27 February 2014

Pretty flowers and hair calls for a pretty mind


Sorry for the influx of adverts before and.. Soon =X I had problem trying to fix in a normal post also =(( Cox the schedule for my ads are lined up real tight. So i say sorry to you all first lah, i treasure all the nice readers i have so.. Thank you for your tolerance and support haha!

But rest assure it's all good things i'm sharing ^.^V

The coming week is looking a lot less busy for me but whenever i start to look forward to a  nuasai week, something else will come up and fill my days so i better don't jinx it too much!! Haha.

Now i just try my best lah. Lotsa work piling up? Don't worry, take 5 - 8 ferrero rocher and listen to some music and shake leg for 10 minutes while i chit chat on whatsapp for a bit.. THEN i work.

Hahah. I remember about 3 years ago in late 2011 i got a little overwhelmed with work and one day i just decided to not do anything, walk out to nowhere and loiter aimlessly.

And i walk into a restaurant to eat one pork belly main course, with one foie gras, and a mushroom soup. Drank some water and wander off again to keep walking until i walk off the overwhelming feeling inside me and then i took a cab home. Lol.

With bigger $ comes bigger responsibilities and i couldn't get used to the idea that people have expectations of me o.o So i think i got a little too stressed out then but then i learnt to deal with it by eating and more eating. Lol. Which really has to stop cox when i get busy or stressed, i either DON'T EAT cox i will be so focused on work i don't feel hungry or i EAT A HELL LOT. It's not good lah.

Over time i have learnt to deal with healthy stress like that and i kinda figured out that i have gotten to where i've always wanted to be at this point of life. You know how you have not just one goal in life. You have many wishes and many dreams but at every one point, only some will come true and happen for you.. And some other dreams just have to wait. Or they just don't interest you anymore.

I am happy to say that whatever i want for to happen, is happening right now =)

Even though i am tight up with a lot of work.. I am still planning for more things to happen becox there are just too many things i wanna try and do! I think i have love for too many things. If i am apathetic and hate most things in life, i will probably have a lot more time on hand. Hahaha.

In any case, i tell myself to KEEP GOING~ =D One fine day, all the dreams that i have will happen in real life for me =))) And when that happens.. All i wanna do is to stay home with the favourite people in my life.. And toast the day away on the roof terrace of my big big house.. Ahh...


Little Thoughts was invited to be involved in the 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore) luncheon and we provided a mini bouquet for each of the 100 guests as door gift!!!

So if you have any corporate orders or customization needed you can also send us an email lah =D pearl@littlethoughts.sg okay! My sister very friendly one please feel free haha.

THE LUNCHEON WAS SO COOL AND UPSCALE =OOO It's held at Au Petit Salut and i had the BEST PASTA OF MY LIFE there!!! I sound very sua gu but IT IS.. IT IS THE BEST I HAD!!!

Me and Pearl at our table set up with the help of Josh haha.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
I swear i spent most of my 5 hours there just looking at how amazing these flowers are. They are so pink.. So smooth.. So vulnerable but have been so strong.. O.O

I touch and gently stroke the petals.. And really feel quite humbled.

It's like.. WEIRD.

I never liked flowers and it's not a secret =XXX But after getting in contact with A LOT of flowers in the past 2 months plus.. I must say i am beginning to like them a lot.. And it's still weird.

Flower girl image and me don't really go. I am more of a crude and rude person but flowers are so delicate and beautiful =) They really are! I have been having this silent rave inside me about how amazing a lot of things in life are. Things that i never appreciate maybe cox i never thought i would or that i could (afford to).

I was asking Pearl and then i also asked Samantha and then maybe i might have asked Gem too.. All three on separate occasions. Becox this is how passionately i felt about it hahaha.

And now for the fourth time i am asking you all.

Have you noticed what are the rare few things that are super beautiful and have many many colours, amazing range of colours, that is from the nature. Colours that occur and exist on their own..

I could only think of fishes and flowers..

Animals maybe but then animals only exist in general towards black, white, brown, green. Okay maybe snakes are really colourful but then again the range is not as colourful as fishes and flowers.

So if underwater the most beautiful things are fishes.. Then i think on earth the most beautiful things are flowers =))) Si Jie damn annoying she tell me leaves are also very beautiful i say "ERM. NO? It's mostly green like dark green, ew?" She say leaves also got red hue. Like whatever. Lol. I think she's pushing her luck. I finally like flowers now she wanna make me like the leaves. No thanks. Lol.

A mini fresh flower market =))) I wish more companies and events will hire us so we can prepare fresh bouquets on the spot for their guests or they can DIY with our help! Haha. What's more extravagant and beautiful than that?
❤︎ Little Thoughts ❤︎
Josh is really quite talented in putting random things together for them to look good!

Super thankful and happy cox Little Thoughts recently got a deal with everyone's favourite brandname haha. Somemore Pearl keep telling me the client super nice and easy-going. Omg i wish more people will be so kind to work with!!! =D

Like my Pentax photoshoot!!! The Pentax client also major nice and easy to work with. The sponsor for outfits - rosebullet, also major helpful =))) I think i AM quite blessed!

And a little announcement for Cleo Hairmake!!! As some of you might already know, they are moving!!! To a bigger better space to cater to the growing number of customers!

So from now til their opening at Central Clark Quay (details to be out soon!) on the 13th of March, if you wanna make appointment please LINE / Whatsapp / SMS 82011390!

Someone will get back to you soonest possible if not immediately! 

I went to let Sio handle my hair for the last time in the old shop!!! Hahah. No make up that day! Finally he agree to help me get rid of my blue =OOO And also did special steam treatment that day!
Washed down to a nice ashy shade of brown! With some green he intentionally added.
And icy silvery ends!!! I LOVE MY HAIR ENDS. The colour i mean. Not the quality of the hair haha. It's so icy and ashy i love it!!! Sio is awesome. But the bad news is...... He is really too full and packed that i can only book him after his work time T.T Which makes me feel really bad cox ren jia work whole day already still have to work on my hair after work all the way until 12am plus T.T
But then again i don't feel so bad afterall cox i really loveee my hair everytime after he touches it! Hahaha. We name this hair colour Matcha Chocolate Frappe!!! Green, ashy brown and icey silver ends!
Only with hair done by Sio i swear i feel chio even without makeup hahahaha.
Okay last one~

Okay lah~ I have to go do up some work dee T.T Talk again!!! More exciting projects happening and i cannot wait!!! It's gonna get even more crayyyyyyyzy!!!!

Okay biangbiang! Bye!


Hanna Lei said...

I love the new hair! -Hanna Lei

cloud said...

Amazing how you've manage to look different every time

Blogs By Cha said...

You're so flawless! Please tell me what your beauty regimens are. :)

Anonymous said...

Really love you new hair color, gorgeous max!

Anonymous said...

totally lying! you definitely have make up on. you don' t naturally have aegyo sal.

Anonymous said...

Want to know her regime? Go for plastic surgery & intensive photoshop of the photos! Tadah! Thats how you can get the flawless image too!! :))

Xiao Vee said...

i love your hairstyle!! ^___^
so cuteee!


Jurika said...

oh, You are so sweet. Thank u for your blog, you inspire me

Anonymous said...

I like this colour!! Do you recommend this hair colour for guys?