18 June 2013

My Past - Kiddo time

Saw these pictures by chance and snapped them all with my iPhone in hope to keep them forever haha. Just wanna show you guys how i look like as a kid =)

I love to look at old pictures. To laugh at them. Or just feel good about being a better person now. Or reflect a little on how to be a better person.. Like.. Those qualities you lose as you grow older.

I think i am a nicer person now but i was much more.. How to say. Like i was nicer back then unconditionally. Now i'm not sure. I just think a lot of things and relationships become conditionally. Like.. "I like you as a friend only becox you..", "I'd help you so long as you..", "I love you for.."

You know. Things like that.

Anyway~ This is me ^.^ Haha. I think it could be on Chinese New Year. I don't remember.
Me out with my dad ^.^ Hahaha. Seriously, always have faith in your kid that he / she can grow double eyelids. Hahaha. AND, NEVER EVER EVER CUT YOUR DAUGHTER'S HAIR SHORT.

I'd like to think that short hair made me extra unpopular in kindergarten *ANGRY FACE* Whoever made me cut short hair last time.. I hate you. Hahaha.

Me at the lift of our hdb block. Hahaha. The poseur in me started young.
Me with the birthday baby, my younger sister Niao Niao. I already remember feeling less loved and feel jealous when i was this young hahaha. And WHO THE HECK DRESS ME UP LIKE RONALD MCDONALD on my sister's birthday. Lololol.

Alright~ I hope you quickly digital snap all your old picture and keep them somewhere. So it will not disappear from the world. And snap more pictures with and of the people you love.

Cox they remind us of where we were, who we were at some point of time =))


Beatrice Wong said...

Wa omg BabyYurou look super like Niaoniao when she's young!!!

Anonymous said...

learn what poseur means before attempting to use it. ugly stupid girl.

Jocelyne said...

i would say that the "ugly stupid girl" is the one who is so miserable with herself she has to look to pick on someone she envies. you didn't just stumble upon this blog today, you clearly admire qiuqiu and her life so stfu and direct your hatred and insecurity inward.

Anonymous said...

QQ, you look like the Channel 8 celebrity Le Yao after your surgery!

Anonymous said...

Huh... But QQ is a poseur what... Jocelyn, you defending what?

Anonymous said...

Double eyelids really can grow one!! I agree!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Haha so cute la. I'm sure the pictures bring back so much memories money cannot buy la so nice to look at young pictures. ^.^

Jocelyne said...

I'm defending the obvious fact that by "poseur" she was implying that she liked to pose for pictures at a young age and not the true definition of the term, which is pretending to be something you're not.. Not a difficult concept to grasp.

QiuQiu said...

Beatrice, hahah a bit hor??? =DD

Anon, chill. Don't be jealous.

Jocelyn, ignore her lah.

Anon, ee.... =/

Anon, YEAH I HOPE SO FOR REAL! Cox now bb yurou got single eyelid haha.

Alice, =))) I also love to look at my dad and mum's old pictures! Even more nostalgic!

Jocelyne, some people will never get it. Don't care.

Anonymous said...

QQ you've really grown up to be pretty!
We readers are not actually defending QQ, we're just against mean people. Seriously this world is so full of these weird people. I wish QQ would just block their comments, bet they'd be pissed cos they don't get attention anymore.

petite said...


QiuQiu said...

Anon, i know right =/ There are many weird people around.

Petite ^.^

Anjo said...

You look like a cute little boy in those pix.