19 May 2013

QWeekly - Knowing yourself

I wanna talk.

Earlier today i instagrammed a picture, using a picture from a previous OO7D feature. And i ask on instagram, for people to hashtag #OO7D if they want to have their outfits featured on QWeekly. The purpose of this is so that i can click the hashtag and then sift out the suitable ones. Right?

And by the way, OO7D = Outfit Of 7 days.

So initially it was doing alright. Quite a number of people hashtag their outfit pictures. Which i am happy about lah! Thank you guys for being so responsive!!! =D

BUT. There has to be that few people who have to fucking ruin everything.

I didn't monitor the hashtag for just like 1 hour, cox i went to nap. I woke up and Sophie text to say she is so grossed out for me, about the OO7D hashtag. So i went to see.

500 over pictures. Half relevant, half irrelevant.

Let's talk about the relevant ones first.

Out of the half that are relevant (meaning the pictures are indeed outfit pictures), 45% is mirror self-shots of their ootds. Dark, blur, pixelated. Sigh.. I really don't wanna sound like a meanie but HAVE YOU NOT SEEN OO7D? The standard of pictures that have been featured on OO7D so far are all really really good. If you have not seen, then you shouldn't join. If you wanna join something, you should at the very least find out what you're joining. And in this case blurry dark mirror self-shots just won't do.. Unless you're Cheesie. Lol.

And then another 45% are from people who only take OOTD pictures once in a blue moon. So i can't exactly feature them cox for OO7D to happen i need at least 7 outfits, right? So same thing, if you'd seen what OO7D is about, you wouldn't have hashtag your OO7D becox you're not very into showing people what you wore and how you style it etc. So why?

So that is 90% hope gone. But thankfully, in the end i manage to find about 15 good ones. Thank you girls so much. Thank you!!! If you know you hashtagged relevant pictures, please don't take anything i said to heart becox it's 100% not meant for you!


Now i wanna talk about the irrelevant one.

I'd cut it short.

Anyone who hashtag OO7D with their face shots, multiple face shots even, with their doggy pictures, with them and their doggy and cleavage, and blogshop who hashtag their stupid collection picture with OO7D, i hope you all have a very very bad week and everything will go badly for you.

HERE I AM TRYING TO PUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER WITH A SYSTEM for people who are genuinely keen in showcasing outfits and there you are




And then like a maniac, hashtag 92837292 pictures irrelevent pictures of your own as OO7D.

Ni bu ran qu si.

Okay rant finish. You can go browse QWeekly dee!

On the cover of QWeekly this week is Peggy!!! =D
Some pictures of me at work for the makeover section.
Shio also working hard haha. Actually Josh also working very hard.


Nobody have time to scroll pass 500 pictures just to look at your face mostly. 真的让我很生气

I will still keep looking at OO7D hashtag. So if you really is keen in showing your outfits then please keep tagging. But i hope you all also understand i can't be putting up lousy quality pictures.

But i'd be happy to browse and look at them still. So long as it's still relevant to OO7D then please, share it with me =) Like this week's OO7D feature is a girl i found from the hasgtag as well =D


Anonymous said...

I'd like to say, I understand your plea. However, you should understand that you do not own that hash tag; you cannot prevent people from tagging themselves with it. I guess it is one of the setbacks that comes with using instagram as a platform for choosing people for your OO7D.

Joanne said...

Anonymous is right. Honestly, I don't think you have a right to be angry about this. You don't own instagram, nor do you own the hashtag. People will abuse it but this is something you should have expected from the start.

Some people just want more attention/ exposure. I'm sure you understand and I don't think you should blame them for that..

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yeah i agree it's one of the setback.. And i understand i don't own that hashtag. But it doesn't change the fact that they did abuse the hashtag ONLY AFTER i talked about it with the very intention of wanting to be seen and noticed. And that is what i am grossed out by.

Joanne, what the fuck are you talking about, are you a fucking retarded? Which point did i make make you think i think i own instagram? Jiang Fei Hua and trying to act smart. Some people want more attention and exposure, but are they ready to pay for it? I doubt so. So i have all the rights to talk shit about them becox i am pissed. And no, i don't blame them for anything, i am just saying and stating a fact, they are attention whores.

Joanne said...

No, Qiuqiu, I am not a fucking retarded. I was only trying to make a figure of speech.

When I said that you don't own instagram, I was trying to metaphorically explain that I don't agree with the level of anger you showed. It seems (this is my personally, humble, opinion) that you expected things to go extremely smoothly, with no abuses to the system when you decided to use Instagram for your OO7D thing.

Yes, I agree that they are indeed attention whores. I just didn't expect such a big outburst from you. But that said, this is your blog and so of course you can post anything you want..

just my 2 cents worth.

Lisa said...

Qiu, I have been a fan of yours for several years now and i have always enjoyed your posts. However, reading this post really makes me rethink what kind of a person I thought you were.

To complain about people being attention whores is one thing, but the fact of the matter is you don't own that hashtag and you have no right to assume these people are doing it for that reason. The people who post "relevant" photos that are, in your opinion, not up to par could very well be keen fans of yours who may not have the best camera equipment or ideas about lighting, photography, etc. I hope you consider how your rant could hurt a lot of their feelings, especially if they had good intentions when doing so. I understand your frustration as this is your brainchild, but I hope that this comment gives you a chance to think about how your blog/IG followers might feel.

I was never curious about comments on your blog entry until today, and seeing how you responded to people voicing their opinion was even more disheartening to see. To call Joanne "retarded" is not only extremely derogatory and insensitive to people with mental disabilities, but it makes you seem petulant and immature. Sure, it's no one else's right to deem whether or not you have a right to be angry, but there are also much classier ways to address someone who may have a differing opinion from your own.

I am really disappointed in how you've handled yourself in this entry. You have always come across as a very nice and sweet person, but I guess I've never read your responses to comments before.

Anonymous said...

Quite naive if you think some people out there (attention whores or not) won't do whatever the hell they want relevant or irrelevant to your own agenda... yeah they shouldn't--but why should that stop them?


Nicole said...

Of course this is your blog and you can call anyone whatever name you want, but of course this is my comment and I can say whatever I want. I think you are a fucking retard for calling Joanne a fucking retard just because you have a terrible gasp of English and misunderstood what she was trying to say. That said, I agree with anon and Joanne that I don't agree with your level of anger towards the OO7D tag, it comes across as attention seeking: as if you are trying to create controversy for the sake of creating controversy.

Auds123 said...

I agree with anonymous and Joanne. In my opinion OO7D might be a common hashtag to use and some people might use it without knowing it's your event.
Unless the hashtag is more special like #QWEEKLYOO7D
then yes, if people abuse that hashtag with nonsense then they are truly attention seekers.

and also you should understand that when u create a sort of a competition thing, you should expect good and bad entries. I don't see what's bothering you to just scroll over the ones that you dont fancy. Maybe you should even be thankful that people bother to hashtag 007D to try out.

Also I don't see the point of replying Joanne with such rude attitude as she was just merely stating her opinion. A good blogger would always be mindful of her words and actions to gain respect from their readers.

I'm sorry if anything I said offended you in any way. I don't hate you, in fact i'm one of your loyal readers. I just don't hope someone that i fancy would turn into a ridiculous rude blogger.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

像你这么没教养的blogger, 整容整得在美也没用

Anonymous said...

Arrogant sickening attention whore blogger! If u can proudly claim those as attention whore than u should also realise u are no different either! Creating a controversy out of a small pathetic thing! Ridiculous and childish!

QiuQiu said...

Lisa, i have never been tolerating towards nonsense.

Nicole, how does my ranting become something controversial i cannot understand but since you get so worked up calling me a fucking retard, i guess it ticked you off. Good job, me.

Auds123, FYI, before i talk about #oo7d, there was 2 pictures tagged to it. So honestly, i don't think things would have changed uf i had said #oo7dQWeekly instead. So i don't even think this is a good reasoning. And i am not upset with the people who post lousy quality pictures i just hope they know i won't put it up becox what am i supposed to do with mirror self shots in low light? Also, "being mindful of what he/ she say" DOES NOT DEFINE A GOOD BLOGGER.

Anon, you're so pathetic i dont even knkw what to say to you. Throw me a better insult or fuck off.

a said...

All these hatred is unnecessary. Always thought you were a sweet and nice blogger until I read this post and thought I'll read the comments to see if there's anyone that feels the same way as I do. And there are.

Just my 2 cents worth

a said...

All these hatred is unnecessary. Always thought you were a sweet and nice blogger until I read this post and thought I'll read the comments to see if there's anyone that feels the same way as I do. And there are.

Just my 2 cents worth

Yuxing said...

O__O Why are people even getting angry at you being angry. Until so KUA ZHANG?!

Especially now that you mentioned, the tags abuse only surfaced AFTER you invited people to tag OO7D. It is really gross that people tap on it to get exposure and whatnot.

And preach it babe! If they want to be part of something, they have to do their homework and find out what is the OO7D is about. Can't just say I wanna try, I wanna experience and ruin the good faith of this community that you created eh?

True that people are right on it will get abuse, and this is just like everyone abide to queuing but some bunch of folks just decide ok we don't want, we want to cut queue and get attention.

When people abuse others' good faith, that is the annoying part eh!!

Anyway, I love your Qweekly! Keep up the lovely pictures! And don't let this setback get to you! :*

Yuxing said...

Sorry, just one more.

If people had first saw it from their friends and didn't know that it was you who started the OO7D tags, I hope they know now. It might be embarrassing but we all make mistakes eh. :3 But here I agree with #oo7dQWeekly being a better choice AFTER all these had happened. It lets people know it is something by QWeekly.

Anonymous said...

people expect u to be an angel...good n sweet n kind blogger also can become angry over something what, n peggy chang looks a lil like sophie

Anonymous said...

Aren't you attention whore too? We are all are.