23 July 2013

My Wardrobe is opened to you guys! Haha!

Hello~ So actually if you don't already know from my Twitter and Instagram, since the last time i blogged about wanting to sell my stuff on "My Wardrobe" page of my blog..

I already went ahead and do it and clear one bag of stuff! =DDD

So now FYI, i just put up another batch =DDD Most of the more expensive items like the Japanese label ones get grabbed off really fast and i go by first-email-first-serve basis so you can periodically check the page to see if there's update =D

The cheaper items like $5 items also gets sold really fast so you also faster go see lah. I already removed all the sold items from the first batch! So.. Enjoy shopping from my wardrobe lol.

Some of the items from this new batch. You can check out more by clicking on "My Wardrobe" page!

I wanna pat myself on the shoulder. A few more bags to go (provided i get so busy i can't shop at all) and my room will be clear. Okay not like clear clear but it'd have space for me to walk around lol.

Okay i'd see how i can update the next few days okay! Filming is gonna be like morning till late night and i'd be mostly just bumming around waiting lol. So if i can i'd blog something! If not..

Nah, i'd definitely blog one lah. Lolol. I am too hungry for your attention and love lolol.

Need to sleep now =O


R said...

You ship to Indonesia?

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, will you ship to the UK for extra?