25 December 2013

How this Christmas has been so far..

Hello! Merry Christmas!!! If you're reading this now..

Hi-five. We same same no life.

Lolol. Josh is already sleeping please. We've been working on Little Thoughts photoshoot and before that other things (like GIRLYMake and his other shoot), non-stop. I haven't had an "off-day" for about 1 month plus now. Except our 8th anniversary which.. I still did work haha.

So yeah, Josh told me "Yay. No alarm tomorrow. I am going to sleep in late" I was like "Yeah good. I also. What time you gonna wake up?"

He reply "About 11am"


11am only say until "Sleep in late" like damn cool like this hahahaha. PLEASE. LIMBEH GONNA SLEEP IN UNTIL I SONG THEN WAKE UP!!! NO 2PM NO WAKE!!!!!

WOOWOO~~ *do Miyake's spinning dance* Lol. I was working with Miyake and Yutaki just a few days back at a photoshoot for KFC. And she is really crazy. Whenever we go WOOWOO she does this cowgirl spinning dance move hahahaha.

Anyway if you're here.. I just wanna share with you how my Christmas has been this year!

Kickstart the celebration at Wendy's place ^.^ With Mike, Dash Dash, ZC (Shuyin's husband), Shuyin, Yipmomo, Joen, June and Yutaki ^.^ Cao Sophie was late so no picture of her in the group pic! Boooo. Lol.

The very yummy turkey Wendy got. And the other food we all potluck / Shuyin and Wendy whipped up. Haha. Heng all the noobshit at cooking ones never try so hard to go cook. If not confirm all kena food poisoning. So we were lucky to have Shuyin and Wendy cook. I LOVE THE CREAM SAUCE!

And as usual..

Hey heartbreaker hahaha *insert hearteyes emoticon*
Xiao Pang lou dian zhao!!! =OO Lolol. Man bu man?
Dash Dash be like "Mommy you look so silly ha ha ha!"
Patronizing mild smile haha. Wendy was making him laugh at the camera. After this shot Sophie snatched Dash Dash away from me!
When i finally got him back after Sophie and Yutaki snapped lotsa super cute camho shots with him..

CAO SOPHIE!!!!!!! Lolol.
Then Dash Dash got really cranky so Wendy went to put him to bed. And while we waited.. We do what we were born to do. Lolol.
Snap snap snap.
About 30 minutes later Santa's favourite blonde who is not blonde joined back. Lol.

The fuck my face = TFMF.

And then after that i gotta rush home to prepare for early trip to Batam the next day so i missed out on all the gossip hahaha. But it was a really fun night =))) I look forward to celebrating more Christmas with them nice bunch ^.^ And next year i maybe wanna get dessert cox this lousy Yutaki got cupcakes (and strudels) and smashed all of them cuppies on the way to the party hahaha. Laopok.

Today (Christmas's Eve) was spent working on Little Thoughts photoshoot and then family time ^.^

I went to find le wild Baby Yurou in a ankle long dress.....................

Totally for age 4 - 5 at least. She's only 2 years old plus!

My dad told me she insisted she wanna wear that. It was a gift from her mom's former colleague and then it was meant for wearing much later but Yurou saw it and she DEMAND STRONGLY to wear.

And then she walk around thinking she damn chio hahaha. I LOVE IT BABY. Werk it like your auntie me. Lol.

Begged her to camho with me and surprisingly she said yes =OOO She usually is scream "BIAO PAI WO!!!!" like some superstar being chased by paparazzi one. Lolol. Some people say we look alike. I don't know to be happy about it or not hahaha.

Now her new stunt is..

If she want to get your attention and hurry you to do somehing..

She'd tell you..

"阿姨.. 看住我. 看住我. 你快点 okay?"

I'd ask her to wait and she'd say "Okay 你慢慢来"


If you ask her to wait again she'd act considerate and say "Okay 你慢慢来"


*RAGE FACE* hahahaha.

Seriously Yurou, 3 seconds. Lolol. I thought i was one of the most impatient people around.

Today's Christmas dinner with my family. Hahaha. As you can see.. It is not a Christmas dinner. More like a typical zichar dinner. But hey~ Better than nothing~
Went home to dig out this bag where i keep all the Christmas presents i received this year.

Left to right, top down:

- Hello Kitty jellybeans and Sanrio handcream and candies from Gem V^.^V

- Goodies that includes Victoria's Secrets mist =O Along with a top, they are all gifts from Lyramin

- Christmas card from Nuffnang that comes with a candycane ^.^

- Foot therapy soak bath from Haus Of Spa!!! =DDD I LOVE THEIR ITEMS! Remember the sleep balm i bought from them?! Still using it and i've bought one for Josh's friend also!!! If you wanna create your own unique spa experience at the comfort of your home.. You know who to find~

- Poppycock in a bag on its own becox that bag is where i keep all the things Mich got me and this Poppycock was one of them it's supposed to be my Christmas present last last year i think lolol. She gave me a lot more things but it's all from her trips overseas and it's all candies and chocolates which..... I can only show you in other form. Lol.

- Body gel specially for "BARBIE SKIN" hahaha and a super nice pouch from SPA Esprit!

- Twinkle eyes contact lens from Masashi san boss of Cleo Hair! ^.^ He's very nice lah, also got me lotsa eyelash samples from Japan for me to study lolol. Each time he come back he will get something for me i am very touched and happy!!! ^.^

- Christmas card and a sweet handwritten note with a pastel bracelet with charm that says "Dream" =))) From a very nice reader who came to GIRLYMake event that day ='))) Thank you..

- LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT ALL!!! Yutaki's present for me this year!!!!!!! FLASH AIR CARD!!!!! It's a wifi SD card!!!!! =DDDD I've been wanting to get it but as you all know.. I am very very very very change-resistant. I don't like changes and i am afraid to try new things especially technologies lol. But this yutaki very very sweet one he always gets nice present for us girls no matter Christmas or Birthday!!! T___T Thank you YK..

WAIT WAIT. I thought that was last when i look through my room..

Almost forgot about the bigass luggage sitting in my living room for now!!! ^.^

From the sweetest and most helpful girl ever who've helped me a lot over the years.


I will keep using it!!! =') XIEXIE!!!

You know this whole year, for someone like me who have received so much help from others..

And is so very well-taken care of..


But i have yet to.


I very much want to but i really just can't find the time to go do Christmas shopping =((((((

But tomorrow (Christmas day) i'd be free the whole day so i wanna go do shopping!!! =DDD But i'm scared the festive crowd will be crazy. So maybe 26th i'd go shopping! OR GO STALK MY BFF MICH COX SHE'S BE BACK ON BOXING DAY ^.^V Hahaha.

Omg looking at my calendar now and i realise i have to work 27th, 28th, 29th. Is this what they call the last sprint for the year. Cox if it is i really am sprinting headfirst.

Thank you for reading.. Stay safe and blessed this Christmas.. And every other day =) And if you can find it in you somewhere.. Try to forgive someone..

I did it. And it made me feel better =)


Hanna Lei said...

I'm glad you've had a good Christmas! -Hanna Lei

FiSh said...

im using the wifi sd card too!!! it's damn gorgeous, everyone would be asking why the pictures in your phone look so pretty. HAHAH because they are taken from the camera ^_^ it can be instantly downloaded to the phone, and uploaded on FB/Insta. Love it! Merry Christmas, Qiuqiu!!! Have a blessed one! :)

T said...

Merry Christmas!

Cindy He said...

Baby Yurou is sooo cute! I love her very much! :DDD