21 June 2013

Where will i be..?

Hello!!! Very bothered by the haze / by people talking about the haze right?

In case you haven't seen this, THIS is what a senior Indonesian minister said to Singapore. You know how in life, there are people who just don't get it and will never get it? No matter how much you try to knock sense into them. No matter how much you want to help them.

They just don't get it. So i've gotten over it, that some people are just meant to be like that forever. But we stand strong and we will get through this, okay!

We Singaporeans help each other, and remind the people around you to drink more water, wear a mask whenever outdoor. Stay indoor as much as we can. Get an air purifier. We do what we can.

I got so panicky today cox i was worried the situation will not get better and worried about my dad and the babies around me. You know what harm PSI above 300 can do to old folks and kids?

It's hazardous. Great danger, involving great risk - We are all going through great danger and great risk. Our father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, kids in the house. 天理何在?

And then my sister have to go to the hospital today due to asthma attack, pretty sure it's the haze cox even inhaler couldn't help her. I just don't understand how any part of this is "acting like a child" when we're just gan jeong and concerned about our health and about the safety of our loved ones.

You know what i really think?

I think the main difference is how different people from different places value and see life.

Our life here is good. We own ourselves a living. We make good money and we have a lot to lose. It's (almost) like everyone is useful to the society in more than one way. And we VALUE LIFE.

Be very proud of it, people.

Can't say the same for the value of the life of people who can just brush it off by making irresponsible statement of situations that can potentially endanger the health and life of others.

And for any Indonesians that might be reading this, once and for all, i have nothing against you guys. It's only people who are actually responsible for allowing the forest fire to take place for better crop, YEAR AND YEAR again, those are the people i (and i guess most Singaporeans) am upset about.

Oh and, let's not forget your very diplomatic senior minister, Agung Laksono. The things he say, are disregarding to the health hazard we are facing, like it's nothing to him.

Pfffffff. Whatever, really. Let's not get dirty with dirt.

Anyway!!! Just wanna give a quick shoutout!

This Saturday i'd be filming Budget Barbie at SCAPE flea =D I'd be there 2pm and filming should take around two hours. If you're around the area, come say hi okay =))) (Filming CANCELLED due to the haze).

27th (Thurs) i'd be giving a talk in Singapore Poly O.O With the people from Nuffnang. Quite nervous cox i used to study in Singapore Poly =S I.. Didn't do very well hahahah. But see you guys!!! Anyone studying there?!?! =DDD Let me know!!! See you 1pm - 3pm!

28th (Sat) i'd be celebrating my birthday! YIPPEEE~ The whole "smokey" effect would be really romantic~ I will draw smokey eyes to match the theme okay!!!

30th (Sun) i'd be at an exciting store opening and i'm quite sure there will be great discount and promotion!!! Stayed tuned for more details on this one and i am excited to see you guys!!!


Becox if the haze gets any worst, i can't even figure out where i am already.

Sian hor? Hahaha. Anyway! Keep your masks on and gulp water like a thirsty camel!


Anonymous said...

OMG me me me me!!!! Where will you be giving the talk at?????? What is the time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

"I think the main difference is how different people from different places value and see life."

Saw this sentence posted by you in this blog entry and i think i should comment about it. Perhaps... instead of saying 'people from different places value and see life', it'll be more appropriate for you to say 'people from different background value and see life'.

As you started your entry by expressing your negative feeling towards Indonesian Minister and went ahead with saying how different people from different places value life, you had given me a feeling that you were trying to say that... Indonesians do not value life. The rest of the Indonesians belong to the same place as the minister but that doesn't mean they don't value life.

Also, for the part which you were saying life in Singapore is good and it's (almost) like everyone is useful... well, i do agree that and Singaporeans should be proud of that. However, please bear in mind that, although most Singaporeans are more superior as compared to people from some countries, that doesn't mean people who are less superior than you don't value life. They do have the right to live and please do remember, we are all only humans, regardless you are Singaporeans, Indonesians, etc.

It's true that the haze has brought a lot of discomforts to Singapore for the past few days... but, please also take note that people who live near to the fire burning areas may be facing much more dangerous situation than you and they are Indonesians...

Just my two cents of thought for this blog entry~ you don't have to publish my comment if you aren't comfortable with it :) It's just that the existing haze problem is kinda sensitive issue to be discussed online since few countries are involved in this issue. I believe you didn't intend to mean your entry to be that way but words can be interpreted into different meanings and that can cause further misunderstandings =X

Okay, enough of my long winded comments, just take an extra good care of ourselves and people around us during this period :)
Everyone who gets affected by this issue is actually in the same boat now, despite his/her nationality~

Bye Qiu~ all the best for your talk! Oh, in case you're wondering, yes, i'm an Indonesian ^^

petite said...

OMG. I'm going to Sg next weekend! I will be stalking you at the store opening you're going. XD can I take a photo with you if have chance? :)hopefully can see dash dash as well >.<

カサンドラ said...

Omg I'm from SP but nooooo I have class from 1-5pm T___T

anggielian said...

just wanna say I second what anonymous (June 22, 1:06 AM) has said. well said!
and yes, I'm from Indonesia too

take care, Qiuqiu ^^