27 December 2013

Taiwan EZEE Beauty Trip Day 1 ^.^V

HELLOOOO~~ How's your Christmas day and Boxing day been?!?!

Got receive lotsa presents??? =D

I hope so! But more than that i hope you sent lotsa presents to people you love ^.^ Or people who have helped you. People who have been nice to you.

Anyway! I was in Taiwan previously for a press conference for a product launch!!!

It's a collagen drink (EZEE Beauty Collagen Drink) produced by Teeni ^.^ More on that soon!!!

I am soooo grateful they invited me cox..


Best thing is.. They flew both me and Josh up =OOO

I was really sick that period of time but i try to forget i am sick when i am overseas. Lolol. Does it matter if it feels like i have yellow thick meepok mucus up my nostrils? No it doesn't.


When we arrived at the airport we were told there will be transport arranged for us. But we got held up at the immigration checkpoint cox there was a long queue so the car arranged for us had to make a loop.

And then while waiting for it to loop back, i see a lot of cars with different windows. Some chrome, some see-through, some musky and a few totally pitch black.

So i told Josh that the pitch black ones are for celebrities or very rich people in Taiwan hahahaha. Cox cannot let paparazzi spot them mah. And then come our mini bus.

It was pitch black from the outside hahahaha. So Josh turn to me and say sarcastically "So.. 我们是很红很红的人, 还是很有钱很有钱的人?" Hahahah obviously i was bullshitting him earlier on haha.

YAY! One picture sitting in pitch black window transport! Lol. Feeling important.
Our hotel (Wan Nian) ^.^ It's right at Ximending, inside a shopping mall and once we walk down we get many street side shopping and food and convenient storesss ^.^ I LOVE!!! Also you can 泡温泉 in your bath room if you want. They provide bath salt and all. With a place for you to soak in.
We quickly head out to enjoy the evening!!! ^.^ On Taiwan street ^.^ OMG TAIWAN WO AI NI!!! So vibrant and cheerful and friendly, the vibes of the country.
I notice at least a 70% change of the street food stalls!!! I wonder how much i've missed out in just a year! This time white bittergourd and white corn is all the heat but the usual sausages and smelly tofu stays of course.
People walking.. Chill cooling breeze.. Soap bubbles in the air.. Music playing from street buskers =)) All that and the brightly lit shops in the night.. I am always thankful Teeni sent me up!!! ='D
At one shop call 阿毛. This doggie guai guai de stay there and was friendly to people. I don't know why he / she stood up when i bring my camera nearer haha. One thing i love about Taiwan is really how dog-friendly the country is! I hope Singapore is also like this O.O
Young hamsum dude dancing haha. I wonder if Jay Chou ever braved it like that before he made it.
Saw a four-storey hair salon and i told Josh "What the heck i wanna show Cheesie and Samantha"
Me with my fried quail eggs ^.^
Saw another Ah Mao shop. So many Ah Maos. I really thought that one dog was call Ah Mao lor. Lolol. Only to realise there are many chain outlets.
Ah Mao version 2.0 - Lazy and relaxed.
Saw a shop that sells everything cuteeeee!!! Lotsa bunnies and cats and doggies items! Bought some Sophie cox she loves cats haha. Shit i haven't pass to her.
If you ever walk past this shop please go in and take a look! Everything is so cute and some really cheap!
Hopped over to Shilin night Market and saw thisssssss!!!!!!
Sweet potatoes with maltose candy!!!!!!!! OMG OMG IT IS SOOOO GOOD????!!!! Chewy, sticky and really not too sweet at all!!! Anytime better than your sticky chewy date pudding! Haha! And so cheap somemore!!! And totally cannot finish one.
Covered with batter and deep-fried until golden brown..
They are deep-fried MILK. What the heck. I had to try it right. It was just alright. Kinda like milk custard in deep-fried batter.
THIS IS WHY I WAS AT SHILIN!!!!! ^.^ Had it with Wendy, Cheesie and Audrey the last time and fell in love with it ever since!!! It's at the shop near the end of Shilin okay!
Choose from many dips! You can help yourself to whatever you want! I go with the garlic chili mix with preserved vegetables dip!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BESTTTT.
OMNOMS! I regret not picking the most chao tar one. Please pick the most black one if you can.
Lotsaaaa tikam stalls for family and kids and for couples to enjoy!!!
Taiwan.. 台湾 = 吃不完.
Yummiest freshly deep-fried har-jeong gai (shrimp paste chicken) ever. I love it that the Taiwanese don't prepare anything deep-fried and leave it there. If it's deep-fried, it's deep-fried on the spot to order.
A happy me.
And a happy me. Lol I mean what do you want me to caption? I was just really happy and wanted to snap a picture of me feeling happy and to remember it forever. FOREVER.
Saw cute mailboxes and told Josh to snap a picture of me and my OOTD haha. He say i pick the shittiest location and foreground. Cox a lot of motorbike blocking me and for him to take a picture he have to be in the road. Lolol. Scared die meh..
Come lah i werk it. ON THE ROAD. NOT SCARED. Hahaha.

Okay that's the end for day (more like night) one ^.^ A LOT MORE TO COME~

You guys have a nice weekend and i'd see you here.. Every other day, like always. Okay!




Hanna Lei said...

Those dogs are adorable, and your hotel room looks so nice. -Hanna Lei

Winston Choo said...

hi qiuqiu looking forward to the Day 2 post and I really love reading ur blog as it is so nice written and informative too !!!

Cat said...

I want to go to Taiwan now! Was going to go but then my fiance's father said it was full of hookers and unsafe :( and that the hotel we booked was haunted.

But he is Chinese so he maybe biased because we have always thought Taiwan looked beautiful and fun! I would die in that Henry Cats store! *Buys all the cat pillows*