05 June 2013

Me judging for JStar ^.^


I hope youve been fine. I have been trying to stay healthy and stay motivated and not be demoralised by falling sick despite my effort in eating healthier. You know.. Just trying to stay sane and convince myself that god is not out to tekan me but to make me stronger~ THAN YESTERDAYEH~ Hahaha.

But don't worry!!! WO HEN POSITIVE DE!!!! =DDD Just the other day i was in the toilet and i look into the mirror and i was like "What if i just give up and be a sick loser" and then within 1 second..

"Oh, no, not I, I will survive~!!! Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne~ Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne~ Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne~ NE NE NE NE~ NE NE NE NE NE NE NE~~~!!!!"

Maybe i should start learning lyrics of songs that i think will motivate me. Lol.

But it's okay. I was dancing to it. Tiffany and Drago loved it so much, i could tell. I don't think they care if i know the lyrics hahaha. What was i gonna blog about today..


I was one of the judge for JStar!!! You guys remember JStar?! I blogged about the opening for the contest in this post!!! And many girls AND GUYS signed up! =D
Hi, how do you like my get up that day? $4 top, BRANDED PANTS excuse me. Lolol. $15 please. And my $5 heels. And free H&M bracelet, they gave as doorgift when they just open in Singapore!
Me and SCawaii model Natsuko San ^.^ She is soooooo nice and sweet and friendly!!!
So we camho-ed a little haha.
Okay maybe a little bit more than a little ^.^ She gave me a bag full of accessories from her own label. She's the producer for the brand and kind enough to pack some selected pieces for me =O
Her brand is Riche je U

They sell anything related to fashion from apparel to accessories to bags even i think. But it's only sold online to the Japan market BUT!!!! You can now find it at JRunway ^.^
Thank you, pretty =D
And one with Nami San before the event starts!
That's me giving everyone really high marks O.O Hahahah. I really is a very very lenient and good judge if i may emphasize it for myself hahaha. I just think its already not easy for vain and pretty people to step up to be compared and judged lah. So everyone is already considered very courageous!
If you're keen to see a video run-through of what happened that day and how the girls werked it, click on picture above to see! =D The still-screen is myself becox. Lolol. Anyway~ The girls each have to pose for the camera and it's all in the video so you can see if you have a favourite!
I hope among the 10 finalists, someone who is really passionate about dressing up and fashion and looking pretty, with a good friendly character will win! =DDD

Becox the winner will be heading for Tokyo for a 5 days modelling training and will be introduced to many fashion producers etc, in Tokyo. So.. HEADS UP~ Smile! And keep it going! =D

I am still very very jealous of whoever is gonna be the winner please! 5 days in Japan all expenses paid for and you get to meet all the cool people and get a lot of nice free products hahahaha. I want!

Find out who are the 10 finalists and also lookout for their blog portal!

Thanks to JRunway for having me as one of the judges =D It was fun!!!

Okay that's all i have for today. Tomorrow i am heading for a staycation at The Sultan, where i had my hen's night =DDD They offered me a one night stay and say i don't have to blog about it and just go there and relax cox they really appreciate the response from the hen's night posts.

So i am just going to go there with the June babies Gem and Mich and myself ^.^

You know i gave myself like 3 or 4 days off previous week? And there was no QWeekly? I mean i tweeted that there won't be any QWeekly that week cox i need to rest.

And in that few days.. I realise..

I need the internet more than the internet needs me. You guys don't need me. I need you guys. I love the attention i get online. I love knowing that there are people looking at me, reading what i have to say. And i enjoy it. But i can't make this "supplying to people, to satisfy myself" thing my life.

It's like.. I love blogging a lot. A LOT. I love to blabber nonsense i love to talk crap and share about my life. But if i get too busy online, i don't get much of a life and if i don't get a life, i got nothing for you. You know what i mean. Lol. I mean i just need more time to nua than i already do. Lololol.



Alice Lee-Yang said...

Nice to see everyone putting in good effort to look different and stylish. Oh ya, you need us and we need you, it's like supply and demand, just gotta strike a balance & reach the economic equilibrium lol. :)

Anjo said...

All the girls in the competition looks great even the guys too.

Anonymous said...

Mb qweekly could be a bi-weekly affair? Until you feel better? Frankly, I love your blogs much better but it could perhaps because I fall into the older demographic group.

I like magazines or ezines that are content rich.

Have a good r n r at the sultan. Very nice of them.

THE EMO KID said...

I like how u will always try to be optimistic no matter what. Jiayou! :D

Anonymous said...

U look like Zoe Tay on ur side view. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiu Qiu! You have such great taste! I love how you find clothes that are so pretty and class while being high fashion! Where is your pants from?(:

Anonymous said...

her pants looks like from UNIQLO