24 September 2013

DocDoc Tell Your Story contest WINNER out!

Hello! So if you guys haven't already know, late last month, DocDoc has already announced the winner on their Twitter! They also announced it on DocDoc Facebook page, i strongly suggest you to like their page cox one time i randomly chance upon it some time back and i saw they were giving out 1 hour body massage for free to everyone who click to redeem it O.O I redeemed one hour for myself and got my friends to like and redeem also hahaha #Kiasu But now i think maybe no more dee lah but will have other exciting promotions and collaborations with their listed clinics one lah!

Anyway here's a video from the entry DocDoc blogged, i am sorry i got a bit emotional in the video having to decide between the top two contestants.. ='( I can't reveal too much of her story but i must say i can relate to some of the hardship she's been through, though hers, put together is ten times more than any good person should endure.. And i admire her through and through for staying so optimistic and positive despite everything.

I really really hope things will work out for her in other ways..

As for the winner, Joyce!!! I am happy for you!!! =DDD I hope you will have beautiful smiles and lifestyle from here on =) The $5000 cash will definitely change your condition!!!

See the final selection process.

Thank you DocDoc for this experience.. From the day we had our online consultation.. I remember i didn't believe anything would actually happen..

I didn't believe it until the moment i took a plane to Korea and get to REGEN =)

Now it's been 6 months since my surgery. I am happy to say that i love my nose to bits but..


Alright! If you'd like to book an appointment in Singapore / enquire about surgery in Korea, compare prices, check for speciality in specific clinics etc, drop DocDoc an email, they'd be glad to help you.

Also! Cox there were wayyyy too many (thousands) entries, DocDoc have decided to come up with a second prize. So if you'd already submitted your entries then you're covered. But if you have not, you could still enter for second prize HERE!

Good luck to you =)

Also, i am selling my stuff~ Go to My Wardrobe to see~


Hanna Lei said...

Its fantastic that they're giving a second prize. -Hanna Marie

Wendy Teo said...

This is so touching.. :')

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel stupid when the subtitles write something different from what you say? So disrespectful. lol. So what if your English isn't "Standard American English", it doesn't necessarily mean that it is grammatically wrong.