08 February 2014

CNY Day 5 - 7 ^.^


I tell you first i don't have any pictures of CNY Day 6 cox it's 开工大吉 at the studio and Josh and i had ah Pearl, Gem and Samantha over to do sai gang and then gamble and then we all went to have a very yummy meal at Yummy Recipe ^.^ I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!!!!

Their food is yummy max (must try their roasted crispy skin chicken!!!!!!) and the manager is major nice =D Always give us free dessert O.O I only wish they for once have barley drink =( It's on their menu but i don't understand why it's always unavailable lol. Maybe they 放爽 on the menu nee. Lol.

Okay so i have lotsa other pictures~~~~~

Day 4 i had a bad M and i didn't go visit Dash Dash and Wendy with Yutaki and Sophie as planned right. But Day 5 i was like.. WOOHOO~ Time to go see Dash Dash~


So i kinda broke down and all but hey, whatever~ I'm good now! KEEP FIGHTING YES!!!

Picture spam time =DDD
You know what happens when you are this cute?
YOUR MOMMY KISS ATTACK YOU AND EMBARRASS YOU IN FRONT OF GUESTS hahahaha. This Wendy is obsessed with kissing Dash Dash. He obviously is trying to escape but all attempts to run are futile.
认命, 投降. Hahahaha. Maximum mianbaolianess.
Wendy cooked for everyone =D I specially requested for her mushroom cream sauceeee!!! Had it for Christmas gathering at her place and it was soooo good!!! With chunks and chunks for mushrooms!!! She also made triple pork fried rice haha. Quite yums!!! While the adults let the feasting begin..
Dash Dash nom on the rubber duckie hahaha.
"You got something on your screen!"
"Let me help you"
"Done. Now snap a picture of me" Hahaha.
"I am sorry but i am still going to throw this outside for fun, and have you adults pick it up for me, for the 192747th time!" Hahaha!!! Xiao Pang can walk like 6 steps (so far that i've seen!) without hanging on to anything!!! =)))
SMART BOY~!!! With a pot belly. Hahahahaha.
Later we damn bad keep laughing at him squirm up at the taste of strawberry hahahahaha. IT'S JUST SO FUNNY TO SEE HIM DO IT hahahahahha. WRUCKS!!!! EEEEEEEW!
I HATE ALL OF YOU. Hahahaha.

Day 7
After work i went to my dad's place to Bai Tih Gong. Kinda like the heaven's birthday or something.

You know.. Looking at this set up.. It brings back lotsa memories. Year after year, i've never missed a single one. And my dad's been putting these up for decades.

And it's not easy lah. Now already very relax. Last time he will insist on folding all the incense paper into ingots shape. And then whole family have to fold for like 3 days. Lol.

This year it's a little more emotional cox just the night before (which is like my yesternight) my dad called at about 10pm and say he's having difficulties breathing. And have swollen eyes. So he requested to go see the doctor but all the neighbourhood clinics close already mah.

He hate to go see the doctor. And he never requested. It's always we have to force him to go for checkup etc one. But this time he requested so it must be very hard to go through for him.

So me and Josh and Ah Pearl went with my dad to A&E and after all the medication and observations we found out it was an acute allergy reaction but couldn't find out what was the trigger exactly. So now we can only nag him to keep his house clean and to eat everything in moderation etc.

I just wish to bring him to more places, do more new things, see more new cultures of the world =')

And i hope that every year he'd stay healthy.

And i wish for a lot a lot more time. And i wish that forever we don't have to pick up all these traditional rituals stuff and that my dad will be around forever to see to it.


Me and Josh at papa's house!!! I am very thankful for his patience..

Actually recently, thanks to my friend and thanks to Yutak's encouragement, i manage to get a sponsorship to shave off my zygoma and to reduce my jaw line and V-Line in Korea.

But just the night when i was gonna have the tickets to Korea and hotel booked, my dad's episode had to happen so i rushed out without booking. And spend 8 hours just waiting at the hospital with Josh.

For the first time he raise up his concern about me doing something so extensive. I mean he'd go with me if i decided i wanna go but he just ask me to reconsider cox my dad and sister is strongly against it. I thought he'd be okay since he kinda said okay before but now that it's really possible to happen..

I guess he just want me to think if it's really necessary or not. So i had to consider giving this opportunity a miss ='((((( I really wanna do it cox i hate my zygoma and square jawline so much =X

So i took the night to think about it..

And then happen to meet our special guest Xiao Wen at work hahah. Who kinda put it in numbers and facts for me to decide better so i decided to give this opportunity a miss but if a better one comes along i will still wanna do it becox I DO NOT WANNA DIE AS SPONGEBOB SQUARE JAWS!
Yurou who is too smart for her age! I was (again) gambling with her mother ah Pearl. So i ask Yurou "Can i win all your mummy's money?" She say "Uhm.. No" So i was like "Okay.. Can your mummy win all my money?" She say "Uhm.. YES!" So i say "Okay can i win a little bit of your mummy's money and then i buy ice cream for you?" She reply "YES!!!" Hahahaha. So easy to bribe.
Everyone smile~~~ =D
And then we eat the "leftover" of what the heavens are done with. Lolol. I don't mind eating leftover everyday lah like this. Cox i love huat kueh. Lol.
Pardon me for my fringe lol. It was supposed to be a cap day.

Okay lah i go sleep dee. Tomorrow going to a praying place to receive my lucky stars and guardian angels. And to send away bad people and bad luck in my life.

I say real one hor.. All these traditions don't know really work or is it they have psychological effect on me. Every year i will go there pray for the same things generally right.

Every year also i do okay, have nice people stay close, and have all the mean people stay away or leave somehow. I hope every year also can maintain like the last two year and only get better =D

Okay good night!!!


Anonymous said...


U wouldn't want to have kids only to see that they bear ur old looks-which u try so hard to get rid of.

Hanna Lei said...

Dash is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Why are you so insistent on getting rid of your square jaw and zygoma? I mean really, you're already pretty and if you do not keep talking about it, nobody actually realizes it. It's because you kept emphasizing on it, that's why people start to think like, oh yea she has a square jaw etc..

Anonymous said...

Well said anonymous. I hope she comes to her senses.

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty jawline. Why feel so insecure? Plastic surgery can never be enough for someone with low confidence.

Felicia said...

been a silent reader for a long time now.. just wanna wish you good health, for you and all your loved ones, and continue to exude the happy positive energy that is, and i believe, contagious :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't shave your jaw! You are absolutely beautiful as you are (no, I'm not doing the typical 'everyone is pretty the way they are' etc - you actually are gorgeous right now). Your face is so balanced as it is - I don't want to see it get disproportionate and generic :(

RC said...

please don't do it... it sounds pretty drastic and i've always thought you had a lovely face shape!

Anonymous said...

I think ur husband is just trying to gently break it to u that he rather u don't do further plastic surgery. I believe he fell in love with everything about u before already. Not many people notice ur square jaw. U r really beautiful. Hope u find strength to see ur own beuty instead of always finding faults in urself.

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, you are a pretty gal. Please don't do anymore plastic surgery. All standards of beauty are artificial and fake. There is no such thing as a beauty standard that girls have to meet. True beauty comes from within, from your character & personality, your outer appearance will fade after time. If you are really serious about this, you can watch Miss Representation, a documentary by Jennifer Newsom about media's portrayal of women. I really think you will benefit much from this. :)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, i'm curious where is the praying place?

Anonymous said...

oh gosh. please don't do the surgery! I certainly don't see any square jaws in your vids or photos. Please think of your health...I wouldn't think you need to go through the ordeal for this type of unnecessary surgery.

sponsorships like this may seem hard to come by, n maybe even boost your readership ratings when you go for it, but I hope you could maybe just slow down to consider the high risks n the physical pain.