12 May 2013

QWeekly - Me

On the cover of QWeekly this week. ME! Haha. Please head over to read more. I answered some questions that i asked people to ask me hahah. Sound a bit sad and loserish hor. Lolol.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Shio doing my hair ^.^
Then Lea came and i also don't know how to make her look cuter haha. She got the baby face already. WHICH, is all the rave now *sour* Some people have to go through surgery to achieve it okay. Lol. It's amazing how beauty trends change right? Last time thick eyebrows super 80s and old-fashioned. Then now arch eyebrows is sooooo 90s. And thick eyebrows are back. And last time everyone also no want baby fats on face. Now how i envy people like Lea and Mich!!! =O
Me on set. Haha. 很安慰 (feel very comforted) that i also have a behind-the-scene snap haha. Actually i ask Samantha to help me snap one lah. Hahaha. And after i am done with shooting..
I change out into comfy trusty FBT hahahah. This is totally fashionable. Lol. And i get down to work.

One self-obsessed picture of myself becox that day curls extra nice and i love the colours on my hair. Done by Shio ^.^
Okay okay okay. Now you can go browse QWeekly! This week's NAIL IT! is also very interesting! Teach you how to do denim texture on your own nails! =DDD And you can go see how Lea turn out to be after makeover ^.^ Also see rarebit's new collection first, to be launched in the afternoon!

Browse QWeekly now =D


ShuShu said...

Yay you answered my question! :D And you really sing well! And you spelt my name correctly!! Don't know why but most people type without the space in between!!

Anonymous said...

You really look like Mich in the last few pictures!!
But both of you are chio la! :D

Anonymous said...

When I first saw your post surgery photos i was like 'damn your surgery is a mistake. you're gonna regret it later'. But now you're so damn beautiful lah. love your bouncy cheek.

Sammi said...

I'm so sorry if this is impolite to ask, but I really want to know how you achieve your figure! >.< I'm trying to lose weight and I'm just a bit shorter than you. I'd really like to get down to around your size. You're so beautiful, inside and out!

Alvaro said...

This is cool!