26 July 2013

Painting pictures..

Do you paint pictures?

I think you should. Paint yourself pictures. Pictures to bring you through and bring you forward.

When i don't feel well, and when i'm down on my knees begging for health to be back to me, nobody helps me get through it other than me. I can hit my head a million times but the pain won't go away.

What help me pull through is a picture. A picture that i paint in my head =)) When i'm not feeling well, i paint me on a green field, running and turning around, smiling, laughing, looking happy and carefree =))) It makes me really really thankful, for the simple things i can do daily. Though i hate the grass. So the green field could well be a giant blob of lime jello if you take a closer look. Ew. Lol.

When i'm in a bad situation or when i see people in a bad situation that they shouldn't be.. I paint myself with vines and flowers as my top, and a tutu skirt.. And i spin up in the air and then i fan out glittery magic dust to make everything good. And then as i spin down, i take away all the bad things, and then i throw it into the sky and then.. They disappear~! =DDD

And when i'm feeling really really sad (which is rare, cox i haven't have my heartbroken since.. couple of months ago lol) i picture a stronger, braver and more courageous me picking me up from the ground and then hugging me and then telling me "Don't be silly! It's not as bad as you think it is! At least you are still alive! Things will get better!!!" And then i feel better after i get some sleep.

These are three really really really important pictures in my head. I mean of course there are other pictures too but.. I can't really share them haha. Oh oh oh, i also picture myself in a big house =DDD

With MooMoo, Drago and Tiffany running around happy in the house ^.^ And a maid picking up their poop O.O What.

I also picture myself marrying Jerry Yan but that can never happen so you know, don't take it too seriously. Lolol. Kidding lah, paint pictures that are not too.. Unrealistic okay.

You must be thinking i am crazy or stupid. It's okay, i am really just sharing you what replay in my head whenever  i need to feel better =D True story lol. Sometimes i just zone out cox i need to focus on the picture in my head haha. Real one, one day i was sitting at the computer thinking about my big house and the fridge filled with tidbits and Vitagen ^.^

Anyway i'm done filming for the micro-movie i was talking about!

It's call 丘比特的幸福世界 ^.^ It's a micro-movie filmed at Resort World Sentosa, starring Tiffany Hsu, Leon Williams and 小小彬 =DDD Xiao Xiao Bin is soooo cute ^.^

I am playing a really small role but it's been a lot of fun and i really wanna thank Ripple for being so helpful all the time i was there =D And i'm happy that the crew and cast are all so nice and warm ^.^

And Tiffany Hsu is soooo totally gorgeous and polite and professional i have to stop myself from looking at her for too long O.O Don't wanna appear like a creepy Singaporean haha.

Anyway what was i saying. Painting pictures. Do you paint pictures in your head?

Or do you paint pictures using your life.

Some people paint pictures not for themselves but purely for other people to see. You know.. Like.. "Baby boy you are the love of my life", "With each day i love you a little more", "Thank you for loving me so much" and then months down the road blog a whole lot of shit about how shitting her shitty relationship is.


And then get one more bf, and then breakup and then one more bf, and then breakup. Somebody needs a whoremon pill pronto =O How can every freaking bf be "Love of my life" are you a fucking cat, even a cat only has 9 lives haha.

Alright, go paint your pictures, the ones that make you feel happy, the ones that make the people around you happy. The ones that you can afford =) The ones that are not just lies.

Yeah i am just babbling whatever comes to my mind and i can do that cox..

Cox i am boss *puts on a cool pair of shades*

And oh yayyy~!!! Tomorrow is Baby Yurou's birthday party already ^.^ I can't wait!!! =DDD



janice said...

hahaha i love you qiuqiu! you are just sooo real! and yes i paint pictures too! and if u rmb from the secret, visualisation actually helps alot in achieving our dreams! so keep painting those beautiful pictures in your mind ya cos i strongly believe one day you'll be running down the garden in your big house and be rich enough to be a philanthropist where you'll be the saint who comes to the rescue of the needy just like how you'll sprinkle magic dust with your vines and flowers top and tutu skirt!:D love you qiu! cheers to painting beautiful pictures of our lives!

QiuQiu said...

Thank you Janice!!! Yes i wanna be a philantropist hahaha. So rich that i can do a lot of good with my money ^.^ Best facilities for dog rescue center and a big house for myself!!!