22 December 2013

GIRLYMake first roadshow booth!

Hello! Last weekend i held a booth event for GIRLYMake ^.^ At Triple ONE Somerset ^.^

I know you might find me naggy but i have to say it!!!


Thank you girls for making time to come down ='))) I am really happy you guys came!!!

But the biggest "Thank You" i give to my sister (@pearlang on Dayre haha), my brother-in-law, Gem and Josh for coming down to help me out ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I didn't expect the turn out to be good cox like there's no cheap items for you guys to get, no freebies from GIRLYMake etc. So i expected to go there to swat flies after i attend to like maybe 5 girls max.

So i didn't ask for any help for this booth set up. I intend to head down alone with a banner stand, my counter, and some makeup and flower O.O

But when my sister heard that i am going for a roadshow demo she ask me who's helping me i said nobody and she was like ??????? So she roped in my BIL and Josh and ask me to get a friend.

Lolol. But way more than 5 girls turned up!!!!!! =DDD


My sister suggested to do door gifts for you girls. Courtesy of Little Thoughts!!! If you need corporate gift packs please contact us also ^.^ enquiry@littlethoughts.sg Our website is http://littlethoughts.sg Look out for our Chinese New Year catalogue soon!!!

Pretty pastel cupcakes from http://www.vanillecreme.com She's a recipe blogger who whips up some mean food and pastries as hobby. She sometimes does bake sale also. I lucky she was free that day to help so last miutely! I ordered only the night before and only paid for it on the day itself =O Thanks for accepting my order at such a short notice ah Elise!!! I didn't get to try the cuppies though =O
The set up for that day ^.^ Thanks to my helpers that day!
So glad to see girls trying to put on GIRLYLash for themselves! A lot of them are first-timers!!! SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLS!!! ^.^ I started at age 22 =OOO that's wayyyy too late!!!
And then 15 minutes into the start of the event.. The queue built up damn fast all the way to the elevator. Sorry to let you all wait =((( I know a lot of you girls queued damn long. SORRY!
My sister begged me to do a shout out for this young lady in white here! =__=

She say she wanna be friends with her cox she has a very kind and sweet heart. Cox my sister saw her queuing patiently and even when other people cut her queue she's okay with it and just quietly stood there and wait.

My sister think that people who don't want to fight with others are usually the kindest people. I guess in her context i must be King Boss Monster level 999999. Lolol.


Lolol. Boh lah. Kai wan xiao.

But you dare you try lor *stare* Lolo.

Tableful for goodies. Yummy snack packs, cupcakes and GIRLYLash and eyelid tapes~
Girly talks with each and everyone who came. About the woes of having not-obvious-enough eyelids. About woes of wearing lashes that are too stiff / hard to use etc I HAD FUN WITH YOU GIRLS!!!
An unofficial counter got set up for the girls to try the other eye after i try on one eye for them ^.^ I LOVE IT WHEN I SEE PEOPLE TRYING THINGS TO MAKE THEM LOOK BETTER!

I hope more and more girls will fall in love with the fun and magic of little beauty tricks that make them look better! ^.^ And feel better!!! =)))

And then after that more unofficial "counters" start up where readers help each other makeup among themselves before and after i try on the lash for them! Cox i brought lotsa other makeup for them to play with and doll up ah~ FUN HOR!!! ^.^ Let's do it again next time!!!

Next time i will know better okay.

I will bring three more sets of tools and have bigger booth space and more tables so we don't have to act like girls in the collage dorms, borrowing each other tools hahaha.

But it was really fun that way too! ^.^

I call it a successful event!!! ^.^ One more star to add to the GIRLYMake's report card! Haha. I mean look, you see me helping people. Other people helping people and then you see the boyfriend so super sweet help her girlfriend hold the mirror ^.^ And then you see the girl helping herself with the lash! She's already super cute right, but the lash i swear make her look 3 times cuter hahaha ^.^V

So thank you again if you came down =))) It means everything to me!!!

Though i had to stay 1 hour plus over time O.O It was worth it!!! I make sure everyone in the line gets a turn to try out the lashes ^.^ Sorry a lot of numbers were already sold out at the event.

But it's now been restocked! You may get them on GIRLYMake.com

Okay showoff time~ Was in the studio to take pictures for advertorial and here's some extrs i got~

With and without GIRLY Lash No.2 So you see this is why i love number two!
Instantly brightens up your eyes!
Now with both sides up and on~

Okay bye bye~ Get your own No.2 now before.. It runs low =X


Hanna Lei said...

Congrats! This is so cool! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

awwww. you're so awesome.

Tysh said...

i would love to be one of those girls :D