08 September 2013

I have the cheapskate face =_=

Hello! Mobile blogging from Hong Kong airport! My weekend at Disneyland was AMAZING. More on that soon =DDD

So i'm heading home today! I finally ate roasted goose which really is like duck except it's bigger? And maybe more tender. The skin was awesome thin crispy flavourful oily juicy and fatty. Love it.

More on the Hong Kong trip next time also!

Now i just wanna share with you how i conclude i have a cheapskate face lolol.

So i was at Forever21 at Causeway Bay, they were having a sale so yes i did buy quite a few accessories all on sale. But i also bought TWO caps not on sale okay! Lolol. When i was at the cashier the lady keep trying to explain me how all the sales items are non-refundable. So i'm like okay. She still repeat two more times that since my items are all from sale section, it's non-refundable.

THING IS.. She also haven't see all my stuff! Lolol. I haven't even take out my stuff to put them on the table! So i am assuming she assume i am the kind who only buy sales item =(

Then i was at Cotton On at Causeway Bay also and i bought three items for Baby Jude. 1 was normal priced and other 2 were selling for 2 for HKD120.

So at the cashier the girl repeat in Cantonese like three times how the hoodie is not a sales items. I nod like soooo many times she still scared i don't get it lol.

So i am also assuming she think i will only buy items on sale =((((

Is it i got the giam cai bin (salted vegetable, cheap looking face)?


Okay time to board. Don't say dee! TTYL!


Audrey said...

haha, i also always get that type of treatment!like they're afraid i cannot afford to pay or something xD

Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe she would act like that. -Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

well it takes a cheapskate face to recognize another cheapskate face...lol. urs more glam lah, budget Barbie!

Anonymous said...

no laaaa! probably a lot of people in that mall like to refund sales items so they just make sure so many times. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Can only mean 2 things: they r doing their job and they repeat this to every customer? Or they have been noticing u ransacking the sale items? Or maybe u look cheapskate or dress cheapskate?

Cat said...

I feel your pain QiuQiu :( I wonder same thing sometimes, except I always get followed around by shop assistants like I'm a shop lifter and I ALWAYS get my bag checked.

No matter how small my bag is or what I wear, I get treated like shop lifter.

Will be a huge line of people and I will be the only one that gets checked WTF?

Sad thing is I am the holder of a World Elite MasterCard :( but I get treated like cheapo poor ass shop lifter FTS!

When I use it they triple look at me like I stole it then they get the manager or ask for uber id. No-one asks for i.d with your credit card in Australia. Embarrassing :(!

I think I must have cheapo face too or maybe poor person face :(

Maybe next time give them full price items to scan first? Either way I say you spit at them! RUDE!

Unknown said...

aww hope u r having fun at HK!

QiuQiu said...

Lea, really ah =( Then how? Actually sometimes i blame myself. When i dress up nicer i don't get such treatment =(

Hanna, yeah they did but not rudely, just as a matter of factly. Hahaha.

Cat hahahaha, FYL!! Is it same as me, never dress up nicely thats why get treated like we're shoplifters. You know when i walk into Prada / Marc Jacobs to get gifts for my friends, every salesperson ignore me and i have to really grab someone to help me get the item i wanna purchase!