04 December 2013

Royal Ramble

Hi. I just got back from Taiwan last night. Reached home at about 8.20pm and then i had to pack and rush out for imaging for a local film. I feel so bad the whole bunch of crew from Oak 3 Film had to wait for me =X But they were really nice about it and the makeup turn out nice ^.^ Rare! So now i am quite excited for the movie to start filming! It's a very debatable movie i think. Looking forward!!! Though my role is again really really small hahaha but i am looking forward to the movie anyway!!!

Yesterday i thought i have depression omg. On the way back home from the airport i keep having this urge to cry O.O Like what the heck seriously. I have so many things waiting for me to do and i hate to let people down. But i am trying it's like i work til 3am plus when i'm in Taiwan, wake up at 8am to continue working and then leave the hotel for work at 11am.

BUT I AM SUCH A SLOW WORKER when it comes to anything else other than photoshop. Lolol. Photoshopping is my forte omg. You know what, i am not a worker. I prefer to be boss hahaha.

Worker sounds damn bumble bee. Whole day long go wong wong wong wong wong wong, but never rich lol. Only very likeable and happy. I wanna be a honey producer and maker haha. Sell them honey by the bees.

Anyway i was talking about the urge to cry right. Then today is the launch of GIRLY Make right (OMG TODAY IS THE LAUNCH OF GIRLYMAKE!!!!!!!) so i'd be seeing a lot of people whom i have bought things for in Taiwan and i wanna pack all the things from my luggages to pass to them today lah!!! So i pack pack pack suddenly my tripod fall and the nut hit me on my head soooooo bad.

Actually say real one i deserve it on every level of this happening lah hahaha. First, i always keep my tripod in a very.. Fallable position. Like it's always standing very tall with a small supporting base. And then the main reason why it topple was cox i was adjusting the way i sit so i lift my butt and sat it back down quickly again. So my butt hit the already buay-steady tripod and the tripod topple and hit my head.

Suo yi ni shuo, i deserve every bit of it, correct.

But still when it hits me, it hit so hard that i don't think i deserve it that much. Lol.

After that i broke into tears and i just continue packing the items i got for people from Taiwan, IN TEARS. Hahahahahhahaha. Simi sai lah it's hilarious why this whole episode happened cox i am not sad!!! I just feel very overwhelmed by a lot of things happening altogether.

I think Josh got a shock why i cry he just started to help me clear my room with all the boxes and whatnot for me to have more space.. More space for what i don't know. Maybe for my stupid tripod to fall elsewhere. Lol.

And then later i more pack more want to vomit and the headache (got a headache since i got home from the airport) just gets worst and panadol just won't help.

And after the hit on the head the headache sorta got EVEN worst so i can't really function anymore so i tell myself "Fuck it, i am not doing anything anymore tonight. If i die i die a boss" hahahaha.

So i went to sleep at12.30am. Dream of GIRLYMake related stuff THROUGH OUT. And woke up at 6.30am. And have been working on things since then. To think last night i wanted to die a boss.

Here i am now. Wong wong wonging away. Lolol.

Okay i gotta get back to work. Wish me luck for the GIRLY Make launch event later this evening. It'd probably be awesome cox the event company who put this together for me is awesome. Share more about them soon!

For now.. Thank you to every single one who helped share GIRLY Make to your friends / followers.. I am very very touched and happy =))) Thank you.

AND OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE ABOUT MY TAIWAN TRIP!!! I took a lot of pictures ^.^ Blog again soon!!!


Hanna Lei said...

So cool you're going to be in another film. -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

All the best for the girlymake launch! :)

elderflowertea said...

Take it easy =)