06 July 2013

5 mins dewy makeup look!

Hello! First of all, there will be no QWeekly this week cox i was going to do it today but i got migraine again =( But i am thankful cox this time it wasn't as bad as the previous times.

Anyway~ You will wanna watch this makeup tutorial i did cox it's really useful and time-saving for everyday makeup! And you'd still look decent and won't look too washed out or cakey!

It takes me less than 5 minutes to do this makeup and i made it into a tutorial! ^.^ Try it!

So this is the simple and natural makeup tutorial i promised from the other post. Next time round then i do all-doll-up okay! =D I am having quite a lot of fun doing more videos so you can subscribe to my Youtube channel lah =D Thank you! Cox i usually upload there first then embed in my blog a little later or few days later.

And i just wanna say.. JOSH IS AWESOME. Hahaha. He filmed the video for me and i think he did a great job! I think it's even better than some people who are commisioned to filmed =X

Anyone wanna engage him to film anything I AM HIS MANAGER. Email me qiutinger@gmail.com *insert scheming businessman laughter* Lolol.

No really, i tell him i think it's a pretty decent work and maybe we can film for products / services. Since he is already a commercial photographer he's got most of the equipment already.

You see you see, i am a businesswoman! Who say i don't have a real job! Lolol. My job is to exploit Josh's skills and talent! Hahaha.

Anyway~ The video, yes, the list of makeup i used are mostly mentioned in the video but here are some i might have missed out.

The highlighter crayon i used for the "Korean eyebags" is from Korea but i've seen nice ones from Missha / The Face Shop / Sasa.

Mascara is from The Face Shop, it's their 4D mascara. Supposedly adds volume, length, curl and something else i can't remember. It's alright but you really can just use any of your preferred mascara.

My lipgloss is awesome, it's of a nice pink tone and the applicator is great for both gliding or dabbing. It's from Shu Uemura.

And my lipblam wins a Japan No.1 crown on the rack and it smells like mentos grape and it is so far, the only lipbalm that i can finish and buy another same one. So you must know it's good. It's from Mentholatum and it looks like this. Get it from Sasa / Watsons.

And i just wanna add, you don't have to set the BB cushion with loose powder if you really want that dewy look. Trust me, end of the day you will still look glowly and nice one =D I always go out whole day and then go home still camho somemore. Haha. But of course if you want a matte look then you have to use something else and i'd probably use something else if i wanna be all dolled up!

This tutorial is for you to use everyday, with minimal time needed to look decent and pleasant and fresh and dewy and radiant and glowy lolol. I damn hardsell my own tutorial.


Hope you'd enjoy it ^.^ Subscribe to me on Youtube ah =D Thank you!


Genny said...

Cool ! please do more make up tutorials :) and good job Josh for not being an earthquake camera man, keep up the good work :)

Hanna Lei said...

Do more makeup tutorials. This one is so nice! Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

hey qiu :) I think it would look better if you tied your hair higher, it would look younger in my opinion. i know it's just for doing makeup but i guess i'm damn vain haha! nice tutorial! your face looks so bouncy, i love it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great video! Looks realllllllllllly professional like an advert for skII or something. Kudos to both of you!

Alicia said...

I love this video very much! It's clean, professional and definitely a great job done! It looks fun and some cheekiness was added into it :D Just a suggestion, maybe you can add in the name of the items you are using like.. YSL Lipstick xxx :) Just a suggestion though! Great effort Qiu! and to Josh :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the makeup tutorial qiuqiu! ((: i went to get the laneige bb cushion n it's really so moisturising n soft to wear on!

Can you share with us your item number code for the YSL lipsticks? There are many many shades (different number labels). The 2 shades in your tutorial are really nice! Thanks alot! (:

mei said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

is that the concealor or highlighter you have used to apply on your under eye?

Agnes Sim said...

like the video, u are so lucky got a talented husband. ;-)

Ilene said...

This is fantastic!