26 May 2013

QWeekly - Even i get sick of me.. Not really.

So.. This explains the title.

It's me again on the cover of QWeekly O.O

Becox i've been wayyy too busy i don't really have time to invite other bloggers for the cover shoot =( Say real one although i really like seeing nice pictures of myself, i really also super love seeing pretty pictures of others, especially so if i play a part in dolling them up lah.

So anyway~ Don't be sad to see my face (again!) on the cover!!! This week's QWeekly on NAIL IT! got DIY tutorial on OMBRE GLITTERY nails!!! =DDD


This might show that i am not actually apologetic that my face is on QWeekly again, HERE IS A VLOG I MADE hahahah. Totally not-actually-sick of my own face.

You can see how my face is now, it's been about 3 months after the surgeries. I did the surgery on 5th of March. So about ten more days it'd be 3 months lah! So erm.. Enjoy!

AND thank you for the 10,000 subscribers!!!!!! =DDDD

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Janet L said...

Get xiaxue on your next cover? :)

hanneebuff said...

I think the surgery really turned out well cause it's looking more and more natural. You know how some got surgeries and their faces got so drastically changed, they basically look like a different person? Yours is not. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

You can make videos of you doing makeup and clothes styling and shio doing hair for the makeover girls! I think it will be nice to see the photography process :) Stay happy and cute! :)