14 July 2013

Somethings you just don't give

You know in life, many people are gonna take things from you.

Somethings you give out of love, somethings you give cox you want to, somethings you give cox you must. Somethings you give just cox you're nice. Somethings you give cox that person is nice.

That's half the time. Another half the time we are the ones who take.

I think it's all fair, give and take.

Give and take, i have a sweet life. Earning fine, living comfortably, definitely can do better but i am happy and contented with what i have now thou i know, i just know.. That there are much more exciting stuff ahead.. Becox i believe =)

And i know i am not a bad person. I live everyday believing that i can make good things happen for people i love. And i always wish the best for the people i love and friends i like.

But why do other people try to make me feel like i'm bad?

Worst, they make me feel like the world is not worthy for me to feel good about. Like, why are some people so mean. Like, why do some people not understand. Like, why is there no more right and wrong. Like, how do you believe in yourself when so many people tell you you are nothing.

But that's just a passing depressing note.

Fact is.. The world is beautiful =)

Good things happened to me, is happening and will keep happening. Good things happened to my friends and family, is happening and will keep happening for them, i hope. Life is good.

Okay i can't say for all but for sure my life is pretty good enough for me =)

I was talking about give and take.. You can give, if it makes everyone happy, make situation better.

But remember never to let people take your faith away from you. People can say all the want. They can talk like they know you better than you, they can talk like they've known you for decades, analyze your life and predict your future.. But you must always remember..

Somethings you just don't give. If something is close to your heart, then protect it and stick with it.



I'm looking for contributors for QWeekly ^.^

There's too many food-tasting invites / beauty events and launches i get that i can't make time for. And i think it'd be great to have different people going for QWeekly.

Of course i'd credit you and your blog for the post =D For more details please email qweeklyonline@gmail.com your blog link so i can have a look at your blog ^.^ You don't have to be a pro-blogger or what, so long as you own a blog, it'd be great!!!

Only for people interested in Beauty (makeup, skincare, haircare etc!) or Food!

Thank you so much! Looking forward! I mean sometimes we can attend together but if i can't make time then you'd be on your own but don't worry, it's all free style =D Haha.

QWeekly will be back bigger better okay. Just give me some time to sort it out =D I also got hear your advice on the makeover being too similar but i guess this is just the make up i am comfortable to explore on other people's face. If i do smokey / thick liner on them i scared they be shock and go "WTF that wasn't what i saw on the other girls!" Lol. But okay lah i will try =D Also i'd try to arrange for more interactive stuff on it okay! =D Just wait!

Meanwhile, here's a video of me after removing makeup. Haha. It's definitely not a tutorial but i thought it'd be interesting to see me with one side of the face with makeup and the other side without.

Okay lah say real one i got bored when i get home and then i don't wanna waste the makeup that day lol so i made a video. You can see my firework (hanabi special) hair in the video =D I love it. I move, the colour also shift. It's like i have different hair colour the whole time lol.

If you're keen to do this or something similar:

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page


Anonymous said...

Hi babe, wanna ask your opinion about removing makeup. A lot of gurus talk about how removing make up thoroughly is super important. I use the Biore wipes too and after that, I'll use a regular cleanser. But when I put on toner, there'll always be residue on the cotton pad.

Am I doing something wrong? What's your solution to that?

Rainbow said...

:(. Everyone's like that sometimes. I guess you get it more cox your a blogger. N some ppl get jealous or insecure, want some attention. But hey! Your intelligent and witty and you stand up for yourself which is important cox not everybody can! :) I like reading your blog and watching instavideo with baby yorou. I'm also very tall like you, thanks for the make up tips :)

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu continue believing, doing what you believe.

Anonymous said...

First time read your blog. First time view your video..

I see sadness in your eye. 好好照顾自己的心。用平常心去面对。加油!