll be removing the stiches tomorrow. hopefully it'll be as good as yours. take care!! :)

Meenimee said...

Hi I wish you a speedy recovery. I thought it was quite ironic that you said one should believe in oneself. If you really did believe in yourself, why did you even choose to undergo plastic surgery in the first place? There may be a number of haters who oppose your decision and criticise your new looks or old looks regardless, I would like to say that before you regard me as one of them and dismiss this comment, I am just a concerned reader on how this series of posts seem to be encouraging people to engage in facial reconstructive surgery just because they dislike certain features. I don't think it's wrong to have plastic surgery but I hope that one should at least think through it carefully and not just jump on the bandwagon.

Everyone who has been through plastic surgery emerges prettier than before, yourself included. I know you will not miss those flaws but that was what made you, you. I guess it will take awhile to register your new look but you now seem like another typical "Korean girl". No doubt pretty and flawless. But beautiful is what you are inside and I'm sure you are.

The Nerd called Nic said...

I have to say. I was a skeptic when you wanted to get surgery but i think you look so much better now! no make up also super kewwt! love it! heck the other people. It looks natural also. not like the fake all-korean-girls look the same kind. Jia you!!

The Nerd called Nic said...

Qiu qiu!!! I was a skeptic when you said you wanted surgery...like the big eye dawn yang all-plastic-surgery-end-up-look-the-same kind of look. But I have to say it looks great! You look great. Super cute even without make up, it's natural & you look happy. Disregard others who don't know how to be happy for you. Jia you! -Nic

Anonymous said...

154cm and 36kg is fucking aneroxic la omg. Yucks

Anonymous said...

Hmmm… i feel your old nose is cuter n smaller :S

Daphne said...

eeeee u so cute! <3 haha. pain a not?

Anonymous said...

i think plastic surgery is an individuals own decision. You made the right decision which was for you, cause most people, who comment negatively wont understand your own personal struggles and your own personal reasons for doing it.

Your before face is more sharper I think, the after is more softer looking. Definitely look Korean in some pics. :) and cuter too.

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu! I think you look quite mature before, but now you are sooo cute! :D Do you think you could give us a side-by-side photo of your face before and after? (like completely after the swelling is gone) A bit hard to see top-and-bottom ^^; Sorry ah!

YING said...

很漂亮! So happy to see that your hubby so supportive one ^.^ glad that the surgery enhanced your looks, instead of a totally different face change. Speedy recovery, Qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

i watched your boobs surgery video after this and you were so much more YOU then , as in your personality and all.

Anonymous said...

No one say you resemble Zoe Tay? Before op is like maybe Zoe Tay in 30s, now it's like Zoe Tay during star search lol. I love your forehead!!!

Beata Megan said...

Qiu Qiu! I wanna ask,
I'm from Indonesia, can I join the contest?

Thankyou so much, Qiu Qiu! I love you so so much <3

Anonymous said...

I think you look great with or without, but definitely more youthful now after the fat grafting and definitely better looking with a bareface as the skin looks more even. :D

Liwei Lee said...

qiuqiu, you looks like min- hyorin! try to search her picture and you know i am true!

Anonymous said...

Woa, you look so korean now. Didn't notice the forehead bump before. Really looking good now!

Don't really have the courage and of cos $$ to go for surgery.

Loraine said...

you look really good after the surgery. glad all is well and yes, in that photo of April 10th for cleo photoshoot, you reminded me of lee hyori of s.korea... is 美的咯! i say first, 我不是在拍你的马屁...

Anonymous said...

Hello, allow me to tell you just how much more youthful you're looking now, and I really love your Korean idol look -actually you look much better than most of them, funny how their surgeries can be so extensive yet looking too odd, or just unfortunately not as good (not only celebrities, but our very own local bloggers too of you know who else, i'm sure!)

Wa, and you solved my mystery: I always wonder why I look so harsh and manly in pictures when in person I do think I look damn good (hahahahhaha, just wanna imitate your awesome "thickskiness"!)!

I do agree though that your eyes do look smaller now, especially those other than your close up selca. Pictures and angles can be misleading anyway, so may I know from your mirrors (lol), do you notice the same, that because now that your face is slightly "enlarged" by fat grafting yet no jaw works done, somehow your eyes doesn't look as big with the overall face?

Talk about eyes, can I confirm that you do not wear any circle len, or photoshop them bigger? For I notice your irises look so huge, I wanna have them too! Noticed mine are too small with too much whites showing only just lately, and I'm starting to study people's to see if it's just an asian thing (self comfort, lol), or just an unlucky thing for me!

Okay, I actually rambled too much, or am I just doing some editorial interview?!!

Here is the most important question I have: why is it that you choose fat grafting over filler? I would think fillers are better since there is no post surgery recovery period, and the results won't be permanent as well, just shorter period as compared to fat grafting. I can't imagine myself going through the same procedure like you did, for more than once -the recovery period seems too troublesome, since going to have to do maintanence every now and then, why not fillers.


Madeline said...

Hi, just want to leave a comment to say that though the process what tough the final job is a success. You do look great!

Anonymous said...

you look real good after surgery :)
tempted to go for it too

Anonymous said...

I liked the pre-surgery look. I guess in Europe we prefer more defined, sharper faces with visible bone structure and baby fat & round faces are a no-no.

But what's important is that it suits your beuty standards and you feel great with the results.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Qiu Qiu you probably didn't allow my comment 'cos i mentioned another blogger's name (regarding her nose). I apologize for my lack of tact. Even if you weren't closely acquainted with said person, I should not have dropped any names.

Stay cool! :)

Ina Shin said...

QiuQiu ~ It's Ina :)
You are getting much prettier and prettier !!! haha !!!

Ina said...

QiuQiu !! You are getting so pretty :)
Of course you were pretty already before...
But I feel that you look much younger and prettier after the procedure :p

Miss you !!

Amanda said...

hi Qiuqiu! (: I'm going to Korea in August this year to get double eyelid surgery, lipo on my inner + outer thighs and also fat grafting for my face.

I have the same problem you used to have- my face shape is really angular, and I look really old and masculine because of the bony structure. My relatives and friends always laugh at me because of this. I've been called Moon Face (because my chin is sharp and my face is bony), and some other not so nice terms also... I guess this is really a problem people with such problems understand. ): Every time I smile without teeth, my face stretches and the angular shape becomes more pronounced. I will have lines that make me look even older although I'm only 21 this year. I totally get it when you said the same thing in your video. I hope I can achieve results similar to yours!

Thank you for blogging about your surgery. It's a stepping stone for me- now I can find out what i'd look like post surgery for the first few days, and it seems that, from your posts, I can walk around and probably even do some shopping... Haha. Don't want to waste my time in Korea! :D

Anonymous said...

I want a higher nose too but I'm afraid to go into plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has lingering in my mind but I just don't know if i should do it or not ? ):

Anonymous said...

i actually think your "overdone" eyebrows look AMAZING, it gives a very vogue-esque feel imo!

Anonymous said...

Hey, may I know which day do you start putting makeup on? I read from the internet that make-up can be put on after 1 week of nose surgery? I'm getting my hump reduced next week so I'm worried. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


U looked so so much better before surgery. U become very pretty and u r so brave to go through the surgery. Kudos to u!

Anonymous said...

It's a very successful surgery i have seen, u looks so much prettier and just like the eurasian model which can be seen in VIVI magazine. The most important is it looks super NATURAL! And thx for blogging about ur surgery journey, it's reli useful and informative. Can i ask is there any side effect for ur under butt or the area of ur face for the fat-grafting ? and is it true the nose implant have to take out and redo again after a certain period? How much will it cost in total for the whole surgery including all the travelling fees?

Anonymous said...

Gosh you look ugly then and even worse now.

Verona said...

This is cool!

Jana said...

Is your contest closed now? I can't seem to enter :(
I was reading through your experience, and I have to say, there are so many parallels with what you were having issues with, and myself. I had an injury to my nose as a child leaving an ugly hump on my nose bridge, and the tip of my nose ended up being too fleshy and bulbus from it. Everyone says that "it's fine" and that it doesn't matter. But it's something that bothers me everyday. I feel like I'm not even looking at my own nose, just the product of an injury.

So many people say nasty things about you because you wanted to get surgery. I think that while you looked very pretty before, if the beauty you wanted was the soft, youthful look over the angular sexy look that is popular in America, then you got exactly what you wanted. That's what matters, not what all of these other people say. It's your face, how you feel about it is what matters.

I know what you mean about the sunken face making you look tired, I have such deep tear trophs, cheeks, and forehead lines it makes me look so tired. No one seems to understand why that bothers me. You look so much more rested and refreshed after you got your fat grafting. I came across your blog because you got the exact surgeries I wanted, the rhinoplasty paired with the fat graphting.

Are you happy with your results? How much did it cost?

Unknown said...

I Think your eyes look bigger after surgery. And Yes, Your nose job is right decision because it is successful and u look more prettier than before.
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Welyn Cat said...

My first procedure was nose filler. I was 21 years old and I was really afraid. It wasn`t the most pleasant thing in the world but it wasn`t painful at all. It worth it because now I am really happy with the result. Thank you for sharing your article. Greetings

Unknown said...

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