20 September 2013

Plastic bitch

You know after i started having "plastic surgery" done 3 years ago, people who wanna insult me think "Plastic" is the best insult. Really? Give me some credit. I am also really bitchy and mean when people want a piece of me. While you're at it, why not also say i am an inhumane meat-eater?

I love deep-fried pork strips, fish and chips, chicken pie, roasted duck and.. That's all the kinds of meat i eat but yeah, i am a monster~ RAH!

Anyway this is how i really feel now.. After being called "Plastic" for quite some time by some people.. I just feel..


I just really feel..




Finally let it out of my chest.


"Noplastic" probably looks better than you too =OOO

Now who you can really call "plastic" and for real be more superior than it?

Instead of feeling the fake sense of superiority when you call someone who's kind and friendly (me hahaha) but simply vain.. Plastic,

You can call them plastic. They be like "Duh?"

You be like.. "Oh-kay..."

I be like LOL. Point is.. You can call me plastic, yes i have plastic surgery but it's really silicon inside my nose to be exact.. So you can also call me "silicon" but you have to understand that if i am ashamed to be plastic (or silicon), i wouldn't have done plastic, or i could have done it but i would not let people know of it.

The fact that i am open with it, shows that?

I am like the (real) plastics, you call me plastic, i be like "Duh?" and then? You be like Oh-kay.. LANLAN.

Think of better insults. "Plastic" is getting old. Thou theoretically plastic is non-biodegradable and you're encouraged to recycle it.. But.. Plastic insult.. Really? Try harder.

No amount of dissing on people who had plastic surgery is gonna make you look any prettier / uglier.

And sometimes i even think people who call me "Plastic" actually shouldn't fight plastic. When i look at their faces i'm like, "What? You need it sister! Don't fight it! Just do it!" Lolol.

I never go diss you say you ugly, you shouldn't come at me calling me what i am.

You fat you lose weight by exercising / dieting / live with it.

You ugly you makeup / get surgeries done / live with it.

No option is better than the other. Don't feel like you have one-up just cox you are what? Natural? So?

Vegetables and pork also au-natural. You go supermarket caress them and stroke them ever so tenderly okay.

You be like "Oh kailan.. Oh chicken breast meat.. You are so natural, you are the most superior of all form"

I be like?



Alice Lee-Yang said...

Hahaha another entertaining rant post 😁

Hanna Lei said...

Plastic surgery is just a way to improve yourself. No different than makeup. People are just mean. -Hanna Marie

Unknown said...

DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE BITCHES!!! You definitely look way better than them, and me, and most people. Haters gonna hate.
I still love your hair (the ash with the blue) from way back when... It looked fab! <3 Cross fingers that I get hair sponsor soon and can get the same coloring done..

Anonymous said...

Your comparison is just a huge joke.

Fion said...

Eh...additional options to being fat: can do liposuction/acupuncture/tummy-trimming treatments as well as many other kinds of procedures available on the market now. Like those advertised in clinics. Probably also considered "artificial" by some. You're lucky cuz you're slim and do not have fat issues, which is good, lol. If I have the money, or if one of these treatments are sponsored, I will do it as well. Science and technology has advanced to this current stage that makes these options available, so why not just make use of them if circumstances are favourable?

Anonymous said...

love it when people pissed you off, because your come back is so good!

Little Miss Faye said...

Hi! You know what, you're so beautiful, with or without surgery. People will continue to criticize you, just because you're gorgeous, and they're ugly in and out.

Cat said...

100% agree with Fion!

Aren't people silly at times?

Most people who complain about plastic surgery wear make up or have gotten their teeth straightened.

If they're so natural why don't they keep their 'natural teeth'?

Or natural hair colour or natural skin tone or eye colour(the list goes on).

Unless you are a hippy who lives in a forest, naked, with no skin/hair/body products of any kind, who kills and grows your own food, you can't really claim to be natural.

I am makeup-less 98% of the time but that doesn't mean I'm a natural beauty who has some kind of superiority over those who do/choose to/have to/want to wear makeup 98% of the time.

Everybody enhances themselves in some way, hell wearing deodorant and using soap enhances your beauty (in that you don't smell and have clean skin).

When I was 18 I had no surgical enhancements and because I was blonde, skinny with big boobs everyone said I was plastic. I just thought well my boobs must be really awesome if people think they are fake ahaha!

Plastic is hardly the insult people think it is.

I'll take looking plastic over looking like a mess and I'll take being kind over being insulting any day.

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu - Think your absolutely stunningly beautiful before and after surgery (p.s. Hi from the UK ^^)

madniman said...

ignore is the best thing for them :D. ignooooooooooore them.

Anonymous said...

You think you're beautiful with that huge forehead,.overly small chin and over plumped cheeks....
No balance in there, like an Alien. Photos from below post are much better

Anonymous said...

lol. would you rather they change their insult attempts to 'rubber you' or 'silicone you'? glad you're happy in your own skin. that's all that matters.

lui waner said...


We can't judge people look by saying hey... why you so ugly, why u look like a "bitch"

to us, we will felt offended by it. others don't felt offended at all.

This kind people like to said sarcastic remarks.

when people said you look like "plastic", all you just said "excuse me, don't tell me that u did not use plastic before"

Well, the things is don't ever judge people by their looks

Rain said...

hi qiuqiu just ignored them, Plastic surgery is so common in korea and those girl band , boy band they love also did that so its not a big deal .

most important is to have a good heart , so what they are pretty without the need of plastic surgery , they have a ugly heart which made them ugliest people

Rain said...

not forgetting with their super thick makeup to transform , it's even more fake

Anonymous said...

Just because it's not something I would choose, doesn't mean that gives me free license to cast stones at others who have made that choice
And for the record, I shoot my mouth off about needing lipo, but I doubt I would actually do it *chickens out* LOL

You aren't hurting anyone (or yourself by going under the knife (? needle)
And frankly, it's no one business but yours
If Josh and your family and friends don't give a flying rat's arse, why should random Internet netizens?

Yes, the naysayers can argue that you are in the spotlight and that you chose to publicise your procedures
To that I say, more power to you as you CHOSE to be open and honest about any enhancements you had done
As opposed to taking a 'die-die- also-refuse-to-fess-up' attitude like certain Singaporean blogger
That's just plain hypocrisy

ps: When will people learn that calling someone names like 'plastic' only hurts when the insultee actually CARES?
Cos you don't LOL

Unknown said...

dont need to be bothered with hatters cause she may not have the guts to do it unlike you. plastic surgery works the same like makeup, used to make a girl look prettier and feel confident about herself =)

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu~ this post has made me laughed so loud when I read the ending part on the caressing the kailan~ you're an awesome and fun person.. really love reading all your entries! it's nice to see that what people say to you doesn't affect you much.. wish I had your courage! really wish you nothing but the best! you rock QiuQiu!

QiuQiu said...

Loraein, yeah lor.. It's like i get it if people just don't like me, for whatever reasons. But calling me plastic like i'd be hurt...? Lolol.

Hanna, agree!

Peiton, iam going to doing it again!!! Hopefully whole head this time! If Sio agrees! Hahaha.

Anon, your comment also is a joke.

Fion, yeahhh, so many solution to things we don't like about ourselves. I don't see how anyone is better than the other.

Anon, enjoy yourself hahaha.

Miss Faye, thank you =)

Cat, agree! Plastic is really better than feeling sour / unhappy anyday!!! Lolol.

Anon, thank you, from Singapore ^.^

Anon, yeah i do think i am good looking O.O How now? Do i answer your questions / weak insult?

QiuQiu said...

Raine, makeup thick also nevermind lah, they sugah okay dee lolol. It's just don't go dissing other in their face lor.

Anon, yup!!! doesn't hurt me cox i don't care. Scolding back doesn't mean the insult hurts me, it just mean i don't suck it up to rude people. Only awesome people like us get it hahaha.

Estelle, yeah. Some people go out to do what they want, other people stand on the sideline and cristisize and don't ever do anything for themselves. Shrugs. Britney Spears "Work Bitch is a great song to ask them to just shut up and get what they want instead of yakking about other people who actually have guts.

Unknown said...

hahaha, caress the veggies.. lol!
by the way, most foods are not 'natural' now per se anyway... lol

Janice 琇琇 said...

You have a pretty face, and also real personality, unlike those mean people who only know how to insult other people for no reasons. Even the plastic surgeons can't fix their ugly personalities. Jia you Qiu!

Jess Tee said...

I saw you in Tampimes One Bakerzine once but I'm too shy n also dun want to frighten u to go up to say hi. U were seated near the escalator. Plastic or not, I think u look very pretty n u didn't ve (or maybe ve?) makeup on that day. My daughter keep telling me Dun Stare Mum..wait she call police! LOL! But it was great for me to see u in real life cos I ve been reading your blog for some time. I know your blog fans mostly are teens n young ladies, I just wan to read to understand how young ppl think n like so I can relate to my teen daughter. I intro her to read your blog too..haha..keep up your true self in your blog! It's one of the best out there among. Have a great day!